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Corporations can make nonprofits soar

I have been at my new job for just about four months, and in that time I have witnessed what amazing power volunteers have on the success of a nonprofit. 531 more words

What's a BRIDGE Number and Why Should You Care?

Similar to the way a car’s VIN number reveals its history, so too could a nonprofit organization’s BRIDGE number.

Launched on February 4, the BRIDGE Registry now has a search feature to find your nonprofit’s unique number. 299 more words

A Gender Lens For Giving

By Brittany Stinocher

ATTENTION: Wake Up Call 101

In a world where the female population is 49.6%, studies have found that women are more likely to donate to non-profits and donate more money than men stated  398 more words

It is not that I don't "get" social media...

A few months ago I took a job that required a lot of skills I did not have, so, I improvised.

Now, this sounds kind of negative, but it’s true. 817 more words

Is American's Public Access to Art Under Attack?

 Which Artist’s Work Should be Saved for Future Generations?

Senator Hatch’s recent rhetoric, “Tax-exempt museums should focus on providing a public good and not the art of skirting around the tax code,”  is referring to a current Senate probe of 11 art organizations.  605 more words

Nonprofit Sector

Inspiration from Under the French Fries

Inspiration comes when you least expect it. While having dinner with my children at McDonalds, I was challenged by the verbiage on the tray liner. You know the tray liner – that piece of paper lining the tray that usually contains a special offer for an amusement park or a promotion of the latest McFood. 408 more words

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