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Fear and present danger.

We are not only safer than we think, we are safer than we have ever been, say Micah Zenko and Michael A. Cohen.

The world that the United States inhabits today is a remarkably safe and secure place.

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History And Current Events

The founding Fathers just LOVED stalking. And shorter cafeteria hours.

Glad this clown is gone.  Is it new to claim that stalking and harassment is protected by the First Amendment?  Sneaky penumbrellas.

Nontrivial Questions Raised

Who are you callin' unassimilated?

Douthat gets some pushback on his earlier post concerning assimilation.   His argument was simply that he thinks that bigotry can be justified because it, like procedural liberalism, helps immigrants assimilate.  636 more words

Nontrivial Questions Raised

My birthright goes for quite a bit higher than a mess of pottage, thanks.

Will Wilkinson presents what can be described fairly as a non-xenophobic argument for the repeal of the fourteenth Amendment.  He paints a reasonably attractive vision of an economically unified Canada, America, and Mexico, where workers could move about freely, but who would have access to social services and other goodies based on their citizenship.  580 more words

The Last Days Of The American Republic

Smoke-filled rooms.

In a recent article in The Nation, Jon Wiener of UC Irvine writes about historians who have worked as expert witnesses or researchers on behalf of Big Tobacco. 636 more words

Nontrivial Questions Raised

Wait, how much?

Five?  Five??  Five?!?!? As in, I spent more on a bagel and coffee this morning five the hell what now??



Nontrivial Questions Raised

Would you unknot your panties if I told you that the knot made a better fuse for underwear bombs?

The cry for security theatre, once more, with feeling continues.  From the Atlantic piece:

The minute Abdulmutallab’s father walked into a U.S. Embassy with news that his son was a potential terrorist, the official in charge was duty-bound to see this through.

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