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Help Peru

A few days ago, Peru was hardly affected by the floods and mudslides provoked by the heavy raining. The consequences have been catastrophic: 89 lives have been taken, 72,000 people have been directly impacted and more than 500,000 affected. 141 more words


Freedom United

It is not the first time this platform is used for to call the attention over modern slavery. It seems an issue which is easy forget it but it keeps existing. 149 more words


The International Network of Museums for Peace (INMP)

In 1992, thirty representatives from 10 different countries came together in Bradford, England to consider the nascent international idea of promoting peace museums. Including countries such as Australia, Japan, and the United States, the organization that sprang from this groundbreaking meeting was at first called the International Network of Peace Museums (INPM), but a later similar international conference hosted by the… 853 more words

Posts For The Cause

The Cold Émigreé

Several NGO’s are working right now on the refugee’s different cases. One of them is Medicos del Mundo which provides basic health attention, psychological help, basic economic resources and transport of medicines. 133 more words


Less Blades. More Pens

There are a series of matters in women’s rights which are quite eluded to mention. It is right there are certain campaigns working the whole year. 277 more words


Save Childbirth in Ghana

Recently, I had the pleasure of to speak with someone form Anesvad about the work this NGO is making in several countries for to give assistance, help and to educate people on remote areas, that way they could be trained on basic health issues: like… 147 more words