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Albert Woolum, White Navy Veteran, Kneels in a Black Lives Matter Shirt During National Anthem to Support Girls' Volleyball Team

article via thegrio.com

On Friday night, cheerleaders for the DeSoto and Cedar Hill high schools’ football teams in Texas knelt during the national anthem before the game between their two schools to protest the treatment of people of color in the United States. 222 more words


First post: First Nations water rights at risk.

From Indian Country Today, non-violent protesters attacked by dogs during conveniently timed law enforcement lunch break:  Dogs, Pepper Spray and Guards: Water Protectors Report Violent Encounter… 36 more words


Jews plan Global Shabbat to Protest Demolitions of Palestinian Villages

Jewish activists plan global Shabbat protest against demolitions

Participants will bring in Shabbat together, share a potluck dinner and take a group photo to upload to social media with the hashtag #ShabbatAgainstDemolition. 620 more words

Rebel Posts

Silent cheers as four young women upstage a powerful president

TWO radically different responses have been witnessed recently in South Africa from citizens determined to denounce corrupt politicians abusing their power or filling their pockets with taxpayers’ money: Violence on the one hand, non-violent and silent protest on the other. 761 more words

Congressional acts of non-violent courage..

Earlier this week I attended a panel discussion, at the Dirksen Senate Office Building, on New Health and Economic Research on Work and Family Policies in the United States and Canada, hosted by the… 306 more words


Non-Violent Protests Work

The next time you are feeling helpless in the face of crooked elections and even more crooked politicians, think about employing some non-violent actions to start making the change you want. 347 more words

Inspiring People

The Boy who Sat Down.

The abandoned buildings were shells of inhabitants past like spider webs with no spiders. The hot tar of the street was almost squishy and The Boy thought about chewing it.  334 more words