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A Cleaning Job by Gregory Harrison

‘Where are you going in your furniture van,

Old woman?’ I said as I peered up inside.

‘You inquisitive man.’

She turned with a glare and tartly replied, 72 more words

Monday Nonsense ...Time Rules

He gave an inch

She took another

Half twelve his limit

At seven surprised her


Puny, Miserable Human

I fought with my life
Mortgaged my death
To mysteries
I railed against the unseen lot
Rebelled against an ubiquitous authority
Me, a mere human… 94 more words

Original Works

Slept in.

I woke up when there was silence,

And slept right through my alarm,

Now I have to run to work,

But now I’ve slept I’m rather calm.

A Gift to You All

I had to share this most excellent website: http://trumpdonald.org/

Enjoy a solid minute of pleasure from this page, and haha! did you notice it’s a “.org”? 21 more words



Once more the fiendish Twemlow
can be seen for what he is:
the Beast of Borromeo
and the Cad of Old Cadiz.

— What is it this time, Tandy? 108 more words

A book.

There’s a book I need to read,

But in order to succeed;

I mustn’t know the story,

Through the fear, the book might bore me, 72 more words