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Mate Selection Expressed on a Molecular Scale

The level of detail through which behaviors are expressed that are aligned with ensuring adaptive advantage extends to the microscopic. In this case a strategy for sexual selection involves the production of some kind of protein or chemical in the ovarian fluid of ocellated wrasses which helps define the acceptance or rejection of sperm based on whether the male that emitted it will be more inclined to tend the nest or not. 268 more words


Bodega Bay

I used a new paint for me today, gouache paint. Although the paint’s behavior surprises me greatly, I enjoyed using it very much. Compared to watercolor, gouache is heavy and thick. 101 more words

Body Language

Celebrating Tommy

I used to work at a school brimming with energy, dedication, events, and wild wonderful curriculum and I met up with some of its amazing staff yesterday. 172 more words

Body Language

Cancer Is a Biological Outlaw

Cancer is a biological outlaw. It begins its career as a cell triggered by a set of circumstances that cause it to diverge from participating in a contributory role in the community it draws nourishment from. 646 more words



According to Proust, “Artists are people who strip habit away and return life to its deserved glory.” I’ll go along with that! Definitely I’m very familiar with the stripping habit away part. 79 more words


Groups at a Chicago Restaurant

After walking through Millennium Park in Chicago, which I should have sketched, we stopped at a nearby restaurant for an early dinner, just before sunset. Several groups were enjoying a drink together and I got a chance to sketch some of them. 49 more words