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Journal 11

This thanksgiving was a true blessing. I am so grateful for my family and for everyone that is in my life. There were such positive vibes at the dinner table and a plethora of food and desserts that filled my tummy o’ so well. 75 more words


journal of giving

before eating



happy thanksgiving

Non Timebased

Mask Project

The Mask I made has polygonal edges that make up its shape, when drawing this I made the edges look sharp and jagged. To make the mask the same depth you would see from looking at the real object I gave gradual shading to the parts of the mask that folded inward and away from the front of the mask. 174 more words


Computer Animation 3: Student Critique #2

Student : Davon Wood

Project : Pace Project

There are a few flaws in this project. The first one being that the legs are far too straight to commit to a smooth walk. 111 more words