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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 468: Enough Serious Writing

Very soon I need to do an assessment of sorts, followed by another assessment for a course that I will be dropping as there is no longer a feasibility for me to do the course, as it were. 482 more words


Coffee thoughts

my eyes were growing furry coats
i peered through layered lashes
and thought i saw some billy goats
with peppery moustaches

from out my mouth came rabbit teeth… 56 more words

Untitled 7

Something goes bump in the night…you wake up to find every cupboard mysteriously flung open, every drawer gaping, and every paper clip on the floor…? GHOSTS! 13 more words


poor dan roberts

So far, I’ve only watched the clips on Youtube. But after watching the promo for Episode 5 of Who Is America?, I know that I definitely have to watch much more. 43 more words



Clouds; ranked.

Cumulus Mediocris

– generic cloud

– travels in large herds for protection

– could do better

– C

Cumulonimbus Calvus

– shifty mother… 128 more words


Nothing more

If I could have a story just a once upon a time

And when you’re sitting comfortably my telling can begin

Of course my tale has rhythm and is set in this confine… 114 more words


Poem #3: soup!

i am a

stick blender operator

cheese grater

food creator

coming soon

to a cinema near you

with that super smooth

mashed for later

alligator jazz potato soup!