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Featured Anime: Death Parade

I know this is a little late, but I’ve just finished it last night and the hype is still on for me (even though most of the world is already waiting for the arrival of the new Spring 2015 anime). 1,140 more words


Death Parade : Suicide Tour

“Sūsaido Tsuā” (スーサイド·ツアー)

The season finale of Death Parade see’s the end of Chiyuki and Decim’s relationship.

Does it tie up the season well? 416 more words

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Bologna Children's Book Fair

For a long time now, I have had an interest in writing a children’s book. Why? Because when we are young, this is when we have incredible curiosity to learn and our imagination is big. 286 more words

Death Parade - 12 (Fin)

Death Parade ends its long march with an emotional, twisty, judgement of Chiyuki. It is far from a wartless affair, as the Oculus vs Nona subplot remains weightless and basically unexplained, but it was a solid outing. 424 more words

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Death Parade : Memento Mori

“Memento Mori” (メメント·モリ)

The disappointing episode 10 leads onto the penultimate episode of the season. So many questions have been brought up all season and so much looks like it’ll be ignored. 404 more words

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Death Parade : Story Teller

“Sutōrī Terā” (ストーリー・テラー)

Story Teller is the beginning of the end for the Arbiters. More so it is the beginning of the end for the Assistant. 391 more words

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Happy Tails! - MEGAN and NONA

Megan and Nona are doing great!  They love chasing/playing each other in the backyard.  Oh, and they love digging holes.  When we go for a walk, they get so excited.   107 more words

Happy Tails