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Grand Funk: PC Sales are in the Doldrums

If people had any doubts about the inexorable rise of tablet devices and smartphones, the sales results for the holiday season would surey erase them. 351 more words

What’s the value of a consumer’s time spent online?

If you’ve ever wondered what the “value” is of a consumer spending time online, we have some answers courtesy of SumAll, a data visualization company. 296 more words

TMI: The Seduction of Data

It was the Roman philosopher Seneca who once remarked, “The abundance of books is a distraction.”

(He said it in Latin, of course.)

Fast-forward 2,000 years … and we’re dealing with the same phenomenon – on steroids. 522 more words

Newspaper Ad Revenues Plummet to a 60-year Inflation-adjusted Low

Newspaper ad revenues have now collapsed to a level not seen since the 1950s in inflation-adjusted dollars. 

That’s the sobering conclusion from the Newspaper Association of America’s release of the most recent advertising revenue figures for the U.S.  41 more words

Election Campaign News Consumption: What a Difference a Dozen Years Makes

One of the interesting aspects of the U.S. presidential elections that come along every four years is the opportunity to see how Americans are getting their political news. 306 more words

Amtrak and the $16 Hamburger

What are we going to do with Amtrak? Over the past three decades since the rail line was formed as the “for-profit,” government-owned National Railroad Passennger Corporation, it has lost money year after year – all the while taking in more than $25 billion in government subsidies. 635 more words

Plain as Day: The Labor Market Recovery is Non-Existent

The single most accurate indicator of labor-market health is the employment-to-population ratio.

Unfortunately for the United States, it’s not looking any good … and it hasn’t for over two years. 75 more words