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Obvious obstructions, and then some completely random tangent about games

I feel like I’ve encountered many theorems of the form “with the exception of these obvious counterexamples, holds”, but I can’t think of a non-contrived example right now. 1,092 more words



Clara dreamed of being
Something other than a buffalo,
Maybe even living
In the tropics, in a bungalow,

Wearing cocoa-lotion,
Dressed in sandals by the sea — 145 more words

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Python for Beginners, Part II: A Little Bit About Machine Learning But Don't Panic

This is Part 2 in a series (n=?). Part I: Getting Started is here

You did it! You’ve opened up your very first Jupyter Notebook. 453 more words


"Lunar Powered Wind Resistance Snake Feeding Contraption" by Richard F. Yates

This device (patent pending) is designed to catch the angry puffing of the frustrated moon by means of the revolutionary, non-spinning fan blades. This negative-kinetic energy then passes through a “blue” cooling area, past the inevitable skeptical observer, and into a standard, multi-dimensional “pink” furnace, where the energy is tormented until it reaches maximum zippitude. 70 more words


the Real...

I buried my dreams
In my sleep
And arise to the
Vignettes that create
This reality where
Other realities collide.

The realities are
Ugly. The extension of… 13 more words

Original Works

Birds of a Feather Flock Toward One Idaho Canine

MERIDIAN, Idaho (D+D) — Twelve rounds were scheduled for the prize-fight. But only one period would be needed for the bout between Iron Mike, a bird of prey and Rocky, a domesticated dog, to be decided… 155 more words