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(Narrative Nonfiction) The Journeys of Socrates by Dan Millman

The Journeys of Socrates
by Dan Millman

My rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Part truth, part fiction–The Journeys of Socrates is the retelling of the author’s great-grandfather’s legacy, taken from first-hand accounts and peppered with artistic license. 523 more words



Looking for solitude and sanity, I drive.

I roll down every window and crank the music up too loud, looking to drown out my thoughts with whistling wind and thudding bass lines. 392 more words


What I Will Be Doing This Weekend

This is a piece I had to write earlier this year for English. (We were learning about sentence composure and different types of sentences.)

What I am Doing This Weekend: Bevan Fogdall, Language Arts Period 1, 9/26/2014… 237 more words


Vixen and Reproach

My lethargy is fading away. I am going to write a real post today, open up the lid on the box of my time in Ukraine and share a little bit of information about the sequence of events that led to my divorce. 763 more words



I write to comprehend myself, not express myself. When I write it is to explore the dark spaces–not dark as in sad, but as elusive and as yet unformed but still very real aspects of self and my experience. 125 more words


Two Spirit People

Brown, Lester B. (Editor). (1997). Two Spirit People: American Indian Lesbian Women and Gay Men. Binghampton, NY: Haworth Press.

Although somewhat dated, this text is still highly relevant, particularly since there has not been a great deal of scholarly research on Two Spirit identities and this was one of the first. 266 more words

Adult Audience

“What Should Children Read?”

From Sara Mosle, “What Should Children Read?” NY Times (November 22, 2012):

“What schools really need isn’t more nonfiction but better nonfiction, especially that which provides good models for student writing. 121 more words