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DIY Funerals: The Rewiring of Our Memorialization Mindset

A few years ago I thought it would be nice to have the lights in my home automatically turn on whenever someone entered each room. I’m a fairly capable do-it-yourself home owner; how hard could it be to replace a few switches? 986 more words

Funeral Service

Percolate: thankful

The idea to cook something different for Thanksgiving began to percolate approximately 2 weeks ago. In the past, Thanksgiving meals consisted of Turkey, dressing and gravy, rolls, and vegetables. 218 more words


Poetry topic idea: Turkey meatballs

Thanksgiving in the United States is coming soon.  In light of this, today, M. Sakran is making turkey meatballs to eat.  This gave the idea to have turkey meatballs be today’s poetry topic idea. 328 more words


Everything you need to know about a destination wedding

I remember (very, very clearly) pulling out my checkbook to write a $9,500 deposit to a venue for catering and date-hold shortly after my partner and I got engaged. 1,049 more words

Lgbt Weddings

You Are Always Enough

It’s been awhile since I wrote anything here- my screaming-into-the-void “safe spot”. And honestly, it was because I had been in a good place wedding planning wise. 923 more words

Life Update//Achieving Goals

Today marks the beginning of the second semester of my Junior year of college.

But wait, it’s fall…isn’t a “second semester” usually done in the spring? 727 more words

All This Sh*t Is Weird: A Blog Post by Me

Dragon Age reference aside, it is.

I’ve also decided that Pintrest is a bride’s worst enemy (no matter what other social  media tries to tell you). 942 more words