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Diamond Prayer

Go out on the streets and hear the people praying in public, professing their love for a ‘person’ they know nothing about. Hypocrisy on many levels. 1,689 more words


Thinking 2

Extracts from Matthew verse 6 concerning thought.

Thinking yourself bigger does not make you bigger. “Thought for raiment” concerns creating the ego character. It is asking… 56 more words


Essence of GnoTruth: Yeshua Teaches Non-Discrimination

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Spiritual Culdusacs are subjective? 

I’ve always thought of spiritual culdusacs being rather generalized in nature and then I bumped into another one. This seems more specific to an individual life experience. 259 more words


Holding The Mind And The Self With Love And Reverance

By Raphael Awen

For many, the traditional idea of achieving a quietened mind state in order to meditate is an all-too-tall order. The idea that you need to achieve near total quietness of your mind in order to experience ‘non-experience’ sounds really cool to some who identify with that kind of attainment, and may even well be real enough for those who have gone there, but I’d like to offer you another way. 810 more words

By Raphael Awen

Premise 3: Going Beyond The Body-Mind Reality

By Raphael Awen

Welcome aboard day three of the SoulFullHeart Magical Mystery Premises tour.

We only have two days sailing behind us and already it feels like so much more. 1,943 more words


13. Dependent Being

Here is my interpretive paraphrase of the thirteenth section of the Tao Te Ching (Addiss & Lombardo trans., 2007):

To seek approval and avoid disapproval is to be locked in an endless cycle of lack with no safe haven. 244 more words