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Iran deal is a win-win

Madeleine Albright (Ambassador to the United Nations, 1993-1997)

Cross-posted from Secretary Albright’s September 2, 2015 special to CNN.


I teach my students that foreign policy is persuading other countries to do what you want. 1,165 more words

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Ambassador Gregg on the Iran Nuclear Deal

Donald P. Gregg (Ambassador to South Korea, 1989-1993)


In assessing the current nuclear deal with Iran, it may be useful to remind ourselves of some highly pertinent facts from the past that are seldom mentioned. 478 more words

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Ambassador Eacho on the Iran Nuclear Deal

William Eacho (Ambassador to Austria, 2009-2013)


The Iran deal deserves our support. It is clearly in the best interests of the United States, as well as countries in the region, to see Iran move in a direction which reduces their stockpile of enriched uranium and the reduces the risk that they might choose to develop a bomb. 345 more words

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Michigan Senator Edges White House Closer to Win on Iran Deal

Another key Democrat came out in support of the Iran nuclear agreement on Monday, moving President Barack Obama’s administration closer to a political victory that would ensure veto-proof backing in Congress for the landmark accord. 248 more words

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