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Hello world!

Hello everyone! I’m a twenty-something year old who dreams of some day going to medical school. I’m not a traditional hopeful – it’s been five years since I finished college and I still feel like I’m far from reaching my goal. 51 more words


Dear Wichita

Oh, dear sweet Wichita – How badly I wished you could see yourself like I see you. I can’t believe we just paid consultants to confirm your astonishing lack of self-esteem. 896 more words


I don't want to look like a 'Bride' at my wedding...

The last thing i want to do on my wedding day is feel like a precious piece of white puff , being uncomfortable all day long and worrying about whether or not my knicker line is showing… So here, if you share my viewpoint and are searching the internet for an alternative to the traditional bridal gown, I’ll do all the hard work for you. 23 more words


Nashville Salvation Army newsletter features a story about Berry Street

There is something going on at Berry Street . . . by Laura Tingo

The Nashville Salvation Army’s Berry Street Corps is a place where people gather to share, sing, hug and worship. 555 more words


Top Weddings #3: DIY & Budget

Hi everyone and welcome to wedding blog Saturday!

Today I would like to talk about DIY & budget weddings. Rose McGowan’s wedding (remember the three witches from ‘Charmed’ – she played Paige) has always been in my top list. 854 more words


Why you should have that big wedding

There seems to be a growing trend of couples that opt for the small, quick, DIY, money-saving wedding. Traditions have been thrown to the wayside, parents aren’t paying for elaborate weddings like they did in the past. 631 more words


Parent Perspective: "Have you lost your mind?"

Truth.  I am a little surprised that the reaction from friends and family to the idea of starting a Sudbury school has been wholly positive.  And for those whose reaction is a little doubtful, they are helping me to improve my pitch about starting the school. 1,072 more words