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Concerning the Roses

There are 10 roses: the rosin rose, the resin rose, the residue rose, the risen rose, the rising rose, the rinsed rose, the raison rose, the raisin rose, the reason rose, and the rescinded rose. 882 more words

Ballerina Fireman Astronaut Movie Star

The ballerina was hot for the astronaut. And why not?, after all; The astronaut had a thundering sturdy rocket to boast of. The astronaut went to work in a suit. 84 more words


Power in Ambivalence

Power in Ambivalence

book review on

“Nonsense: The Power of Not Knowing” by Jamie Holmes

Is there power in not knowing? What do we gain when we are in the dark, confused, and unsure about where a string of events or our lives in general are going? 355 more words

Shower song

‘sorta sick-sad feelings
‘least ten different kinds of pain
‘mma lay down here for a moment
’til the numbness leaves and I find peace.

E’erlasting sensation of no affiliation… 94 more words

Non Classé

2009 Flashback


Like embers burnt from the fire snuffed,

Left black as night, remains now dust.

The hollow core feigns the vast,

Hedged in the confines of pains from the past. 56 more words


Early Days PISC - 1967 - Tanka 79

Test for fake language

and Morse code welcome relief

from ‘Shock and Awe-ful!’

Recognized Esperanto,

Latin and lots of nonsense.