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Slot Machines and Fundraising

It used to be that slot machines could only be found in Nevada and Atlantic City, but over the years, as states sought more funding for their bloated budgets, more and more of them legalized some forms of gambling, and electronic games of chance started showing up in local bars and other businesses.  644 more words


When a Nonprofit's Board of Directors Falters

To Whom it May Concern:

You may have read and/or received a copy of a commentary recently, authored by me, appearing on this or another site, discussing my disappointment with the board of Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation and the way they’ve responded to various concerns raised to them directly by myself and other former employees. 740 more words


You Can't Do It All For Free

I have a number of friends who are professional musicians.  Some have made it to the big time, and some make a living, but are not household names.  682 more words



The reality of building, sustaining, and delivering nonprofit-based services for those among us who are most in need has evolved dramatically in just the last five years. 1,510 more words


Back in the 50s, radio gained in popularity as a way to market music for America’s youth.   Baby-boomers discovered pop music and rock and roll, and because of post WWII prosperity, teenagers had money to spend on records and concerts.  356 more words


10 Basic Responsibilities of Nonprofit Board Members

This is a simple and yet direct explanation for what a nonprofit board of director is responsible for at your organization.  It’s a great document to add to your recruitment package or it can accompany the application.

501 (c) (3) Organizations

You don’t know what you don’t’ know…

You’ve been presented with the question.  “What do you want?” …or even better “What do you need?” … and even greater, “What do you need to solve your problem(s)?”. 98 more words