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I am sorry 

Some people would rather die than to accept their mistakes or offense and say ‘I am sorry‘.
This powerful statement saves marriages, prevents wars and gives a peace of mind even to the one who says it. 39 more words

Poverty Reduction

What Is Democracy?

On September 15th, United Nations celebrates International Day of Democracy. A day which is not only marked on the calendar for its importance if not because it constitutes one of the basic points of the… 378 more words



In certain areas of the world it is not spread the culture of gender equality or to help woman, encourage them maybe, to get their dreams come truth. 119 more words


Dramatic photos show refugees fleeing Libya being rescued at sea

Hundreds of migrants were pulled to safety from overcrowded dinghies by a Spanish humanitarian organization off the coast of Libya. 7 more words

Migrant Crisis

Women's Group

One of the biggest problems females have around the world is the culture. Call it traditions, lack of education, gender inequality… The different names put to the problem do not really matter when the real fact is so many women around the world  confront themselves with a huge obstacle: a barrier which does not let them improve themselves, to be owners of their lives and to develop their potentials to do whatever they want to do in life. 107 more words


World Hepatitis Day

On July 28th is celebrated the World Hepatitis Day, an initiative created by WHO (World Health Organisation) to remember about the consequences of this… 147 more words


Seeding Opportunities: Papaya

Some people ask themselves what certain NGO’s do. I have received so many critics in the past complaining about the Clinton foundation campaigns or the… 215 more words