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Inspiration from Under the French Fries

Inspiration comes when you least expect it. While having dinner with my children at McDonalds, I was challenged by the verbiage on the tray liner. You know the tray liner – that piece of paper lining the tray that usually contains a special offer for an amusement park or a promotion of the latest McFood. 408 more words

Professional Development

Turn your business into one that supports and engages the community

Seeing businesses doing awesome things for their communities is AWESOME, and we should totally convince everyone to do it. So I always wonder why aren’t they giving back?  733 more words

Millennials: The future of your NPO

Last weekend I presented at a conference for nonprofit professionals on engaging Millennials, “Millennials: The future of your NPO”. We had some great discussion on their experience working with Millennials in a volunteer capacity, and my experience working with college students on a daily basis. 2,151 more words

Announcing the 2015-2016 Executive Fellows!

Empowering leaders to transform the legal services sector.

As schools get ready for the school year, OneJustice is getting ready for the newest class of Executive Fellows. 461 more words

The OneJustice Network

The current situation of social enterprises and the nonprofit sector in Hungary: a brief overview

Social enterprises combining social aims with economic activities are becoming more and more widespread across the world. The role of social enterprises is particularly relevant in the United States and Western Europe, but there is a growing interest towards such initiatives in other regions – such as Central and Eastern Europe including Hungary – as well. 1,557 more words


There's more to it: Don't be so quick to judge Red Cross "failures"

Two weeks ago, ProPublica published an article, “How the Red Cross Raised Half a Billion Dollars for Haiti and Built Six Homes“, and has since, blown up the spotlight on the Red Cross regarding their “failures in Haiti”. 808 more words

Don't Confuse Overhead with Fraud

Yesterday’s morning paper greeted me with a big headline about charity fraud. The Federal Trade Commission has filed a complaint against three national charities. I am pleased that action is being taken against charities who claim to make a difference in people’s lives but don’t. 451 more words