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"Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are"

From the 2012 TEDGlobal conference, Amy Cuddy highlights how body language not only sends important signals about your thoughts to other people, body language also shapes who you are.


Sorting Reality from Ideas

We live in a culture where some segments truly believe (or at least act like) preferences and feelings have some kind of sacred status – where the more villainizing, stomping, protesting, and loudly signaling our outrage, the more legitimate our argument is. 485 more words


Silence is Golden!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Hey, everybody. I’m gonna ask you to hold on tight because the next few blogs are going to come pretty quickly. 785 more words

The Caribbean Context

Talk to the Tail

Its words are few, but it was built that way.

To read the newest poem on the website please join me HERE.


Dating Is Tough

Dating is something that’s always kind of tricky to traverse, no matter how much of a loser or Casanova one is. I’ve been dating this one girl who has had some trauma a few years ago which would prevent our relationship from being a “normal” as other peoples’. 339 more words

NonVerbal Communication

Nonverbal Communication

I am definitely an M-time person, and my results from the self-quiz clearly reflect this. I am always checking my phone to see what time it is throughout the day, and I always want to know about what time it is. 268 more words

NonVerbal Communication