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Plan B it is

And if I fail at this at least Bushwick and I will have something else in common.


Attack of the Crab Monsters: What can happen if you don’t wrap it…

Ah, the 50s!

The 1950s was known as the heyday for monster flicks much like the 1980s was known as the decade for the slasher film. 1,250 more words


Knives, gin and hair dye

Good times on a Wednesday night.

Note to self: stop bothering men that already told you no.


Gifts across the void

I imagine you are scared.
Just as we were.
I left you a gift.
A list of items here to find,
these emblems of our… 228 more words

Irish Writer

Stop breathing

Not good enough for me.

Not good enough for you.

Sitting in my car, on my lunch break, listening to the Boatman’s Call, smoking and wondering how to be better. 197 more words


Windows of Wonder

There are moments in time,
When everything else fades
Away, when the people
In front of you take away
The pain.

A moment of rare beauty, 116 more words

tl;dr: blaaaaaaargh

Does it count as progress if I’ve applied for a job at a place where I know some people and those people have repeatedly talked me up to the boss as someone who would 1) be exceptional for the position they’re looking for and 2) fit in well with the mix of other personalities at the office, but that due to the vagaries of the hiring process there is virtually  532 more words