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Death Becomes Me

I think about death every single day.

It scares the shit out of me. I hate it. I hate that I have no control over it, no say over whether I want to die or not. 388 more words


Scientific Models of Religiosity

A recent mathematical study reported at the American Physical Society, and covered by BBC news, claims the provocative title, “Religion may become extinct in nine nations.” Those nations are mostly in modern western secular societies. 692 more words

The Religious Studies

Ire | Verse to Worse

The Muslim fanatics will lynch me for not knowing the verses,

The Hindu, on just knowing my name,

In the end, even / especially non-religious me may be hacked to pieces, 34 more words


Queer Mingle

Christian Mingle now has to allow for the possibility of same gender couples to search and find one another. This has come as the result of a… 331 more words


The Roots of Human Entropy; Hunger, Thirst and Desire.

Human entropy; Hunger, Thirst and Desire.

These are the three, the root of all human dilemma’s, their suffering and cause of troubles. These three things perpetuate crime, pain and torment in motion. 547 more words


The more horses you put to

The more horses you put to, the faster your progress — not, of course, in the tearing of the cornerstone from the foundations, which is impossible, but in the tearing of the harness, and your resultant riding cheerfully off into space.

Disbelief: Common Things to Hear as a Non-Religious Person

I’d like to preface this entire thing by saying that I have no intention of making this a “woe is me, my life is so hard” kind of post.   1,687 more words

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