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Diner Update

This is an update on my TV Diner project.  Here I have the UVs completed for my waitress character.   


TV Diner WIP

This is another update on my TV Diner scene this time with the UVs done for the rest of the room and the condiments holder. Next I have to do the UVs for my two characters then I can start the textures.


Sheep Head

This is another work in progress post about my sheep head sculpture.   I now have ear buds setting for a mouth and I am covering the rest of the sculpture in wire.   


TV Diner

This is an update to my TV Diner project with a customer model.   This is just a rough model next on the list is clothes and smoothing.


This is our design for the proposed BQX monorail train that goes between Brooklyn and Queens in new York City.

In my group were Peter Ciliberti -who designed the interior of the train-, Ryan Williams -who was in charge of texturing, lighting, and rendering-, Chris Fogg -who designed the front car, and myself -who designed the connector cars and was in charge of UV mapping. 10 more words