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Southern Gangster

The gangster called Alphonse Capone

Went South to get a new phone.

“Our phone’s here are pone-y,

And not macaroni.”

Capone got a pone-phone to own.


CONSTELLATIONS at the Wilma Theater

Good grief.

Here’s a show at the Wilma Theater, it got pretty strong reviews, a rave from a colleague of mine over at the Broad Street Review, the fellow who wrote it — Nick Payne — won some kind of British award for it. 73 more words

Threat Quality

Nonsense #36

All things must end,
So when the sun goes down,
When we take our final breath.
Don’t cry for what is lost,
For something new has been… 9 more words

La La La

Remember as a kid when you didn’t like what someone was saying or you just wanted to piss somebody off, you would put your hands over your ears and go, lalala while they were talking? 705 more words


Thoughts On A Song Lyric, Years Later

Old Flattop –

He’s still grooving up slowly

Mostly because

He’s, like, really old

Original Poems

Counting (unfinished)

I started counting trees today
but stopped at eighty four
though I haven’t any proof to show
I’m sure there’s many more

I also counted smiles today… 16 more words

Waking up sneezing...

…And other weird things no one can explain.

Why do you always sneeze when you wake up even when you don’t have a cold?

How do you get the jam from the bottom edge of the jar? 113 more words

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