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My Autism

In my first post, I introduced you to one of the two main topics I hope to explore with this blog. I thought it’d make sense to give you a brief introduction to the second topic now. 2,688 more words


Small Talk

much is said
by the spaces
between worthless words

lift of brow
shift of eye
belie polite speech

the articulate pause
the momentous breath
revelations of truth 9 more words


We are Social By Nature

 We are be social creatures. The elements we’re made of hunger for specific kinds of relationships in specific contexts. This relationship economy, built on the need for the satisfaction of specific hungers within specific ranges defines our nature. 350 more words


This can't be the optimal control of the quantum oscillator, can it?

This is the fourth day I listened on the sideline as two scientists pursued an elusive relationship among their equations. Many of my sketches are about the visual beauty of people learning and thinking together. 111 more words

Body Language

The wedding party

We attended an amazing wedding today that started at a Buddhist temple and ended with a garden luncheon. I was charmed by the three smallest members of the wedding party and pulled out my sketchbook to see if I could capture them. 54 more words

Telling A Story

Learning at a store

I happened to be in another place today where learning was going on and I was able to quickly sketch it.  I was getting technical help at the computer store, as was the customer adjacent to me.   113 more words

Body Language

Colours. What do they communicate?

Video credit: Vanessa Van Edwards, “Decoding colors how they affect behavior” January 7, 2014, via YouTube.

Dear All,
Have you ever felt that a certain colour is pleasant to eyes and another colour looks sad, yet another one is cheerful? 779 more words