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My First Post

I have never blogged before today. So why did I start today? Well I have a lot to say and no place to say it. Facebook is where I share my life with the world. 342 more words

How do Non- Religious people make decisions?

There is no one singular answer to this question. People make decisions in a variety of different ways, people may not even know the process that they go through to make decisions. 138 more words

National 4/5

Preparing for Christmas by Rediscovering the Cause of Celebration


The title I chose for this particular blog’s message, “Preparing for Christmas by Rediscovering the Cause of Celebration,” thinking, this was a great way to begin the holiday season.   1,781 more words

God's Word

Celebrations 🎉 namegiving and birthday

Sitting on the floor with F crawling on me when I’m trying to drink my coffee, tired like crazy, but smiling when I’m thinking back in last week. 457 more words

That look you get...

I shared this meme on my Facebook timeline recently. It was shared by another friend who, like me, is not religious. Unlike me, he knows nothing about Christian Science. 800 more words


7 Ways to Get Spiritual Without Going To Church

Engaging, on a regular, scheduled basis, with a community of people who embrace the same truths and value the same ideals as you can be a wonderful thing. 931 more words


Jehovah Witnesses are Fucktards!

Holy FUCK religion itself is ridiculous but Jehovah Witness’ WTF??????

I just heard some of your 141 rules and I do not understand how ANYONE would CHOOSE to live by those fucking irrational rules. 425 more words