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Herbal Myths ... Noni nonsense.

Noni stinks. Literally and otherwise.

The ancient Polynesians ate the malodorous fruit of Morinda citrifolia as part of their regular diet. The Polynesians were great seafarers. 727 more words


Chapter Fifty Seven

After her phone call with Mike, Ellie went to Morgan and explained the events of the past couple of days.  Morgan sat impassively nodding and harrumphing at certain parts of the recount. 1,151 more words

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Embracing Death, living life.

Seven years ago, May 28th 2009, I found myself in a situation where I fully expected to die. As I lay motionless on a tiled floor a wave of calm swept over me. 310 more words


Menu baru, Putu 8 Sambal

Bersiaplah untuk merasakan sensasi menu baru dari Kedai Noni, PUTU 8 SAMBAL. 78 more words

You've Got Mail, My Dear

I have a lot of emails to read. I’ve committed to the idea that I’m going to read all of them. I’ll reply to those that require it, bookmark websites I’ve sent to myself, transfer the words in my drafts into documents and file them where I can find them later. 1,049 more words


Chapter Forty One

It was almost 10am before Ellie got walked out of the elevator at work.  She juggled her coffee as put her bags down beside her desk. 1,195 more words

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