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if you dare to say that one more time

i’ll caress the nape of

my own neck and

pleasurise it in ripples

the way i love it and

whisper in one ear to

the other that it’s all

gonna be fine


The Colours of Madness

I have a very big suspicion which could very well be a theory that every human being has a mental disorder or in a more simplistic term, everyone is mad. 506 more words


Birthday blues!

When I was a kid aged about 9 or 10, I was walking down this street towards a little dark lane, its got high garden fences on either side which it passes between – so its narrow and dark, anyhow, just as I was about to trot through there, this other kid was coming the other way, but it wasn’t just any kid, this guy was blowing a giant bubble gum ballon as he casually passed by! 149 more words

A Web Comic

Copyright Jamale Davis 2020

I hadn’t drawn a comic in so long…but I felt inspired to put some laughter in the world. Enjoy, comment, and spread your hate.


Weakly I am whispering be happy , but was does that even mean? I wake up dreaming again. Wondering when the waking world became the what seemed like a dream. 62 more words


Story Time

PREFACE: Below is a story my boyfriend and I wrote together. It is silly, fantastical, nonsensical, and completely accidentally awesome. There is a game in middle to high school where every student writes a line and folds the paper down as they go, this keeps previous story lines a secret and makes the final story a surprise for the whole class. 337 more words