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Interactive Authoring: Gallery Write Up

For my gallery write up I decided to go to Alfred University’s ceramic gallery as well as their senior showcase gallery. Both gallery’s were extremely interesting and inspiring. 313 more words



Over the progression of this course I have definitely seen a great improvement in my work and overall growth when it comes to working with 3D models. 287 more words


Gallery Write Up: Brian Murphy

James Stephens

Jason Bernagozzi

Dgma. 1403-01 SET 302/8:00

20 November 2016

Anaglyph imagery and video are most commonly used as a means to create a stereoscopic effect, tricking the brain into believing that a flat two-dimensional image is actually a third-dimensional object. 474 more words


Composite Photography - "Markis, The Destroyer"

Markis, The Destroyer

Filling the composition with sixteen different instances of myself, Markis, The Destroyer is compact with several different subjects, who hold my likeness, that reside in their environment variously. 400 more words


Paper Mask: UPDATED

To give my mask a more aged and heavily used look, I scratched the dull edge of my cacti knife agains the surface of the paper to create a chipped/peeling look. 55 more words


Paper Mask

The paper mask was originally designed after designing the nosepiece after an owls beak. after the initial cut I used the negative space to incorporate the shape of the beak into the eye holes for the mask and created a cover for the jawline. 31 more words