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Shout out to a new WP blog

So, while trolling Twitter tonight, I saw that one of the people I follow (and have read) has started a new blog….YIPPEE!


Now, I can only assume he will be posting horror stories (as that is what he writes), but I know several of my readers enjoy horror.


The Month in Memes

By Elliot Haisley-Brown

The word “meme” originated in 1976 with Richard Dawkins in his book The Selfish Gene; it was then later adapted by Mike Goodwin in June 1993’s issue of Wired to describe what we know of as a meme today. 210 more words


Game On (responses)

A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip is back at it today with another round of Halloween-based Game On questions. Check out his original post… 564 more words


The Comic Side of WWI: Percy Crosby and the Rookie from the 13th Squad

With the centenary of the armistice approaching, I’ve been feeling like I should be writing about the war more and not just going on about… 648 more words


The Killing Game: The True Story of Rodney Alcala the Game Show Serial Killer

Rodney Alcala, born in 1943 in San Antonio, Texas, is believed to have raped and murdered around 130 people. Alcala committed his first known crime (rape of an 8 year old girl) in 1968, at the age of 25 while a student at UCLA.  170 more words


Short and Sweet: The Exceptionals, Authority, Gift from the Sea, The Murder Complex, and Annihilation

This is part of a series of short shelf-talker reviews I wrote when I worked in the bookstore. Enjoy these snippets!

The Exceptionals by Erin Cashman… 389 more words

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