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"Faith in atheism"?

Phrases like “faith in atheism” or “believe in atheism” are often used by Christians when discussing nonbelievers. Phrases like this drive me crazy inside for one key reason. 213 more words


Dating a Non Believer!!

Today my friends, we’ll explore my perspective and real life experience of dating a non believer. Dun Dun Dun… You may be asking yourself at this very moment the following questions:” What does that mean Lo? 1,764 more words


Deserter part 10


Its simple here, no one to order me about and no ridged schedule to adhere to. I spend most of my day fetch water, gardening, and helping the widow up the road and its created an easy, stress free life. 940 more words


If Christians Were Wrong

So we all die and nonbelievers were right. There is life and then death. That is fine. Death would feel like how it was before each one of us were born which is nothing. 130 more words

To my non believer friends

Dear You,

I know that the world has been harsh on you. I know that the people around you have judge you and have already told you hurtful words. 1,175 more words


Search for Community

There’s a need that we have as members of the human race—even those of us who are introverts. Community. Interaction with other people is so important and is the reason that religious people like to say that those who attend church live longer than those who don’t. 291 more words