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Artist ka Keeda (An Artist’s Bug)

Imagine nails placed vertically upside down on your seat. The moment you sit, you feel like getting up, but then, the floor is burning hot as well. 257 more words


Dinner date?

Let’s devour the moon whole. And maybe a glass of wine, or two.

Mm-mm. Delicious!

Leave out the wine, on second thoughts.

Bring some stories. 245 more words

First blog post

This is my very first post. A nonsense post.


First impressions of an iced tea

For lunch?

I order iced tea.

No sugar.

It is refreshing.

Last Saturday?

How about a Long Island Iced Tea?

Ok. What’s the big deal? 110 more words



‘I’m falling apart!’

Yelled the castle,

As its bricks went tumbling down,

Then one by one,

With their water guns,

The children shot their sand-based construction right down.

Spelling be. 

Yacht is not yacked,

It’s a word that’s been hacked,

With some letters that just just don’t make sense.

But spelling is crude, which rhymes with food, 78 more words

Nonsense #iceandfire

…you dream of fire,
When I am ice.
You want something flaming,
Well that would be nice
But not as long lasting.
Because fires burn and rage, 21 more words