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Final Caricature

In my final caricature I decided to make the shading more noticeable, and also clean up the choppy lines which that were originally very noticeable. I decided to leave the line weight equal throughout the image because, personally i think it looks more like a cartoon painting that way.

Caricature 2.0

Original                                                               New


For editing the caricature I decided to just do a whole new one. The problems that were in the first one was the shading being to obvious. 7 more words

Non Timebased

Paul Driessen Webpage Design

After discussion in class, I will be using the navigation bar across the top and changing the color from blue to white.


Alfred University Metacognition Motion Graphic Mood Board

A mood board to spark the ideas for types of graphic icons, color theory, animation and cinematic language. The gallery below is my take on inspiration for creating a motion graphic video about the biology and psychology of learning. 25 more words


Senior Thesis Pre-Production

For my senior thesis, I will be creating a modernized haunted house. To focus on modeling and texturing, I chose a colonial style house for its simple floor plan and modern interior design to be able to pay closer attention to detail. 25 more words