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SpaceStation W.I.P. 1

This is the first work in progress post for a new project I am working on.   I am modeling an ore processing and fuel stop space station.   32 more words


Hetrinar Bomber

400×300 image

100×100 image

large image

This is a Hetrinar Bomber Model I did for the SW Combine browser game.   The Combine is a browser based Star Wars simulation with a call for artists to make various ships.   87 more words


Advanced Animation

I had to change the viewport in order to see my animation.


Marionette Final

For this project I carved a red winged black bird. While on a walk exploring Alfred with my friends I came across this bird for the first time and found it beautiful. 102 more words


art show

Oh goodness this show was something else. also the internet connection was being weird and wouldnt let me upload more than a couple images. so explaining piece by piece is gonna be hard. 190 more words