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"I hear you"

President Trump's note card for the Parkland shooting discussion at the White House: "I hear you" https://t.co/RNSfMBwHVn pic.twitter.com/uob0O5dBJG

— CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) February 22, 2018…

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Legal Communication

Designing Robots to Hesitate like People Do


Human-Robot Communication, Human-inspired Behaviours, Hesitation, Human-Robot Collaboration


Studies suggest that people feel more positively toward robots that work with people rather than those that replace them. 268 more words

Human-Machine Interaction

Getting Robots to Hand Over Objects to People More Effectively


Human-Robot Communication, Robot-Human Handovers, Head Gaze, Timing


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  • Zheng, M., Moon, A., Croft, E. A., Meng, M. Q. H., Impact of robot head gaze on robot-to-human handover,
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Human-Machine Interaction

Robots that Negotiate with People


Human-Robot Negotiation, Hesitation, Nonverbal Gestures


People share spaces and objects with each other every day. When conflicts regarding access to these shared resources occur, people communicate with each other to negotiate a solution. 281 more words

Human-Machine Interaction

A new science of music conducting: Gesturing expression in music and musicians

Two words long used to define the essential difference between good and bad conducting are expressive versus inexpressive. Inexpressive conducting is especially the focus in… 2,287 more words

Conducting Pedagogy

The Powerful Effects of Nonverbal Communication on Your Professional Success

By Eileen Hammel

Science has found that people react both consciously and subconsciously to the visual messages that are directed at them. This discovery explains why millions of individuals a years judge books by their covers, purchase homes for their curb appeal, prefer TV to radio and believe that one picture is worth a thousand words. 206 more words


Late Night Scrabble Players

While my fellow Scrabble players carefully and slowly calculated potential Scrabble moves last night, I happily documented their efforts. I like this sketch because the figure on the right seems to be thinking strategically while the figure on the left appears resigned to waiting for his turn before conclusively determining his best move.

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