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Keep Calm, it's Your LAST DAY

Enjoy your last day at school, it only happens once in a lifetime

Say goodbye to everyone that means something to you.

Don’t embarrass yourself today. 20 more words


Writer's Block? Faulse.

A true writer does not get writer’s block.

Maybe I am not a true writer.

I’ve tried to write a book on strictly philosophy and logic in the past but lost my work in the shuffle of technology (Im not good at tending to my belongings). 401 more words

Four Stupid Questions

1. “This is India? INDIA? I.N.D.I.A? Whatever. You want alcohol? ALCOHOL? A.L.C.O.H.O.L.?”

2. “Mrs. Parks, do you at least have…erm…one…non-African ancestor, so we could treat this as a minor offense?” 27 more words


Advent of the Nonsensical Whimsical

Concerning the undefined; on occasion, one may find oneself being tasked with an impossible task.  Opening a portal to the inside of a Wonderball.  Extracting the Omega 13 device with a stick of gum and a paperclip.  348 more words


More Utter Nonsense!

A new humorous essay of mine appears in the latest issue of Black Scat Review, “More Utter Nonsense“.  This anthology boasts a list of international contributors, including:  … 94 more words


As Two

It’s like the branch
Has snapped, the creaking
Old arm has broken
In two, thunder and flames
Crashed overheard. It’s gone,
Everything has fallen through… 29 more words

Philosophy 101

there’s a hole in Greece
where once in peace
lay old Aristotle
they dug it up
found a Starbucks cup
and an old Heinz ketchup bottle… 55 more words