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Just weird ...

I thought I’d be a butterfly

Turns out more like a slug

But then again

I hate lettuce leaves

Genetically  just weird



It’s just a little
Crush, and that makes
Me sad, the fact
That he doesn’t know
Me, doesn’t know I

Why is attraction always… 49 more words


Climb to the tippy-top
Never once think to look down
The tree is far too enchanting
To worry over your way to the ground

Stay out till it’s dusky dark… 41 more words

The Noise In The Himalayas by J Patrick Lewis

The yak is the talkative species of ox

and that’s how he passes the bull.

And over the eyes of the sheep in their flocks, 104 more words

Catweazle's worldview

The signs of doom are myriad:
see how Turkey has been syriad,
and how weather wars
are waging in the sky.

The planet’s over-heating,
fatcats are over-eating, 53 more words



When a dim light shines,
if you’re bold in darkness,
you’re gonna look ugly,
you’re gonna stand out-
no matter what you did-
So don’t hold anything back. 371 more words



Constance is as Constance was,
she never seems to alter.
That’s why she’s called Constance,
and I’m called Waffling Walter.