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Sally Ride: Life on a Mission by Sue Macy

Macy, Sue. Sally Ride: Life on a Mission. New York: Aladdin, 2014. Print.

Genre: biography (for young readers)

Summary: In an era when women were expected to stay at home and be good mothers, one little girl grows up to become the first American woman astronaut to visit outer space. 360 more words

Annotating Is A Good Habit

These Past Few Days

Paris was attacked by ISIS.

i was driving to the train today at 6:45 am. I passed by Nosh and all I could think about was their chilaquiles and honey coated pears. 576 more words

A Sense of Self

She wasn’t pretty. Her nose turned up a little too high. Her posture: poor, due to her very large breasts. Many would comment on them and say they were a gift, when really she only saw them as a curse. 747 more words


Storytelling, Books, and Bookstores

My agent’s blog is full of links to great content about writing, books, and creativity. And in the past couple weeks, she’s shared two items I want to share with you today — partly because they’re simply interesting and edifying, but also because once I’m done with revisions to… 100 more words

Books In General

As I write this, my husband is insisting on calling our hypothetical baby boy “Zook”. I find this noteworthy not because I would ever allow that to happen, but because I find myself talking about baby names at all with my husband in an apartment in Englewood, Colorado. 477 more words


I was pretty excited to be out on the boat with my friends for some RnR and nature in the Gulf of Mexico. But none of us really knew what a nightmare of events laid ahead! 676 more words


"Rapture Practice: A True Story About Growing Up Gay in an Evangelical Family" by Aaron Hartzler

“A true story about finding salvation in the strangest places.

Aaron Hartzler grew up in a home where he was taught that at any moment the Rapture could happen. 224 more words