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Production: Final Project Proposal

The basis for this final video will be an action sequence with a twist. It will begin with A couple of friends having a NERF gun war, having fun and messing around. 156 more words


Final Video Proposal

For this project I’d like to use mixed media to create a video about the process of buildings being overtaken by nature. I plan on recording shots of building and layering over them some kind of drawn plants that would grow and cover the buildings. 27 more words


Chair Project

The chair used for the drawing was one that was hanging. To me, it felt like there was a lot more life and character in that specific chair than the others. 43 more words

Chair Write-Up

Within this project, I spent a multitude of hours gesture drawing the shape of the chair up above. This aspect of the project was incredibly frustrating for me, as I’d constantly mistake proportions and not draw based on perspective, but rather how I visualize it. 105 more words


Cider Creek AD: Winter Cinn

For my Advanced Modeling,Texturing, & Lighting Class I was tasked with redesigning a Label and creating an ad for Cider Creek, I chose the “Winter Cinn” flavor. 55 more words