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Transparency: A Note on Your Organization's Bittersweet Burden

By Tarah DeSousa

In a recent court ruling, the IRS was ordered to release digitally-readable versions of charity tax forms.  An open-records advocacy group called… 475 more words

3 Reasons Your Non Profit Should Join the Online World

Online fundraising is a fairly new concept to many nonprofit organizations, but recently, online donations have skyrocketed to numbers that are hard to ignore. In an… 418 more words

Nonprofit sector payroll and wages in the District

Today’s post on the District’s labor market prompted one question on the nonprofit sector in the District.  The Economic Census gives us a full picture of the tax-exempt organizations, their employers, and their payroll, but the data are bit dated.  202 more words

Labor Market Conditions

Do Your Donors Trust You?

A 2015 report shows your supporters may be losing faith in your nonprofit organization, but have no fear. Here are nine ways your online presence can win them back. 556 more words

Springtime in China (1/2015)

This article is an excerpt of the article “Tender buds of philanthropy” in the magazine DIE STIFTUNG (6/2014).

by Christian Gahrmann and Li Yiqiong

It’s springtime in China. 460 more words


Social Responsibility around the world

Social Change Agents; people who act as catalysts for change.

This entire blog has been about the power people can have in the world, how to make a difference in your community, and thinking about things more intentionally as you do it, thus, being an effective change agent. 507 more words

Graduate Programs for Social Good

Since I have been talking so much about finding careers that align with your passions, and boosting your resume, it seemed only fitting that I also share opportunities for further education. 317 more words