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The Good Book

The other day Charlie told me about this book he found called “The Good Book” (written by the British philosopher A.C. Grayling, published in 2011). He said it was pretty much a “bible” for humanists and it peeked our interest. 309 more words


‘I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world – Mother Theresa of Calcutta  (1910-97) 92 more words


Meaninglessness of Existence

I’m having a lot of trouble coping with life these days. I feel pretty down in the dumps at random but regular intervals. I feel like my life has no meaning. 193 more words

My Story: More Atheist Pet Peeves

Another pet peeve I have is how many Christians immediately think the worst of you and start shunning you when they hear the word atheist. I’ve gone through some lengths to show (albeit not scientific research) that my experience has shown that often the least nice people in life are religious while some of the best are not. 279 more words

My Story: De-conversion Challenges

Pet peeves as a “new” atheist

One thing that I find as a newer atheist that still irks me, is the constant habit of so many Christians to rehash old arguments as evidence for their faith. 517 more words

Religious People Are More Likely to Be Veterans in the U.S.

Religion and military service go hand-in-hand. Here’s the data.

CHR Comment: Tobin Grant demonstrates that American veterans are significantly more likely to be church goes than those who are not religious. 36 more words

Modern Church


What are your starting points? What are mine?

WILL SANITY EVER RETURN? I’m going crazy here, and I suppose so are you. It seems in the last few weeks that confusion and anxiety have hit new highs. 571 more words