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Nuclear Weapons In Unreliable Hands

It was the creation of modern science and technology, In itself was the potential to destroy all of mankind . It is caused by fission and fusion, it creates friction between nations and societies. 674 more words

Cold War

Resident’s history includes preventing nuclear proliferation

By Robert Merikangas
Resident Writer

After being active on arms control, especially nuclear nonproliferation, for 65 years, Riderwood resident Larry Weiler continues to be involved with the Arms Control Association, located in Washington, D.C. 358 more words

Riderwood Reporter Articles

Nobel Peace Prize Win a Boon for Nuclear Nonproliferation Activists

The Norwegian Nobel Committee announced Friday it awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) a coalition of nongovernmental organizations from over 100 countries, which has led the charge to convince nations to outlaw nuclear weapons. 540 more words

The Cable

There’s a way out on North Korea

By Fareed Zakaria
Thursday, Sept. 28, 2017

The confrontation between the United States and North Korea is in a more dangerous zone than at any point in decades. 781 more words

Washington Post

The U.S. Can't Get Rid of North Korea's Nukes Without Paying a Catastrophic Price

Kim Jong Un is on a roll. After firing a second missile over Japan, successfully testing an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), and successfully detonating a larger-yield nuclear weapon, the North Korean threat has grown significantly more dire in just a few weeks. 1,261 more words

U.S. Foreign Policy

How to Reason With a Nuclear Rogue

A country bent on threatening the United States with annihilation develops nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them from Asia to the U.S. homeland, putting America and its allies, including Japan and South Korea, at grave risk. 1,915 more words

U.S. Foreign Policy

'No Good Options' on North Korea Is a Myth

It is now a commonplace to argue that there are no good options on North Korea — common perhaps, but wrong. In fact, it is Pyongyang that faces militarily and economically dominant adversaries, and dim prospects for long-term success. 730 more words