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Japanese Media: Emakimono Project

For the Japanese Media Traditional Media project I made an Emakimono scroll. I drew inspiration from the “Chouju Jinbutsu Giga” in the sense of the entire scroll being one continuous image without divides between the different segments of the story. 66 more words


Senior Studio Project 1- Week 2 progress

Week 2 – preliminary character design with a focus on potential sillouette.

first image is a sketch brought into class. after a few exercises with character design, such as : 45 more words


Game Jam

For the 48 hour game jam, I was responsible for the concept designs for all of the structures. Our game took place in the 1700’s. I did some research and used photos of 1700’s buildings as references for my designs.   338 more words


Senior Project I Journal Entry 2

Log line for new idea: A lovesick vampire struggles to find the best way to woo his beloved.

Mood Board

Character Design and 1st color palette… 36 more words


Reality Practice Notes

Reality Practice was a lecture given by Alfred Alumni artist Desiree Des. Since graduation, she has worked with places such as Printed Matter (which is dedicated to artist book forms), Electronic Arts Intermix (a nonprofit organization dedicated to the distribution and preservation of art), 14×48 (a program sponsored by Fractured Atlas dedicated to repurposing vacant billboards to create showing opportunities for artists) as well as jobs archiving and working for a fashion photography company. 202 more words