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"What's the Best Advice You Guys Can Give Bloggers Like Me For Creating a Highly Successful Blog Ever?" - Popular Question Asked by Many (For Beauty, Book, Writing Bloggers & More!)

Here are a few things that come from my book I’m currently writing called, “Riding the Blogger’s Wave – How I Survived the wave and built a successful blog in less than 30 days… and you can too!,” 1,194 more words


How to Write a Killer Content Piece For Your Next Blog Post (For Fashion, Book, Beauty Bloggers & More!)

1. Find posts that are already performing well on other sites.

Browse through popular sites in your niche and identify their top-performing posts. This will give you a good idea of which topics and themes your audience is actually interested in. 627 more words


Tell a Teacher Thank You!

I don’t know if you knew this, but next Tuesday is National Teacher Appreciation Day. And let me tell you, with less than a month before summer break and the sun shining and students getting a little, well…squirrelly, our teachers deserve some appreciation right about now. 367 more words


7 Things That Can Make Anything Go Viral (For Travel, Beauty, Book Bloggers & More)

1. Let sharing benefit everyone

What do your users and the people they know care about most when it comes to your product? Is pricing as big a concern as in the long-distance calling market or could, for example, access to premium features be more important? 301 more words


50 Ways That Being an Entrepreneur or Blogger Can Change Your Life (For Beauty, Book, Writing Bloggers & More!)

If you have one in mind, be sure to tell us or share with others which one you like the most!

1. You become passionate about working. 1,086 more words


4 Things That Can Get You to Come up with 100 Blog Post Ideas in Less than 1 Hour (For Writing, Book, Beauty Bloggers & More!)

1. Take notice of blog comments.

If you have an active blog that gets even a few comments, don’t just leave them to go by unnoticed — draw every little bit of ammunition you can from them by taking every single comment and turning it into a question or topic to write about on your blog. 321 more words


How to Create an Editorial Calendar for Your Blog (For Beauty, Book, Writing Bloggers & More! )

Ever sat down in front of a blank screen and thought, “What am I going to write about today…?” Well an editorial calendar is just what that’s for! 466 more words