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Advancing Causes: The Role of VR & AR

When Karim Ben Khelifa envisioned The Enemy, a multi platform augmented reality and virtual reality experience, he was seeking an answer to the question “Is it possible to invent a new way to make the audience care, to have them think more deeply about war?”. 655 more words

Virtual Reality

PETER RABBIT hops off the pages and onto the big screen; City of Hope's Cause Marketing Partnerships

QUICK READ: Sony brings the classic children’s book PETER RABBIT to the big screen March 2018. Blending reality with CGI, PETER RABBIT is sure to bring plenty of partnership opportunities for a wide array of brands. 79 more words

When Your Target Audience & Identity Don't Line Up

You’re sitting in your church and you notice something. The people in the pews are not the same people that are on your target audience list. 557 more words

Digital Marketing

Christmas music makes it better for marketers AND people too

It’s less than two weeks before Christmas Day 2016 and for over a month the sounds of Christmas music (it’s ok to call it that right?) have filled the air all around New York City. 342 more words

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Proper Care and Feeding of Your Marketer (or What a Marketer Should Examine When Taking on a New Role)

Please don’t roll your eyes and assume this is a whiny piece about how much control we marketers feel we should have over one aspect of business or another. 1,082 more words


Marketing Pitfalls: Avoiding Cliches

I’m sure you’ve seen the clever sayings and postcards. Something like ‘No Perfect People Allowed’ or a man in jeans and work boots sporting his ‘Church Clothes.’ I went on a search for marketing postcards for a client and saw these sayings over and over again. 442 more words

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Marketing Pitfalls: Using Full Names

We live in a digital age. There’s no denying that we are tied to technology. Digital gadgets and social platforms have made it so incredibly easy for us to record and share our lives at virtually any second. 378 more words

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