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In memory of Dr Martin Luther King Jr

I originally wrote this poem after visiting the beautiful Dr King statue in Washington D.C. back in August (it was posted first on the Con Queso Publishing site). 154 more words

Abandoned Rail

The Story-Takers

In Italy, shrines stand as testament to those who have been murdered by the mafia, and the trauma of those left behind has inspired a movement by educators, activists, artists and journalists striving for justice. 942 more words

Faculty News

reads on race...for middle grade and up

I’ve been accumulating a list of reads on race in America. It now looks long enough to last me about a decade, which is not a bad thing. 1,080 more words

Chapter/middle Grade

Are we afraid or are we fearless

Are we afraid or are we fearless

Are we afraid to admit that we’re Americans and with that comes not only all the good this country brings but the sins of our past, the blood of a uncounted indigenous people, the subjugation of the African American, the continued social injustice faced by people of color to this day. 175 more words


America - Status: its complicated

You say it is disrespectful to our servicemen and women but you wouldn’t give up one football Sunday to volunteer at the VA hospital.

You say it is disrespectful to the flag but you turn a blind eye to the basic tenants the flag represents. 406 more words

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We Have Reached a Tipping Point

I believe we have reached a tipping point in our nation’s current crisis. In eight months we have plunged into circumstances I would not have thought possible in our country at this point in history. 223 more words