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wool hats in summer

she wore wool hats in summer;

it was a fashion choice –

not one i would have made, and yet,

she somehow made it work — 23 more words

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#JHMF Saturday Selection 7/30/16

Guys. Guys…guys…guys!! We’ve made it. This is the last weekend of the year without some sort of football happening! NFL season is right around the corner so if you’re not a Dallas Cowboys fan then you better start…eh, who am I kidding? 183 more words


if the royal we were me

if the royal we
is really i
could the royal i
be the loyal we?
only if i
were to marry me
but i’m not into… 25 more words

Poem; Poetry

Spent almost a month watching Akazawa Tomoru’s works.

Namiss ko si Shion. Guess it’s time for me to go back to him. LOL


Heart Speaks

Results! Challenge #2: Mad Stacks

Great week, everyone. Challenge #2 drew double the number of last week’s Players and some 30 stack pics. Turns out people really like building stacks and/or knocking them down. 423 more words



I long to feel
A shiver chase
Across my skin,
To feel a whisper
Tickling my ear.
I long to feel
Soft lips caress
My neck, my cheeks, 33 more words

The ghost screwed up my day off.

Guess what?

No, not Chicken Butt.

I have today off.

I decided to go shopping.

Got to the store.

No glasses.


I can’t see. 203 more words