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Jilted lover spends a week in KFC to try and get over her ex

This is a disturbing trend. In recent years, more and more young people are moving back home with their parents because they simply cannot afford to live in fast food restaurants. 48 more words


Do Me Darkly, Peek-A-Boo

It’s a four-hour drive
up the coast to the end-of-line dive—
that terminal rest-stop on our way
to Destruct-O Plaza.

If we beat it in the next… 244 more words


All the things in life...

This life is as beautiful as the colour of the fire burning down those warm-looking houses.

Breathing in such life is like having the illusion of staying alive while the blood cells in me become addicted of carbon monoxide and yet, still scream for the holy oxygen. 236 more words


A Pessimist in Sunny April

Despite the splendent sun, I’m almost at my wit’s end.

Imagine the best album of your favourite artist. Take it and press it in to a flawless, untarnished record which plays melodically in a hypoallergenic studio and dances at 33rpm  to a fault, never skipping a beat. 177 more words

Everything In One Place

pork and apple go together like um and yum

Apple juice and cold crispy bacon.

It’s almost as sophisticated as pork chops and grilled apple rings.

All that’s missing here is the grocery-store shelved brandy.  104 more words



Christmas Tree “I should miss the Christmas tree here.”

If P Then Q Publications

I can't tell if this story is sad or funny

And the answer may very well be “both.”

(There is another Star Wars post coming.  Soon, I expect.  This will not be that post, but I could not pass up this image.) 1,183 more words