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How to Write a Grant Evaluation Plan in Three Simple Steps

Even if the prospective funder does not explicitly ask for one, you need an evaluation plan. Whether big or small, every project and every nonprofit organization needs to show that a clear plan exists to measure the effectiveness of its programs. 181 more words

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Grant Application Submission Checklist

Before you write a word, it is important to understand the items typically required as part of the grant application submission process. Use this simple checklist to start gathering the materials that will likely be requested. 142 more words

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Nonprofit Press Release Tips and Tricks

A press release is “an official statement issued to newspapers giving information on a particular matter” (Google). Through press releases, you have the opportunity to raise awareness of your nonprofit, communicate the value and impacts of your work, and build public trust. 233 more words

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How to write a vivid grant proposal

Stop using clichés in your writing!

You’ve been hearing it since elementary school, yet many of us still fall into the trap (cliché!) of using cliches in our writing. 228 more words

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990s: the secret weapon of grant research

What are 990s?

As a nonprofit, you are likely familiar with 990 forms. A 990 is a form filed to the IRS by a tax-exempt organization, typically on an annual and/or quarterly basis. 395 more words

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Cause Fund 2017!

Join us for a brief and to-the-point interview with Astrid Hendren, Executive Director of Cause Fund, Inc., an important new MA fundraising platform that provides Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programming to K-12th grade public and private schools while supporting health causes. 37 more words


Top 3 Do's and Don'ts of grant writing

People ask me all the time, “What is the secret to grant writing?”

The truth is, there is no secret! The difference between winning and losing proposals are pretty simple, and here are the top three: 200 more words

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