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No Basis

“Have you found the beginning, now that you are searching for the end? For, where the beginning is, that is where you will find the end.” 107 more words


No set method.

Gnosis has no limitation. Discrimination is useless. Discernment is key. 12 more words


The Great Mystery; you, me, God

I’ve been shirking my duties lately here at the blog, to devote my time to a delightful conversation with fellow blogger M. Talmage Moorehead, started by his very informative, insightful and entertaining musings entitled  341 more words

Information is Difference

A thing I wrote two years ago. I say the same things over and over and over. 455 more words


Ten Merits of the Innumerable Meanings Sutra

The third chapter of the Ananta Nirdeśa Sūtra, the Infinite Meanings Sutra, will set you free. 883 more words