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From the archives: Walking into the light

We walked into the brunt light, towards the hospital.

The air was dry, February-cold. Traffic was going about its business. Mostly we kept our eyes on the pavement in front of us. 314 more words

Life Lessons

Good news alert!

First off, I’m not feeling super awesome today as I had chemo yesterday, but I’m managing. And this news needed to be shared TOOT SWEET, so I’m plowing through it because I just gotta get it out there. 1,646 more words


Strangers…No Longer

“Living my life with Lymphoma”

I went to a blood cancer support group for the first time last night.  Each person told their story and shared their diagnosis, their struggles, fears, hopes, and support for each other.  466 more words

What Else: About Life

Reminder: Light the Night is this Thursday

Hello all!

It’s Tuesday which means I’m sort of, kind of, coming out of the nausea fog that I reside in during my bad week. Not quite there yet, but getting there. 500 more words


OK to talk about cancer

‘I heard the most amazing thing today. It was a bloke off the radio, don’t remember his name, does that media show on Radio 4. Knew his voice instantly. 302 more words

Life Lessons

Balloon Heads

Living my life with Lymphoma

As I stroll through town to the grocery store, into restaurants, or to Home Depot, it’s no secret that I have a serious illness simply because of the way I look.  541 more words

What Else: About Life

Dementia Challenges: Caring for Mom

Living my life with Lymphoma.

My mother had a routine appointment with her Neurologist in February for a recheck.  I was convinced that she would score at the next level of impairment since I’d seen a general decline in memory and cognitive functioning.  717 more words

What Else: About Life