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What is compatibility? (Hubby's 3 Characters)

“You are not my antithesis. That implies we are on the same axis when we are not, in fact, even on the same planet.” – My husband on why we work. 7 more words

Sweet Nothings

Three Wise Women - Who am I?

“Oh, they can be book characters? To the unending horror of Ray Bradbury’s immortal soul, I didn’t even think of Clarisse McClellan as a character from a novel.” 15 more words

Real Relationships


Oceania, Oceania,

Oh she longs for you!

Your zaffre ways,

And hazy waves,

Oh lapis lazuli,

Lap it up before it’s too


Oh! Wairau Valley, 81 more words


Don't Read this Post

There’s really no way to sugar coat it-

Today was fucking shitty. 

So I’m just going to bitch about it, because that’s what this cyber space may actually be for- or at least on Fridays it is. 766 more words


“No man has ever bribed his way into Heaven.”

But I’m a sweet talker,

Walking on water,

Mr. Illusionist, The Shadow-Knitter,

It’s all second nature to… 58 more words



The anglepoise lamp intrigues me,
its design is unsurpassed.
Twist, bend, and rotate,
you could shine it up your… most inaccessible areas.


Nonsensical Sense

Bee ewe in a whirled of not yous

Shore, it mite knot make scents to begin

It might be hard two take that first step… 75 more words