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Bourbons on the track
Crumble in my fingers
Humans arrive in packs
Victoria is ringing
Hey you bitch
It’s been a while
Red phone’s hanging on the side… 60 more words

Nonsense Writing Challenge

Who doesn’t like a bit of Nonsense? I’ve just taken part in the Nonsense Writing Challenge, the brief was basically to write a Nonsense story in under 200 words. 17 more words


the whistling wind
spares no thought
for the dead it disturbs

the howling laughter
of wolves on midnight moons
cares nothing for quiet

rising rivers give no… 8 more words

“Low-ku 003” by Richard F. Yates

Flying eyeballs blink
Limbic uncertainty chirps
No change, Dr. Spock

—Richard F. Yates


"No More No More" by Charlie Centipede

Ain’t gonna smurf
no more no more

Ain’t gonna smurf
no more…

—Charlie Centipede


A slimey old slug.

A slimey old slug,

Caught a terrible bug,

And it ate him.

rep-tile nonsense

Lizards can’t do jigsaws
although they think they might
they just end up eating bits of sky
in one happy snappy bite