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Anointing Someone Who Doesn’t Know Him

Sovereign YHWH uses both the righteous and the wicked, the believer and the non-believer, for His purposes.  Did you know He even anoints and empowers people who don’t know Him?  212 more words


A Realization

Disclaimer: This post may be offensive to some people. Viewer discretion is advised. 

There’s this problem that I’ve had for a while that I didn’t recognize as a problem until recently. 346 more words



terrible lie.
my head is filled with disease.
my skin is begging you please.
i’m on my hands and knees.
i want so much to believe. 2,099 more words



What is freedom to you? To me freedom is having God right by my side. He makes me feel so free. As in free I don’t mean free to do whatever I want but free as in I don’t feel chained down by this world like I did before. 967 more words


THEO101: The Destiny of the Unsaved

The doctrine of eschatology as it pertains to the afterlife is a hotly contested issue.  Christians vary in their particular interpretations of Scripture that split the issue into three camps:  Universalism; annihilationism; and eternal punishment. 861 more words


The Cult of NOT

The Clarion Call: be militant and flaunt your belief in nothing.

This dude has charged up some people to be simply unpleasant! I am a Jesus follower. 108 more words

Pop Culture

The Game of Telephone

You don’t expect to find a game of Telephone in research, science or otherwise. But, that is what we get much of the time from scholars with predetermined thesis about our faith, Christianity.   575 more words