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Chapter 6: Feeling deprived...

For those of you hoping that this is another update, I’m sorry to disappoint you. One will be coming as soon as I’m out of hospital again – I’ve been in here since the last blog post – day 20 and counting… 366 more words

5K challenge #5: Disappointment + inspiration

I was a little disappointed that I didn’t improve my time in the fifth race of the Adams County 5K Challenge. After cutting more than 2.5 minutes last time out, I was hoping to be at least a little faster. 187 more words

Chapter 5: The end of the (Hickman) line

So I really didn’t plan on leaving it this long before posting again, but that’s just how life goes! So when I last left you it was three weeks ago and I had just got my wig. 1,273 more words

This Guy!

When I became ill two years ago, I initially avoided googling my disease because I was so frightened and didn’t want to read about my impending demise.  597 more words

What Else: About Life

Chapter 2: Round 1, ding ding!

Well… Lots have happened in the week since I posted last, and seeing as today is what I would call a ‘good day’, I thought no better time like the present to write another blog post. 566 more words

Chapter 1: The start of my journey with NHL...

So… Where to start?

Well, 3 weeks ago I woke up in the morning with what doctors had presumed up until that point was a chest infection or asthma, and I went to sleep on a ward in hospital having had a chest X-ray and being told that they were pretty sure that I had lymphoma… Yeah… “One of those days” just doesn’t quite cut it ha! 526 more words

You can't say "Bomb" on an airplane!!

Bomb Bomb Bomb…..Bomb Bomba Bomb! When I was thinking of how I was going to barf out this blog post all I was thinking about was the scene in Meet The Fockers when Ben Stiller is on the airplane and flips out about having to check his luggage! 681 more words