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That look you get...

I shared this meme on my Facebook timeline recently. It was shared by another friend who, like me, is not religious. Unlike me, he knows nothing about Christian Science. 800 more words


7 Ways to Get Spiritual Without Going To Church

Engaging, on a regular, scheduled basis, with a community of people who embrace the same truths and value the same ideals as you can be a wonderful thing. 931 more words


Jehovah Witnesses are Fucktards!

Holy FUCK religion itself is ridiculous but Jehovah Witness’ WTF??????

I just heard some of your 141 rules and I do not understand how ANYONE would CHOOSE to live by those fucking irrational rules. 425 more words


Scared to Death

Since I was a child I believed in God and going to heaven when we die. I remember going to church as a child and I developed a relationship with God. 513 more words


Death Becomes Me

I think about death every single day.

It scares the shit out of me. I hate it. I hate that I have no control over it, no say over whether I want to die or not. 388 more words


Scientific Models of Religiosity

A recent mathematical study reported at the American Physical Society, and covered by BBC news, claims the provocative title, “Religion may become extinct in nine nations.” Those nations are mostly in modern western secular societies. 692 more words

The Religious Studies

Ire | Verse to Worse

The Muslim fanatics will lynch me for not knowing the verses,

The Hindu, on just knowing my name,

In the end, even / especially non-religious me may be hacked to pieces, 34 more words