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Does Islam Forcibly Convert Non-Muslims?

Islam has been accused by certain elements, particularly in recent years, of forcing non-Muslims to convert to Islam, and being intolerant of other religions. To test these accusations, let us view the teachings of the Quran – the ultimate source of authority in Islam – in this regard. 503 more words


Islam on Warfare

The concept of warfare in Islam can be summed up from two decisive statements in the original Islamic texts. The first of these statements is a verse of the Quran while the second is a quotation of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ – known as a… 935 more words



Now I bring you a Story, that really moves Hearts
The story is about a Man!
Who was poor, not only was he poor, he was a person who was very unattractive in fact, the Sahabas used to describe him as Hideous (Awful), If a person looks at him, just wants to look away. 884 more words


A man and His son true life story

In 2008, this man and his son did not only condemned Islam but they produced and distributed a film that was against ALLAH and the last prophet Muhammad and Muslims worldwide. 43 more words


On Rushing to Show Sympathy for the Non-Muslims

“Those who hasten to show sympathy with the non-Muslims when they are afflicted, and slow to express that when Muslims are afflicted, are weak in faith and have a problem in the creed of allegiance and disavowal.”

– Shaykh Muhammad Salih al Munajjid


Book Publisher : The Islamic Texts Society (ITS) - Part 2

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The Work of Day and Night: Suyuti’s Collection of Prophetic Practices and Prayers (Translated by… 8,632 more words


What do Muslims think about other religions? FAQ 05

Regardless of what a person believes, Muslims love and respect every human being. This is what the their prophet Muhammad ﷺ expected from them and this what God, whom they refer to as Allah, expects from them. 658 more words