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Poison Summer

Summer so far has been a bit poop, due to the weather, and that got me┬áthinking about that song about the Poison Summer, so I googled it, and its not got the word poison in it at all – its a misheard lyric! 382 more words

Mozart's Starling

Mozart had a starling
so it’s often said
it lived inside the powdered wig
he wore upon his head
on hot Vienna summer nights
when Wolfgang went to bed… 9 more words



Sarah senses subtlties
In the flight of bumblebees,
Passing in the summer breeze
On their way to places she’s
Never seen and never sees,
Beyond the flowering trees.

Poetry Sketches

Classes in Individualism

Sign in a coffee shop –

Group classes now being offered in how to be an individual.

Bring a friend.

The Magnificent MCU Seven

When you’ve missed every Marvel movie over the past decade and finally decided to understand all the references, you don’t need to watch all 22 movies to catch up. 370 more words


On my childhood- or ridiculous by actually true stories, Vol 1.

One time when I was 7 or 8, I was CONVINCED I had written a hit song. It was called “Ms. Moon” and the lyrics were LEGIT. 231 more words


Up The Tree

on Hampstead Heath I climbed a tree
and sat up there all day
to watch the good folk come and go
and while the hours away… 22 more words