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I want something new,
Still me but not quite
So predictable, a sudden
Change to make heads turn.
A new colour perhaps?
All I know is that it has
To be soon.

The six fans you are sure to meet on the Aztecs bandwagon

As I mentioned in my¬†last entry, San Diego State athletics’ incredible climb to prominence over the past eight-ish years has given rise to an… 768 more words

Aztec Fans


The scoundrel is gone
The mist, cleared from our eyes
We were mere playthings for its fun
As it absconded with riches and promises

He told us of Golden things… 49 more words


The Breakup


You asshole

Go fuck yourself

Eat shit

And die

You ignorant louse

Don’t EVER let

Me catch you

Outside my house

I’ll knock your… 88 more words


the whoops a daisy ditty

say whoops a daisy once
say whoops a daisy twice
and if you say it in your bed
then you’ll have said it thrice

and if you’ve whoops a daisyed… 18 more words

On a Date With the Wrong End of a Ciggarette

I could stand another

I only gagged a few times

and the jock itch nostril

keeps me drinking.

Dante’s inferno mid stomach

coffee, ciggarette, shots… 26 more words


Urgent need for more exorcists as increasing number of people dabble in Satanism and black magic, Catholic priests say

In amongst this entire nonsensical rubbish is one line that is actually true.

“We’re gaining all sorts of knowledge, but there’s still that emptiness within us that is being filled with addictive behaviour such as drugs and pornography,” said Father Lampert, of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis.

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