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"Objectified" Response

In Gary Hustwit’s documentary titled “Objectified”, Gary shows us how much work truly goes into the simplest of designs. At the beginning of the documentary we are introduced to various designers and engineers who have revolutionized the way products are built today. 619 more words


Llewellyn Gallery 17 Day Video Series

Rooftop Short Wed. 9-28

On the rooftop of a building, a camera is looking at various points of New York City. However, each time the camera changes its position someone appears in the frame. 54 more words


Day 2 Simone Doing Max Puchalsky

This film was moving in how it used stillness to present  this idea of just being. The woman seemed just there, not posing or caring about the viewer just existing in a quiet state of self. 79 more words


Hunting For Hockney -Alice Dunseath response

The big thing that struck me about this film is feeling of emptiness, the only life was in this in the pursuit of Hockney this odd attempt at escapism in the form of try to find where someone lived which unfortunately ended in success. 21 more words