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Discourse on the Teachings to Be Given to the Sick

I found this wonderful discourse in the Daily Chanting and Recitation Book from the Deer Park Monastery! The teachings are so wonderful– I had to read them aloud!  1,476 more words


I Am Thee I Am

By Raphael Awen

Michael Guss sweetly asked the question below and I felt to feel into it and respond. Like all really good QUESTions, they move us on our quest! 565 more words

By Raphael Awen

Buddha Beyond

There is the practice of the Ten Recollections. One of these recollections is ‘Recollection of the Tathagata’. Here, in this most wonderful Mahayana text, the Vimalakirti Sutra, we hear about how Vimalakirti sees the Buddha as being of the same nature as his own true, or “ultimate” (paramārtha) nature. 19 more words


Father's Day.

A wandering father shares a poem on fatherhood.  349 more words

Misc. Thoughts

Signlessness. Kevatta Sutta.

With the cessation of the activity of the small mind, suffering is brought to an end. 336 more words