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~Twelve Months~Fifty Two Weeks~Three Hundred Sixty Five Days

Life is like riding a bicycle ~ to keep your balance, you must keep moving. Albert Einstein

It was a year ago this month that I begin not feeling well.  600 more words

What Else: About Life

Keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times.

73 days since they found 3 masses in my abdomen. 52 days since I had my abdominal biopsy and 50 days since I found out I have cancer. 728 more words

Boston Mission Accomplished

~Living with Lymphoma~

A glimmer of hope was waiting for us at my appointment with my Boston Hematologist today.  I brought  a CD of my last three PET Scans for Dr. 407 more words

What Else: About Life

Living to a Soundtrack

Soundtrack:  Buying New Soul – Porcupine Tree

It is 1:30 pm on the day following a near shutdown and I have finally managed the task of making myself something to eat – pasta and a pesto sauce from a jar.  886 more words


Cat scratch fever .... or cancer.

Inappropriate. Hilarious. Absolutely inspiring.

Talk to Support Volunteer Phil for more than five minutes, and those words are likely to spring to mind. From jokes about blue ice falling from airplanes to slightly ribald riffs on cancer treatment, Phil’s entire approach to survivorship has been based around a zest for life and love of humor. 552 more words

Doses Of Hope

~ one year on the good side! 🎉

It is almost two years since this health adventure began, which seems long ago and yet feels like yesterday. This year has been filled with memories on anniversary dates of the things that I have  201 more words

New Orleans girl who died of cancer influenced others

Charles Miller
Oxford Stories                                                                                                  ccmille1@go.olemiss.edu

Six years ago, New Orleans native Shelby Ryan Leonhard believed she was living a normal day, until she got news that would change the course of her life. 1,265 more words