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My brother’s wife and I went to a psychic. Or are they called mediums? Looking at her business card she calls herself a Spiritualistic Medium… 384 more words


Day: To Believe or Not to Believe

Well here we are…getting to the nitty gritty of things. A major topic that no matter who you are and what you doing or what status you have…RELIGION!!!! 300 more words

Why It's Time to Accept Atheism in Egypt

In the Middle East, religion is everything. Religion determines your upbringing, your future, and the future of your children. If you are a Muslim woman, you will be expected to marry a Muslim man. 581 more words


In Memoriam: A Post-Faith Grief Story


It’s never easy. Or fun. Or comfortable. Ever. 

But it’s yet another one of those things that gets even more complicated for the post-faith crowd. 1,656 more words


The Enlightenment Project

It took 61 years for me to reach this age and now…only now, do I learn that there has been an “Enlightenment Project” going on for hundreds of years! 364 more words


Anointing Someone Who Doesn’t Know Him

Sovereign YHWH uses both the righteous and the wicked, the believer and the non-believer, for His purposes.  Did you know He even anoints and empowers people who don’t know Him?  212 more words


A Realization

Disclaimer: This post may be offensive to some people. Viewer discretion is advised. 

There’s this problem that I’ve had for a while that I didn’t recognize as a problem until recently. 346 more words