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Seems appropriate that First Lady Michele Obama wore a yellow printed dress by Kenzo (Japanese designer)for her visit to Japan to promote THE LET GIRLS LEARN Initiative which advocates education for girls worldwide. 57 more words

What In The World Were/Are They Thinking?!

For the past few blog posts, we have been discussing Managing Differences through Communication.   In one of those posts we discussed the Golden Rule and the Platinum Rule.  911 more words


Ariela's Friends and Mine

Ariela’s friends come to see me. I like to think they are my friends, too. But first they were friends with Ariela. They started as her aides, hired for the job. 336 more words

More Power to You!

Amy Cuddy is a social psychologist who has some very interesting ideas on how to empower yourself, such as adopting the Wonder Woman stance.  We all have done it at one time or another, but probably not for this purpose.   34 more words


Social Interaction When You're Autistic

Here’s a great explanation of how being Aspie leads to social interaction problems: http://www.quora.com/If-older-Aspies-can-learn-social-norms…

Social interaction depends on being able to “read” people – to understand nonverbal communication that’s carried out through body language, facial expressions, and tones of voice. 479 more words

Adult Autism

I Know You Think You Hear Me, But Are You Really Listening!

Last week’s blog post asked readers to “weigh in” on the Golden Rule and the Platinum Rule, and the Platinum Rule was the clear winner.   866 more words


Knuckles and all; FILDI fully charged. On my way to the NIC.

While this blog is way for me to explore and dissect my findings within the science of Nonverbal Communication (NVC) in regards to my work in the justice system, my work with autistic college students and getting a basic, better, understanding of interpersonal relationships thus named… 398 more words

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