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Observe the Bumbler's One Weakness

“Harassment? That was just flirting! Indecent exposure? My dick just happened to fall out of my pants while she was walking by. I had no idea anyone was upset!” Lest anyone continue to think that predatory men really don’t know that what they’re doing is wrong,  181 more words


The Sun and Her Flowers

by Rupi Kaur
5 of 5 stars

I have wanted more of her poetry since I read her first book, and this was exactly what I hoped for! 281 more words


I Think, Therefore I Am Getting the Goddamned Epidural

Rebecca Schuman | Longreads | November 2017 | 16 minutes (3989 words)

Until I was 34 weeks pregnant, I only considered the act of childbirth in blurred, vague terms, and this meant I was unusually impressionable. 4,136 more words


Harshing the Internet Poet's Mellow

At The Outline, Laura Yan narrates the saga of a beleaguered poet recently piled on by the internet. A marine scientist by trade, Collin Andrew Yost is tattooed, has a beard and lives in Portland, Oregon, none of which worked in his favor. 451 more words


The Third Life of Richard Miles

Shawn Shinneman | Longreads | November 2017 | 23 minutes (5,753 words)

Richard Miles has no preternatural pull toward stuff, but after he received his compensation from the state of Texas for a wrongful conviction, he did make one purchase of minor extravagance: a majestic-looking chess set, which he had installed at the entryway to his Duncanville, Texas, home. 5,855 more words


How to Say You Maybe Don't Want to Be Married Anymore

Sarah Bregel | Longreads | November 2017 | 11 minutes (2,671 words)

I am peering out the screen door at the front entrance of my house. 2,906 more words


Shop Talk: What It's Like to Write for $

I’ve always felt like there was a curtain between myself and the magical world of making money through writing. Like the transition from “writing as a hobby” to “writing full time” has always been edited out. 840 more words