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Fear of Commitment

This continues my fear series of pictures. This is the fear of commitment. I showed how commitment can make someone feel bound to someone. In raw essence, for a lot of people today this can be a scary thought. 57 more words



This work was something I created for fun. I was interested in the concept of fears and started a small series of pictures that showed the embodiment of certain fears. 53 more words


Reality and Illusion

Today I went to see the M.C. Escher Reality and Illusion gallery at The Memorial Art Gallery. Unfortunately you weren’t aloud to take pictures in the gallery, so the pictures above are off the internet. 689 more words


Narrative Project

The idea behind my narrative project was the notion of the moon being lost and found through the game. The story starts with two factories on either side of the planet. 215 more words


Shrine Priestess Print Out

3D Print of my chess piece. the base is a bit wobbly but nothing a little sanding cannot fix!
its pretty small, i used a shot glass to compare it in the image to its size. 14 more words