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I have always kept my hair short,

but now it’s not.

Over the last several months, I’ve let it grow, out of negligence, out of curiosity.

It seemed fitting, in a time so unlike the last seven years, a new season of time, of observation, of choosing presence and putting down roots after one of transience, of overwork and emotional burying and deconstruction. 203 more words


The Nigerian Way

One Sunday in February 2016, my father and I were sitting in the parlour of a house in Chevron estate while our host talked about the petroleum industry at the time. 1,471 more words


Silent Spring: Deadly Autumn of the Vietnam War by Patrick Hogan

In Silent Spring: Deadly Autumn of the Vietnam War (Whatnot Enterprises, 216 pp., $12.95, paper; $3.99, Kindle) Patrick Hogan is the best, most fact-filled current book about Agent Orange that this reviewer has encountered. 386 more words


Curveball: How I Discovered True Fulfillment After Chasing Fortune and Fame by Barry Zito

Growing up in Marin County just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, my father had no intention of driving me through the city to a cold and windy Candlestick Park… thus, I became an Oakland A’s fan. 396 more words

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What I Will Be Reading #42: Nonfiction variety pack

I’ve managed to collect several nonfiction books from a variety of sources to add to my TBR list. They include two science books, a book about your money, and a memoir. 424 more words


Book Review - Feminism is for Everybody by bell hooks | Paper Ecstasy

According to the author, she wrote this book because as part of the feminist movement, she realized that there were many misconceptions around feminism and there was no little book which she could give to people that could help them have first hand knowledge about the movement. 410 more words

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