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Awkward and anxious, ready to make a change.

Should I start with my story or should I start with my purpose? Which is more important? … OK, purpose. To hold myself accountable as I fight my inclination to sit quietly at home and instead take action to fight a political climate I despise. 345 more words


She walked along a noisy road

A couple years ago my daughter wrote this poem for a high school literature class assignment. She was required to select a controversial topic in current events. 229 more words


Hitler Was Christian

Christians like to claim Hitler was an Atheist. I get so tired of hearing this argument. So I wanted to provide some simple facts so that we may move on from the misinformed statement. 437 more words


Lets get to the bottom of this

I have watched many debates between christians and atheists. One thing that has always bothered me is you can’t get a straight forward answer from a christian about text in the bible. 78 more words


My First Post

I have never blogged before today. So why did I start today? Well I have a lot to say and no place to say it. Facebook is where I share my life with the world. 342 more words


How do Non- Religious people make decisions?

There is no one singular answer to this question. People make decisions in a variety of different ways, people may not even know the process that they go through to make decisions. 138 more words

National 4/5

Preparing for Christmas by Rediscovering the Cause of Celebration


The title I chose for this particular blog’s message, “Preparing for Christmas by Rediscovering the Cause of Celebration,” thinking, this was a great way to begin the holiday season.   1,781 more words

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