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Pop to the pub

Where kids grow up and people become part of furniture, behaviour is loving and brash, apologised over time. Age and story telling is king. Synthetic golden conversation, which quenches thirst is pumped up from the ground. 168 more words

What if?

What if?

The worst it can get. The feeling of knowing you should have acted, stuttered, whispered and shouted. What if!
What if, you could be who you wanted to? 62 more words

Desk Activist

Slumped revolution, the flicker and glare of the blue light.

Click, click… scroll, scroll…. tick the box. Share.

Ahh the smell of instant coffee and revolution in the morning. 56 more words

This is an about me post.

This post is not about War of the Sisters or writing. It’s about me. I’m just in the mood to ramble, and sometimes I think that’s good enough to post. 281 more words

Tags For Days

just so long and long enough

Shortly after Thanksgiving I promised my cousin an explanation of what I thought was going on in by E.E. Cummings. Here we are in March, and I’m finally paying my debts. 1,324 more words

Borrowed Words

White People on King

Today, on Martin Luther King Day, I believe Dr. King would be ashamed of John Lewis. I’m saddened to say that because Lewis marched with Dr.

37 more words

That wicked-smart takedown from ‘Good Will Hunting’

I’ve always wanted to have a Good Will Hunting moment.

See, there’s a scene in the movie where Ben Affleck tries talking to Minnie Driver in a bar, and a Harvard creep interrupts and starts spouting intellectual gibberish to make Affleck look stupid. 752 more words