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More thoughts on not thinking

Novels are usually about people’s lives. They take me into what other people experiences, feel, how they think and solve problems. When I paint, I want to stay away from stories that can be interpreted literally, but similar to the stories in novels that I enjoy the most, I want to go into a personal space, solve problems, create a painting that will resonate with someone else’s life. 15 more words


It's Not at all about What You Think

Last Sunday I gave my “Artist’s Talk” at Saint Mary’s University Art Gallery. It went well, lots of good questions. Actually, I opened it up to questions almost immediately as it was more interesting for me and seemed so to the audience as well. 195 more words


When to Smile

Smiling makes people happy. The physical act of smiling makes the smiler happy (science!) and smiles, like yawns, are contagious.

But sometimes your face just doesn’t smile. 409 more words

Life Coaching

Man Reflects on Injustice of Parking Ticket

There is nothing like a parking ticket in a language you have trouble reading to make you feel wronged. Especially when you bought a parking pass, displayed it on the dashboard and departed fifteen minutes before it expired. 168 more words


What are the different types of non-verbal communication? How can non-verbal communication make or break a speech?

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As William S. Cohen says in his poem Silent Meaning “A gesture of the hand speaks pages more than words.” 288 more words


I Liked the Way She Stood There

I noticed her standing there looking out at the sea, with her hands on her hips and her face lifted to the light. It seemed as though she were checking on its wellbeing. 31 more words


The necessity of art

Yesterday morning, Steve Reich was talking about his music on CBC radio program q.  One powerful comment he made, loosely quoted, was that you, as the maker, need to be sure you have that emotional investment in what you do or it doesn’t mean a thing. 20 more words