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A Writer's Nightmare

Actual nightmare

The above linked article is about an author who misunderstood a legal term as part of her research and essentially wrote much of the book incorrectly. 59 more words


A cow book by an Irish farmer's son

In the opening scene to this incomparable memoir, author John Connell delivers a newborn calf by himself for the first time. He goes into detail about the difficulty he’s facing, working the ropes around the calf’s feet, twisting the body to bring out the hips and struggling to deliver the head of this large newborn. 737 more words

Good Books

A Literary Rebel

Sometimes I decide to make things and sell them. This time? My love of being a Literary Rebel.

A friend once said “Books change the world because books change people and people change the world.” Books, stories, words: They help see humanity in others, they motivate us into action, move us toward compassion, give us hope. 322 more words


"Hoot" by Carl Hiaasen - Pre-reading activities

This product is for four pre-reading activities for the novel “Hoot” by Carl Hiaasen.  The activities take about a class week to complete. 251 more words

July Book

Welcome, welcome! Hopefully you’re a return member, but if not, welcome to The Bookly Club  :) We hope you’ll read with us! Each month (or two) we select a book to read together based on a seasonal theme. 443 more words


People God Won't Let You Avoid

My last post revealed two types of people to avoid dating. But sometimes God puts those people in your life and won’t let you run from them. 1,178 more words


Muslim Girl: A Coming of Age Story- Amani Al-Khatahtbeh

During the month of Ramadan, BookRiot came out with a list of memoirs by Muslim women, and, always eager to learn more about the world and my neighbors (we have a good-sized Muslim community in my town and the surrounding towns), I pored over the list, adding several to my Goodreads TBR. 619 more words

Book Review