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Beer and the brew of intolerance

The ruckus over this year’s Better Beer Festival says many things about the politico-religious establishment in this country – their narrow-mindedness, their ignorance, their intolerance – but most of all, it demonstrates why they cannot be trusted to be fair in adjudicating issues involving non-Muslims. 780 more words


UK Islamic school teaches eternal hatred against non-Muslims — Fellowship of the Minds

  We wonder how the homosexual lobby and liberals view this teaching about their lifestyle. This video clearly states what will happen when Islam has more influence in the UK and worldwide. 91 more words

Fellowship Of The Minds

Tunisia ends ban on Muslim women marrying non-Muslims

Tunisia has abolished a decades-old ban on Muslim women marrying non-Muslims, the presidency said Thursday.

“Congratulations to the women of Tunisia for the enshrinement of the right to the freedom to choose one’s spouse,” presidency spokeswoman Saida Garrach wrote on Facebook. 100 more words

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Showing Kindness to non-Muslims in an Era of Islamophobia

How do we deal with Islamophobia in this day and age? Let’s read this article to find out.

Prophet Muhammad said: “All creatures are like a family (dependents) of God: and He loves most those who are kindest to his family.” … 756 more words

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Sharia: A Introduction for Non-Muslims

Disclaimer: I am not a Muslim and cannot speak on behalf of Muslims. I have, however, studied Islam and can provide some basic historical and political context for how a non-Muslim can try to make sense of Islam. 772 more words

Are we conveying the message?

 “Convey from me, even if it is one Ayah”

(Sahih Bukhari 346)

As I was sitting in my living room trying to find some inspiration and looking at the clock hanging on the wall as the time passes by slowly, I heard a knock on my door. 1,257 more words


ISI roping in scores of non-Muslims to add legitimacy to Kashmir issue

A month back the Jammu and Kashmir police arrested Sandeep Sharma a resident of Uttar Pradesh after it was found that he was part of a Lashkar-e-Tayiba module. 25 more words

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