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Nonsense #message

There is nothing as lovely as the sound of
Rain, the patter on the ground that slowly
Undoes the treacherous work of the sun.
Lovingly the mother patches her scorched child, 81 more words


Cringing creature
Cunning flee-er
You told me a story that I could not believe
A lie, a riddle something to describe
Stabbing the heart and melt the cheese… 135 more words


automatic writing #17

vulnerability through exposure
no hiding place in a world where nothing is secret –

– exposed like a street corner exhibitionist

– exposed like an old photograph… 63 more words


automatic writing #12

two, three days caught in the fog &the backwash of lingering ideas &

bruised thoughts

neglection of personal hygiene saw the dogs come round, sniffing for buried treasure… 135 more words


10 reasons why you must relocate to Bermuda Triangle

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time and finally I’ve come up with a few things that’ll motivate you to move to Bermuda Triangle, and for good: 173 more words


I am that person who has a constantly expanding ‘too be read’ pile of books.

I just keep buying more and then not reading the ones I’ve already got. 457 more words


You can thank me later.

I’m overdue for a post, I know. I’m a mess… but life is messy! You’re messy, too, and we’re all doomed. Luckily, many of us get to witness and experience beauty before biting the big one! 462 more words