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In which I am vague

Major, major, major development for my Clark Kent identity today, and I can’t say a damn thing about it.  Which is endlessly frustrating because, like, this is one of those Okay Everything Just Changed type of situations and I  247 more words


Sometimes You Need To Create Your Own Sunshine

I recently saw a pair of flip-flops that said “sometimes you need to create your own sunshine”, and I cracked up because I just felt that this was such an appropriate message to have on a summery item of clothing in an Irish climate. 786 more words

Mental Health

Who Owns Private Prisons? Part II: Learning about responsible investing

This summer I read a 2015 Mother Jones expose of privately run prisons in the United States. Three things I learned: 1. Private prisons may be the worst thing going in America.  535 more words


random word-like sounds and a poorly rendered owl

Guys, I bought a sweater in my regular size online last week and when I put it on this morning it was ENORMOUS, and it’s certainly not like I’ve shrunk any so I’m kind of thinking either someone was asleep at the wheel when they cut the pieces out for this sweater, or the person writing up the descriptions on the website forgot a crucial part about how “this sweater is cut extremely generous, to the point where the sleeves will completely cover your hands and you’ll kind of wonder if your arms shrunk a couple inches in the night, and also the bottom of it will hit halfway down your thigh even if you’re five foot ten. 491 more words

two dreams (a one minute rhyme yet to be numbered)

your dream was about raccoons
whilst mine was all about balloons
I like to think that we met inbetween
to trade our nightime stories
in all their surreal glory… 50 more words

College 'memories'

First attempt at community college

It was a local school kids like me went to because they believed what their guidance counselor said, “You’re too stupid to go to a four year school.” 592 more words