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What I'm giving up for Lent

It’s the Lenten season and I’ve decided on what I’m giving up…Now, I’m not Catholic; I’m not actually *any* denomination.  So why am I observing Lent this year?   365 more words


Day Twenty 20:365

Today at New Season’s a nice gentleman stopped and started a conversation with my husband and me. No harm, no foul. My frustration came when half way through he asked if we went to church (no problem with that question). 154 more words


i don't want to be scared anymore

Something I’ve been working on, or at least becoming more aware of, since I went back to therapy is my tendency to shy away from things I believe in or want to do for the sake of either keeping peace or just purely out of fear. 653 more words

A Sense of Purpose

“Why am I here?”  I spent many years contemplating this question when I was younger.  Have you thought about what gives you purpose?  Is it the stuff around you?  253 more words


A Question for the Church

“You know, this prayer thing has me stumped. I really do want to pray. But when I sit down, my mind seems to go blank. I talk to God, but God never seems to talk back. 388 more words



I was in church on a Saturday.  I wore a dress that still had the tags on it, the black and white diagonal pattern kept Theo distracted or bemused.   117 more words