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For when happiness is sung
And bells are rung
The darkness is forgotten,
But still it looms
Like a shadow, a spice
In the corner of the room. 17 more words

A problem not shared...

One of the inevitable consequences of spending far too much time on social media is a high level of awareness of awareness days/weeks/months.

Tweets or Facebook posts with a particular colour ribbon, personal blogs, link to variously devastating or heartwarming stories are a significant feature of my timelines. 464 more words


Reporter: So, first of all, my name is Jake [ inaudible ] magazine and, I, despite what so many colleagues might be reporting, I haven’t seen anybody in my community accuse either yourself or anyone on your staff of being anti-semitic.

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Donald J. Trump

Prolegomena to a History of Cats in Videogames

Ian here—

By now, every right-thinking person on the internet knows that omgcatrevolution is the most essential Tumblr in existence. (Perhaps even the greatest site, bar none, on the internet.) But although it is an ever-more-exhaustive archive of cats in mainstream cinema, cats in experimental cinema, cats in animation, cats on television, cats in music videos, and cats in porn, there one crucial bit of moving-image culture that remains its blind spot: cats in videogames. 275 more words

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Will I be
an inferior thing,
another mediocre
friend of the pen
if I didn’t use
veiled language,
complex imagery
and instead just said this… 11 more words

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If the only rational response to an insane world is to be insane, then those who are sane in an insane world are, at best irrational and, at worst insane!

Just saying.