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Home world

The world is too much with us,
I just wish he’d get a job.
He sits around the house all day,
the scrounging little slob. 25 more words


PhD Week 1: The Proposal

(Or: Excerpts from a sample PhD application)

What does it take to apply successfully to a PhD program? I still have no idea, despite having done it once. 870 more words


Heart to Head

It feels like you’ve
Changed, but you haven’t.
The world around you is spinning
Faster than you can feel,
Friends will slip and slide
Away or near. 50 more words

Yesterday's Yesterdays

The other night I went for dinner with a friend I haven’t seen in (well) over twenty-five years.  I’ll admit to being a bit, umm, nervous? 658 more words


One Minute Rhyme Mark XXVIII : Sunday Morning

flea market circus puppy dogs
jump suit jiggled thighs
Hans sits in his motorhome
eating back his sighs
they haggle over little flags
and sausages a sizzle… 12 more words

1970s career advice

‘My moustache is my fortune,’
says heart-throb Dash De Lace
‘You too can be a superstar,
with fungus on your face.

Speak firmly to your barber, 69 more words


Types of People Who Make Me Uncomfortable

There are many different kinds of people in this word, which is wonderful– but also anxiety provoking. Whether it’s because I’m jealous, I just can’t get on your level, or we are inherently too different- here are a few types of people who turn me into a weird, unsure version of myself and make me uncomfortable. 544 more words