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Word of the Day March 17, 2018




(Chemistry) a substance added to a suspension to enhance aggregation of the suspended particles, so they may be removed.

CITE: http://www.freedictionary.com

Life As We Know It

The Fast: Day 13- Radiant Acquiescence

March 14, 2018, Prescott-

We each put up with a certain amount of nonsense, on any given day.  Whether it is following a ridiculous instruction, from someone who is in charge of us (parent, teacher, boss, police officer, or random Joe who has connections); waiting in a line, whilst the person at the head finishes a casual conversation or adjusts the money in his wallet; instinctively speeding up a bit, when the driver behind comes rushing towards your car’s rear end, or toots the horn or pumps his fist/shouts/point to her watch. 178 more words



If the world was crazy you know what I’d eat ?

A big slice of soup and a whole quart of meat

A lemonade sandwich and then I might try… 205 more words


Another Saturday Morning

All hail Coffee

Coffee is the life bringer

All hail Coffee

Coffee is the life bringer

All hail Coffee

Coffee is the life bringer

A piece of the world is Missing.

Random Thoughts

A Book Of Nonsense Edward Lear

A Book of Nonsense has 1,488 ratings and 131 reviews. Manny said: I grew up reading A Book of Nonsense, which left me with a permanent weakness for limer 07/03/2018 Edward Lear and Nonsense Literature I have already discussed Edward Lear’s Irish sources here, here and here. 371 more words

Counting numbers

Those rotten counting numbers,
They need to be controlled!
They’re populating everywhere,
At least so I am told

You can hit them with a shovel, 16 more words


Fatty Fatty 2x4

Have ice cream in the freezer?

Or cookies on the counter?

Or cashews, chocolate covered raisins and snickers bars somewhere in the house?

Let’s assume you are on a diet, with good intentions. 130 more words