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Smoothie Plus ... or should I say Polyjuice?

Did you know that British ‘Innocent’ now sell Polyjuice Potions? Well they call them ‘Innocent Smoothie Plus’ but we all know that’s just a cover name right? 54 more words


we have heirlooms

we have the same heirlooms

treasures stored

I, you and the monorails.

Mixed and fresh amongst these episodes we

chew what is offered on a fork… 43 more words


I Care. 


Choked by your

Complex affection.

Every facet of me


On your being.

We harmonize


Like a

Modest Mouse song.

Why can’t you see… 38 more words

No jesus

No Jesus plus and minus.
Reveal His kingdom clear.
Charlie Brown and Linus
Closer did adhere.

Random Thoughts Throughout The Day

*I desire a cupcake….and coffee….but mostly a cupcake

* Freedom of Speech= say what you want, when you want and offend who you want…just don’t be surprised when the backlash starts. 164 more words




worn into your skin,

Begin again.

Hold close your soul that does itch.

Scraping at your innards, keen for escape.

Keep it at bay. 33 more words


Location, Location, Ovation

The clay here is soft.

Only once has it every coughed,

And even that is improving

Since moving out of its logographic loft.

John Noggle is a stove-top poet who passes time by fitting square plants into round pots. 28 more words