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Needlessly Crenellated

I asked my cat to roll over once. He flipped me off and then mugged me

BLATANT PLUG: Have you checked out my new website, … 36 more words


Lg Revolution Vs910 (Non-functional) Dummy Phone for Display Only (Verizon) Cost-effective

New User Interface
MPT 5.0 has a brand new, simple to follow, task-based user interface.

One Way Sync
One Way Sync uses the same familiar easy to use synchronization interface but only transfer’s data from PC to Phone, PC data is never changed. 246 more words

In Defense of Non-Functional

Recently I posted about Steampunk being cooler if it actually worked. This may seem hypocritical since I’m currently making a teapot that doesn’t actually hold tea. 338 more words


Curls for the Girls

Bicep Curls: the ultimate body-building exercise. What function does this particular exercise actually provide on a daily basis? For most of us I say absolutely NONE. 144 more words


How much Testing is required?

Another Million-dollar question. No amount of testing is good enough to say that an application is completely bug-free. In fact, there is one confirmed, common fact in all software development projects and the bug is ‘there will be defects’. 476 more words