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A Great Semester ... Summer time!!!

Why do I keep the Serenity Prayer on my blog? The Serenity Prayer is a constant reminder of the three things the God can provide: Peace, Strength and Wisdom. 495 more words

s*#t just got real

we’re engaged!

and we already have the date set for june of 2017. as asked by my future mother-in-law, “can you wait until june?!” in which i responded: … 848 more words


3 Non-Traditional Uses For Panty Liners

Yep.  I’m not going into detail about the events that’ve brought us here, but here we are.  They’re cheaper than tampons, they’re small enough to hide in your shoe or pants, and they’re sticky – I’m talking about panty liners.   343 more words

Retailers: Are You Studying Demographics AND Psychographics?

Most retailers use consumer demographics (easily identifiable and measurable data) when determining and appealing to their target market. In addition, many retailers recognize that understanding consumer lifestyles and personalities are crucial in target marketing. 183 more words
Part 3: Targeting Customers And Gathering Information

I'm Done!

Just found out that I got accepted into the final medschool that I was awaiting word *deep le sigh*

I’m officially done with my cycle. 42 more words

The Song of My People

About 20 years ago we had a home that also served as home to a sweet variety of musicians and artists who needed a home when none… 975 more words

Social Media

A New Chapter

A new chapter in my life began in August when I decided to go back to college to earn AAS in Business Administration.  I am not the typical college student, with four active children and a fairly hectic schedule that comes with them, I was unsure of what that would look like.   81 more words