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black white cookie-cutter cursor
drink drank blink blank stinky-stank
chippy chip double dipper-word flipper
paper scraper shitty-shaper
fuck-a-dilly me
(see? nada)


How do you like your eggs in the morning?

“Delivery breakfast?! Yes! Don’t you dare tell me America is not great!” -Hubby

One Minute Rhyme Mark XXXV : Easy Listening

Crackerjack Bacharach
fancy lemon swirls
I could write a love song
if you let me in your world
and paint it pastel sugartopped
with filigree and flair… 13 more words

Kiss the breeze

Does anybody want to do my marketing homework pls and ty xox I’ll give u hugs

In which Twitter is down and I don't know what to do

I spent all day yesterday in bed.  Understand that when I say that I am speaking damn near literally.  During the 24 hours that constituted Thursday, October 20th, I spent all but  429 more words


if p then q editor James Davies interviewed by The Contemporary Small Press

CSP: The title of your press, If P Then Q, is both a mathematical and a grammatical proposition.  What does it mean to you in terms of the poetry that you publish?


If P Then Q

Trump at the Al Smith Dinner: A History of Being a Goddamn Moron

The Al Smith Dinner is supposed to be easy. Trump is too much of a child to even accomplish that.  1,129 more words