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Tied together.

A psychospiritual poem. Mind is dancing like spontaneous coemergence.  575 more words


Tranquility and Insight Unified.

An exploration of a small piece of Dakpo Tashi Namgyal’s Mahamudra: the Moonlight. I share the text as well as my own thoughts on our author’s thoughts.  1,406 more words


We actually see the thing.

Every so often, I’ll be reading some sacred text and I’ll come across some description of some totally impossible vision. As a child, I accepted these as fact. 1,301 more words

Misc. Thoughts

Divine Providence

Life is unfolding like a lotus these days for my form.  What a Gift!

I came across this picture… it spoke volumes to me.  I am really experiencing linear time as the source of all upset! 570 more words

A Course In Miracles

Reiki Master or Lotus in the mud

I am blessed to bear witness to the unfolding of Reiki Masters.

To hold sacred space and provide the courses and sessions that help to bring a sustained feeling of happiness and well-being in service to the One Self. 229 more words


Be All Here

Be All Here.
Don’t think to get ahead.
Don’t think that you know.

You’ll miss yourself.
You’ll abandon your child self.
You’ll forsake your human pain, 33 more words