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Afghan Dreaming.

Who said I had to give you up?

Who dreamed that nightmare?

Who knitted that shroud?

Who stuffed the fat black cloud?

Who dares to whisper aloud? 74 more words

This year is a Concorde.

February is almost done,

It’s amazing how time can sometimes run,

There are moments which drag,

Like a razor through hair,

But it flies away if you just don’t care. 128 more words

My Imaginary Sister

I have a sister I don’t know
For I have never met her;
I know that she’s fictitious, but
I can’t seem to forget her… 97 more words

Original Poems

I am living at the Villa Borghese. There is not a crumb of dirt anywhere, nor a chair misplaced. We are all alone here and we are dead.

An excerpt from The essential Feathersnatch.

Introduction from Feathersnatch scholar, Assoc. Prof. Sandy Kitchens.

The works presented in this collection are amongst the finest achievements of the late Augustus Feathersnatch, arguably the most original writer of fiction in the 20th century. 1,145 more words



You’re like the ocean.
And I can’t swim.
You’re like space.
And I can’t breathe in the vacuum.

I’m like the stars.
And you a moth to a flame. 28 more words

Only Connect - one for the nerds

There’s a quiz programme on the BBC which I like, called Only Connect, which used to allow viewers to submit puzzles to their website. For some reason, yesterday, I found myself constructing one of these puzzles. 155 more words