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Networking takes effort. Helpful Tips & GIFs.

Building collaborations is an important part of the work I do, working with researchers, patients, families, and healthcare providers. Over the years, I have learned that networking is not about building the number of connections you have on LinkedIn. 587 more words

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Ep. 21 - Millennials Making a Difference: The Younger Generation in the Nonprofit Sector

In this episode of the Lead. Learn. Thrive. Podcast, the hot topic of “Millennials in Nonprofits” is addressed. Raffa’s Marketing Coordinator, Rachel Caldwell, and ABCD & Company’s Partner, Durecia Moorer highlight how hiring millennials in the nonprofit sector can be beneficial in a multitude of ways. 148 more words

Substance abuse is prevalent in Howard County. What are we doing about it?

Actually, Howard County is not unusual in the extent of our substance use and abuse. And like everywhere else, addiction follows for too many of us. 1,441 more words

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Youthbuild Newark


Youthbuild offers programming for disconnected yout; it fulfills the dual mission of helping young adults become self-reliant and supporting the population of young adults who are homeless or living in unstable housing; it also provides alternative vocational high school to serve over-aged, under-credited 16 to 20 year-old youth and young adults. 33 more words

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How government and nonprofit services came to be in HoCo

Forty-six years ago, as rural Howard County was being inundated by Columbia, a three-day charrette was held to consider what human service needs should be addressed by government and nonprofit organizations. 2,134 more words

Howard County

Raising Investment Capital and Fundraising – Not the Same

In 2016, I worked with five nonprofits engaged in The Patterson Foundation’s Margin Mission Ignition program. After completing a strenuous business planning process, it was time for these organizations to implement their plans. 840 more words