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Grateful Speech and Stinging Nostrils

The house reeks of old carpet and cat urine.

It was once a lovely place, plain to see, but definitely not now.

Not sure if I can breathe anymore, I am grateful for the second hand cigarette smoke billowing from my hosts, and oddly enough grateful for their company. 260 more words


The Great, Ongoing California Nut Caper

In California, massive nut heists rattled the state for two years before the industry figured out they were the target of a well-organized theft ring. “Nut theft has ­exploded into a statewide problem. 277 more words


A Chance Meeting With Mr. Rogers

When disaster strikes, people often quote Mr. Rogers: “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” Did he really say that? 276 more words


Learning to Swim in a Sea of Uncertainty

Katie Prout | Longreads | May 2017 | 12 minutes (2,916 words)

This semester, I’ve been learning to swim. When I told her I didn’t know how, Stephanie laughed at me. 3,104 more words


The Internet Won't Prioritize Quality Without an Intervention

In an interview with The New York Times, Twitter co-founder Evan Williams admits to David Streitfeld that he thinks the internet is broken — and… 488 more words