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GE Partners with DARPA...

September 10, 2018

GE is getting in on the whole hashtag#BioelectronicMedicine, hashtag#DARPA, hashtag#diabetes game “The scientists are working on technology that would stimulate the nervous system to either reverse or treat diabetes.” (the CN rail stuff is just extra.)


Bioelectronic Medicine

New electrical brain stimulation technique shows promise in mice

June 27, 2018

Temporal Interference – 5 yard penalty; repeat 2nd Down (yes, I miss football), but Ed Boyden is solving the challenge of non-invasive, strong signal brain stim.  21 more words

Bioelectronic Medicine

Non-invasive sensing to inform stimulation of peripheral nerve targets

June 25, 2018

Erika K. Ross Ph.D. rocks the afternoon session with Cala Health’s body worn peripheral nerve stimulation for hand tremor – Cala completed multiple studies investigating the effect of peripheral nerve stim on hand tremor. 7 more words

Bioelectronic Medicine

electroCore, Inc. Announces Pricing of Initial Public Offering

June 22, 2018

$ECOR announces share price at $15.00 – issuing 5.2m shares (with an add’l 780k shares available to the underwriters (Evercor ISI, Cantor Fitz, JMP, and BTIG) at a discount. 6 more words

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Small Face Care at Yakson, the House of Golki Therapy Masters

Hello everyone!

The ‘kiasu‘ mentality ingrained in the Asian culture has led us to believe that bigger is always better. But when it comes to the size of our face, we tend to favour smaller visages which, unless blessed with this desirable face shape by birth, is only be attainable with plastic surgery, right? 1,604 more words