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Otter Space

When we were given the assignment to make a scientific drawing of a living creature, there were no limitations besides that. From the start, I knew I wanted to do otters in space, but I decided on the composition of the pillars of creation in the Eagle nebula. 38 more words



This was made as a hypothetical editorial illustration. 87 more words


Abstract Finished Painting

The completed composition of the abstract painting was based off of aspects of the realist self portrait still life. The color yellow was added to create another highlight in order to keep the white balanced throughout the piece. 13 more words


Surrealist Sculpture Update

This is the finished sculpture from fall semester. I had wanted to glaze this piece since I completed the sculpture, and I was able to earlier this Spring. 21 more words


Charcoal Self Portrait Final

The final project for my Figure and Motion class was to create a charcoal self portrait. Students were to take 5-6 pictures of themselves, manipulate the pictures to their liking, and then choose the image you would reproduce. 312 more words