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The Gettysburg Address: A Graphic Adaptation

The holiday gift guide continues! Here’s one for the history buff in your life. Or the reluctant reader. Or the pot head who rails on and on about states rights vs federal authority. 695 more words


I Contain Multitudes by Ed Yong

While we tend to chuck microbes into a general “yuck” pile of germs in need of disinfecting, truth is, only a slim minority of species are harmful. 553 more words


Verbal Judo

Verbal Judo, Updated Edition: The Gentle Art of Persuasion, by George J. Thompson, PhD

The late George J. Thompson (died 2011) trained in judo and aikido before becoming a police officer in his early 30s. 354 more words

Flashback Fridays: Starts Here

In 2009 the earth received a blessing in the form of the ‘critically acclaimed’ “Jennifer’s Body“…well critically acclaimed in my heart. Back in 09′ I loved the movie so much I took it upon myself to create fan art for the pivotal role of NEEDY (played by Amanda Seyfried) . 173 more words


Freedom in Congo Square


As slaves relentlessly toiled in an unjust system in 19th century Louisiana, they all counted down the days until Sunday, when at least for half a day they were briefly able to congregate in Congo Square in New Orleans. 169 more words

Children's Books

Ernest Hemingway: a brief rant-quote about people

I came across this quote in A Moveable Feast and smiled at the curmudgeonness of it. I can’t say that I don’t feel the same way at times though. 62 more words


The Art of X-Ray Reading by Roy Peter Clark

If your book club is boring, if you weary of your writing students saying only they did or did not like an assigned text, if you need better feedback from your critique group, then this book may help. 356 more words