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You’re probably wondering why this blog is titled “21 squiggle squiggle… etc.”. I’m sitting here, in bed, on this cloudy Sunday morning trying to figure out what this update should be titled. 508 more words

The first week after treatment

It’s a full 8 days since I started chemotherapy. It has been very interesting to say the least. I decided its best for me to work while going through treatment. 473 more words

First Cycle of Treatment

Thursday was Day One of Chemotherapy. We arrived at MSK in NYC at 7:30am for blood work. We then met with the Nurse, Doctor, and Pharmacist. 550 more words

Sloan and Prednisone

Happy Monday, ya’ll. I heard from Sloan today and they were able to confirm exactly what WestMed diagnosed me with. So without further ado, Chemo will commence Thursday. 380 more words

The Day My Brother Shaved My Head [Video]

I’d like to say that it was like a scene out of G.I. Jane, where there was a great song playing in the background while my locks fell to the ground. 517 more words

Bone Marrow Biopsy Results are in!

Bone Marrow – 1 vs. Hodgkins and Non Hodgkins Lymphoma – big fat goose egg! I am soooooo happppyyy! This small victory is the beginning to a road of better days. 276 more words

The Waiting Game

Waiting for doctor’s to get back to you, waiting for results, waiting for updates, waiting for next steps, waiting to recover from surgery. Waiting in general requires a tremendous amount of patience, never mind when you’re fighting for your life. 289 more words