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People Sorting: An Interview With 'Personality Brokers' Author Merve Emre

Jessica Gross | Longreads | September 2018 | 23 minutes (5,900 words)

If you haven’t yet read Merve Emre’s writing on the history of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, you might assume that Myers and Briggs were men. 6,041 more words


Sorry, But Drug-Induced Homicide Laws Aren't Going to Solve Our Opioid Crisis

Prosecutors across the U.S. have revived old laws to prosecute the people who supply the drugs that lead to overdoses. Critics characterize this as another ineffective technique in the ineffective tough-on-crime approach to drug addiction. 466 more words


A Song for the River

Philip ConnorsA Song for the River | Cinco Puntos Press | September 2018 | 28 minutes (5,578 words)

By sheer dumb luck I happened to be facing the lightning when it struck: a livid filament that reappeared on my eyelids when I blinked. 5,713 more words


Ten Translations of Care

Mary Wang | Longreads | September 2018 | 23 minutes (5,814 words)

1. Care /ker/ , 保护 bǎo hù, the process of protecting someone or something. 6,117 more words


How Offshore Banking Destroyed Everything

Right after WWII, a group of governments put a global financial system in place that was meant to ensure economic growth and stability. Called the Bretton Woods System, it used gold-backed US dollars as an impartial international currency and controlled the exchange of currency between nations. 406 more words


The Top 5 Longreads of the Week

This week, we’re sharing stories from Brittany Packnett, Rahima Nasa, Jordan Smith, Scott Korb, and Chris Heath.

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