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Nano-what? Silver nanoparticle gel for identifying pigments

Original article: Ag nanoparticles agargel nanocomposites for SERS detection of cultural heritage interest pigments

Even if nanomaterials have been produced for centuries, nowadays nanotechnologies offer us a wide range of new materials (such as superconductors, high-resistance materials, restoration products, and new analytical sensors). 843 more words

12 Benefits of Facial Massage

Facial massage is the most relaxing type of massage I’ve ever had and it’s so beneficial for the skin. Try Zone Face Lift treatment- natural way to age well and feel great!

#ZenSecretGarden: Celebrating The Zen Institute’s 13th Anniversary

Hi guys! I know it’s been weeks since I last posted something on my blog. So today, I would like to share with you my experience at the #ZenSecretGarden event that I attended last month. 1,786 more words


Bioresonance/Biofeedback Therapy

Hey everyone!

So thought I’d jump right in with the newest treatment I’ve tried for my IBS. As you’ll guess from the title, this is called Biofeedback Therapy or Bioresonance Therapy. 1,052 more words


GE Partners with DARPA...

September 10, 2018

GE is getting in on the whole hashtag#BioelectronicMedicine, hashtag#DARPA, hashtag#diabetes game “The scientists are working on technology that would stimulate the nervous system to either reverse or treat diabetes.” (the CN rail stuff is just extra.)


Bioelectronic Medicine