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Best Discipline Tips

Developing self discipline is not a quite easy endeavor to undertake. Whether it is about your work, studies or may be relationships, people lack the will to develop the discipline and also chase after their dreams. 492 more words


Happy New Year! And Updates, Part I

Oh dear. I sort of disappeared for awhile there. I apologize to anyone who has been anxiously awaiting updates about my post-Serena Williams life. :D A lot has happened since then – not the least of which has been the transition to a new year and a new semester! 419 more words


LNR Will Refuse to Extend Accreditation to NGOs that Commit “Gross Violations”


Today, Acting Deputy Chairman of the LNR Council of Ministers Vasili Nikitin, head of the Commission on Accreditation of Foreign Humanitarian Organisations, said that the LNR government intends to refuse accreditation to those international NGOs that grossly violate their mandate. 325 more words


Wardrobe That Will Enchant You!

Dear fashion lovers,

Would you like to wear Queen Beyonce Knowles‘s latest dress by Tom Ford?

Our main objective is to reach out to all of you, or not, to browse on interesting apparel that we dug out from… 371 more words

Affordable Charity Clothes

The Little Girl in Heels

“Urgh! Again…have to take ages to clean my wardrobe!”, three girls starts to chat at the dining table on a Friday afternoon. Imagine those celebrities~ we could have a fashion walk just by cleaning their “forgotten” apparel! 407 more words

Alexander McQueen Designs

Harvard students attempt to take 1964 Louisiana Literacy test, fail

A video showing Harvard students trying to pass a 1964 Louisiana Literacy test was released on Monday to bring awareness to barriers to voting in the past. 437 more words


Creativity An Inspiration That Makes The Difference In The Society

When I sit at work and think about what you can achieve online, I see people doing everything online. ICT has really enhanced our day to day activities, from communication to business, Art to lifestyle and in so many other ways. 244 more words