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I am so done with 2017

2016 was good, okay? I was a hot fxcking mess, but it was good. Because things were happening to me. I wasn’t an audience. 2016 was chaos that I’m fond of. 243 more words


Not-So-Predictable Poetry

In case you missed it, Botnik Studios¬†wrote their own chapter to Harry Potter, using their ‘predictive keyboard’ app. Read it here; it is, quite simply, incredible. 327 more words


The Good, the bad and the Us.

There’s almost always a good and a bad side to things. Let’s take us, for example.

The good :



Ah lets talk about nonsense today, silly topic to be discuss. This is just pure my opinion, and ridiculously silly. Straight forward to the point, I am thankful for whoever invented glasses, sun glasses to be specific. 1,240 more words


The Toaster of Lurve (more nonsense)

I just can’t get my muffin
in the toaster of love
it will not fit snug in the slot
no matter how I shove
I know it’s really measured… 18 more words


The Unremarkable Man

Wendell Coombs is not invisible. He is, and always has been, supernaturally ignorable. After thirty-seven years of coping with the difficulties of his condition- the struggle, for instance, to simply attain a cup of coffee, let alone a place to live- Wendell does not mind. 159 more words