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You Have My Sympathy

Good morning. Last night I was so frustrated, I couldn’t even articulate it if I tried.

A Christian friend of mine posted something about defunding Planned Parenthood, which is timely and makes sense to share his view. 438 more words


Recovering from Religion

Hello. My name is Alice and I am recovering from Christianity. I know that sounds horrible but it is true. I was a Christian for 20+ years before finally stepping back for a moment to acknowledge that it didn’t make sense because it is not true. 373 more words


Dear Dad

You devoted your whole life to the church with the ultimate reassurance that our whole family would reunite in heaven. And I can’t deny that. But then again, I can’t give you that. 211 more words

Personal Life

Am I A Broken Atheist Who Wipes Ashes On My Skin?

14 June 2008; Tongued Papers I, p. 59

“I don’t think atheism means one does not believe in a spiritual life. I think it means one does not follow the tenets of the established religions.” –Amanda Donohoe… 238 more words


Accents and Impressions

Good morning Everyone!

“I’d never have been misled; I’d have known Jesus was the Messiah.”

I have to chase that thought away every time I watch a dramatization about the New Testament. 490 more words

Just Stuff...

Happy Openly Secular Day!

I’m Christina, and I am openly secular.

I’m a proud nonbeliever. Very proud, indeed.

I’m not militant about my beliefs. Unless someone starts shoving their beliefs down my throat.  281 more words

Moving Through Despair into Joy: An Easter Card

If I’ve done the Holy Week thing right, I really, really feel relieved and happy on Easter morning. I can hear the birds chirping out my window as if for the first time. 386 more words