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The sound of silence

Humans are social beings, we love to talk to each other. With the advent of technology we now talk to each more more than ever. Depending on the kind of person you are, you want to instantly know everything about them. 669 more words


The biggest luxury

The biggest luxury is the luxury of human communication.

Dear All:
Have you ever dialed a phone number trying to reach a particular service and instead of a person you heard a recorded voice asking you to make a selection as to what you would like to do next?

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Starting again (and again)

I’ve often heard it is hard to work when you have an exhibit on. I’ve not experienced that before now. Usually when I have work up in a gallery, I am very critical of what I have done, see what needs to be done next, where to go, and am directed by that.  141 more words



On April 30, Jacinte Armstrong, dancer, Sageev Oore, composer and pianist and Nick Halley, percussion, danced and made music in dialogue with my paintings. It was amazing! 51 more words




WNYC’s On the Media is a great show. One of the things that makes it so is its peerless audio editing. A story from one of its (since deceased) staff members spoke to this aspect: how surprised he was, upon experiencing the process, that Bob Garfield did not in fact always have precisely the word right to hand, but sometimes went searching for it, like the rest of us, behind the wandering torch of a prolonged  1,545 more words