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Week 8

Reflection exercise 8.1

The biggest part of modern communication skill is nonverbal communication. The nonverbal communication can be the first standard to judge target audiences when people start communication and work out how to communicate with the target audience. 302 more words


Love language

Dear All,
In this video, Vanessa Van Edwards speaks about “love language”. “Love language” is defined as how we express our love and affection; and how we feel most loved and respected. 521 more words

Nonverbal Communication

Does body language help a TED Talk go viral? 5 nonverbal patterns from blockbuster talks

All TED Talks are good. Why do only some go viral?

Over the last year, a human behavior consultancy called Science of People set out to answer this question. 1,563 more words


"Reading between the lines" in Canada

Canadians are defined by their unique Multicultural society, a four seasons country with lots of winter sports and outdoor activities. Over 35 million people are living in their 9 984 670  1,176 more words


Encouraging Positive Classroom Behavior—Without Raising Your Voice

At this time in the school year,

students are very excited and we can

all feel a little burned out! Try some of

these classroom tips for effective… 439 more words

Classroom Strategies

Reflection exercise 8.4 – Intercultural communication

It is very important to be aware of communication differences across cultures.  Differences can relate to such things as the meaning of colours, the direct gaze, proximity to another person and physical gestures (Costigan 2015, pp. 327 more words


Kids and Eye Contact

What’s up with kids and eye contact today? Are kids becoming interpersonally 1. less comfortable and 2. less adept  as a result of the computer age? 1,447 more words