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One Minute Rhyme Mark XVII

With a melon and a sunflower
she skipped along the road
and looked like Queen Victoria
before she got so old
she jumped upon a smelly tram… 18 more words

I Wrote Another Book, For Anyone Who Might Be Bothered

Hello there!

I don’t write blogs very often. In all truthfulness, I’m not even entirely sure how all this blogging business works. (It’s alright, I’ve only had it for about three years.) For all I know, nobody is going to read this. 538 more words

Hunting of the Snark: Fit 7th, The Banker's Fate / Lewis Carroll

Fit the Seventh.


They sought it with thimbles, they sought it with care;

They pursued it with forks and hope;

They threatened its life with a railway-share; 286 more words



The sun is in your smile, my love,
the moon is in your eyes,
and in between your nose is like
the star ship Enterprise.


Poetic Licentiousness

A literary genius,
I shit
poetic licenses
like fecal farts
puffing anal

Here’s diarrhea
in your eyes
and mouth.



First and Foremost, Write for Yourself

Surely the most common advice you’ll see from any famous writer, on blogs or in various ‘how to’ style books. It may seem obvious, but it’s only recently that I’ve sat back and thought ” Yep fuck everyone else, I’m writing for me. 311 more words


Up front

I like a bit of honest sleaze,
it can be so refreshing,
after years of sinning secretly
then moping to confeshing.