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Nonplussed Emojis Not My Fault

“Mea culpa,” or “my fault,” is probably my favorite Latin phrase; at least I use it the most. This came to mind while reading a quote from Maxim Gorky, “The most beautiful words in the English language are ‘not guilty’.” Mea culpas come in two flavors: nouns, used as acknowledgments of guilt, and interjections, or exclamations, as in, “I told you it’s never windy here in the winter? 621 more words


World Wide Words Issue 919 - WIF Style

World Wide Words

Issue 919


Feedback, Notes and Comments

Bob’s-a-dying. Adam Sampson pointed out that the Bodleian Library in Oxford has copies of an early nineteenth-century song, … 3,228 more words


Boscozzz Burgerzzz

The other day, I shit you not, I was so hungry I was going to puke. So I took a lil’ trip to Vegas baby! 716 more words

An Actually Helpful Pep Talk

I admit that I am generally nonplussed by pep talks. Ever since high school pep rallies, since football games doomed to be lost to teams with more money to spend, the cheerleaders have rolled out (sometimes literally) from all quarters, hoping to inspire us about something. 254 more words

Jack Frey

For if you'd like me, I'd say bye bye

Sir you know how weak I’m.
Over that I’m also not too smart, rather I’m a debacle.

Can I pursue you? No, abso-very-lutely NO
Can you pursue me ? 172 more words

Tujhse Wabasta