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BB: (trying to tell me a story or something I don’t remember)

Foo4: I’m too tired. I can’t comprehend complicated sentences right now.

BB: I like frogs. 22 more words

The Kid

Post #3025: When the dead come calling

This past weekend, we held our housewarming party on Gabriola – and a fine time was had by all (more on that in a future post), but there was one incident that occurred on Saturday morning that has stayed with me and that I want to relay here before any of the details elude me (as memories fade almost as quickly as we make them). 1,267 more words

Non Sequiturs

As Predicted, Super-Massive Black Hole Discovered At Center Of Donald Trump

A team of astrophysicists at the University of Victoria have today confirmed what has long been theorized: there is a black hole of near-infinite density at the centre of Donald Trump. 308 more words


NRA Says If Gorilla In Cincinnati Zoo Had Been Armed It Would Likely Still Be Alive

Wayne LaPierre, head of the National Rifle Association of People Who Willfully Defy Logic And Common Sense (NRA) wasted no time in releasing a statement in the aftermath of the shooting of Harambe, a western lowland gorilla killed at the Cincinnati Zoo to secure the safety of a young child who had fallen into his enclosure. 157 more words


A Load Of Bull

He stands alone in the field, large eyes staring without focus towards the rolling horizon, the early morning silence broken only by his slow breathing and quiet chewing of the same thing he has been chewing for the last ten minutes. 641 more words

Non Sequiturs

A Non Sequitur That Just Doesn't Follow

Your writing prompt is “I was reading about non sequiturs and thought … .” Your assignments are due in the comments section. You will be graded on a scale.* 32 more words

...to the sky.

So I had already explained what went into the URL name for my blog, persequi logicam dei, in my introductory post. But the other part of my blog’s name (and this was just for the sake of having the title be different but still bear some meaning) has not been explained yet. 439 more words

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