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4 Weather Related Slip and Fall Hazards That You Can Prevent

Winter is coming, and with fewer hours of sunlight come frosty cold mornings and slip and fall risks. Weather related slip and fall injuries can occur anywhere, but often can be prevented with a little forethought. 443 more words

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Avoid a Home Safety Scare this Halloween

BOO! The season for tricks and treats is here! Soon after the candy is dispersed and the costumes are stored away, the holiday season will follow after, providing even more opportunities to connect and entertain with family and friends. 395 more words

Top 5 Reasons Behind Elderly Slip and Fall Accidents

From physical limitations to environmental hazards, the threats of slip and fall accidents abound, especially for older adults age 65 and over. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control reveal that one out of three people within this senior citizen age group fall each year. 398 more words


In the United States, the top five injuries that lead to workers’ compensation are caused by slip and fall accidents, totaling over 540,000 hospitalizations annually. 450 more words


Benchtop Non-slip Risers - Part 2 / Supports d'établi antidérapants - Partie 2

J’ai déjà présenté un article concernant la réalisation de supports d’établi antidérapants, lesquels j’utilise souvent lorsque j’applique le fini sur mes projets. Si vous les avez essayés tels quels, vous avez sans doute remarqué que je goujon (tourillon) tend à glisser de son trou. 92 more words

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