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RYOKAN: poem 'You stop to point at the moon in the sky'

‘You stop to point at the moon in the sky’ – by Ryokan English version by Sam Hamill

You stop to point at the moon in the sky, 132 more words

Spiritual Development

Quotes - Brahman

“When the Knower, Known, and the means to knowledge are unified, then there is Brahman.” – Traditional Vedic Saying


A Drip Line Of Non-Dual: Life At SoulFullHeart School

By Jelayan Awen

A couple of months ago during an intense initiatory phase, I asked my guides for a strong infusion of energy while I was in a meditative state. 1,085 more words


PRESENCE - from the 'The Light of Discovery' - By Toni Packer

Toni Packard on being present even if it’s unremarkable.

Nothing Spectacular

“There is the wind, the sound of rustling leaves, the brightness of the room, the breathing, the color of the wooden floor, the hands resting, the heart beating. 227 more words

Spiritual Development

And then all that was left was the attachment to the release itself.

Is Illusion the Essence of Reality?

The monistic Theory of Division states:

“Brahman is like the sky. Parts of the sky can be divided by being contained within pots. When the pot is made of ignorance, the Brahman within is an individual…

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