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Happy Openly Secular Day!

I’m Christina, and I am openly secular.

I’m a proud nonbeliever. Very proud, indeed.

I’m not militant about my beliefs. Unless someone starts shoving their beliefs down my throat.  281 more words

Moving Through Despair into Joy: An Easter Card

If I’ve done the Holy Week thing right, I really, really feel relieved and happy on Easter morning. I can hear the birds chirping out my window as if for the first time. 386 more words


Why Do We Label?

I’ve never been to keen on labeling anyone, as anything. Mostly because I don’t like being labeled myself. I like to think I have a better grip on reality and better common sense than at least 50% of the population. 363 more words

Non-believer in America

“Stan Bennett” is a minister in a small town, but he no longer believes in God. He’s actively searching for other employment so he can leave behind the job he’s known for more than 30 years.

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An Unsuspecting Stranger

Dear Whoever,

I’m saddened by the belittling views of some of the loved ones in my life. I try to remain illusive to their judgmental thoughts by portraying something I am not. 389 more words


Atheism is beautiful, too...

“Isn’t it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?” – Douglas Adams… 591 more words

#464 - Write 20 Lines of Dialogue Between a Believer and a Nonbeliever.

“Hey Phil!  You got a minute to talk about Satan?”

“Not this again Roger.  I don’t have time to hear about your crazy church.”

“It’s not a church, man. 

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