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My 2016 Music Awards - Part 2!

Last week I had my 2016 Music Awards for all my favorite releases of the year. This week I’m going to be showcasing all the music I experienced that was released in previous years! 1,662 more words


My 2016 Music Awards!

This past year I’ve opened up my ears to a lot of new music, enough in fact that I introduced myself to at lease one new artist every month. 1,433 more words


non-sequitur moment

I don’t speak Gaelic,
and I’ve never been to Venice, either,
she said -between bites of her sandwich-
not looking at anyone in particular.

And I thought: 136 more words


The Naming of the Storm

I recently wrote about the media branding of moon phases. Another similar phenomenon, one that I have personally enjoyed, is the dramatic branding of weather, specifically storms. 480 more words

Non Sequiturs


BB: (trying to tell me a story or something I don’t remember)

Foo4: I’m too tired. I can’t comprehend complicated sentences right now.

BB: I like frogs. 22 more words

The Kid

Post #3025: When the dead come calling

This past weekend, we held our housewarming party on Gabriola – and a fine time was had by all (more on that in a future post), but there was one incident that occurred on Saturday morning that has stayed with me and that I want to relay here before any of the details elude me (as memories fade almost as quickly as we make them). 1,267 more words

Non Sequiturs

As Predicted, Super-Massive Black Hole Discovered At Center Of Donald Trump

A team of astrophysicists at the University of Victoria have today confirmed what has long been theorized: there is a black hole of near-infinite density at the centre of Donald Trump. 308 more words