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What is she thinking?

I did not get a sketch today that is as expressive as this one from yesterday.  Although the model is alone, she looks into the distance and seems to be thinking about something that bothers her. 45 more words


Using Sound Recordings for Signals

I was fortunate to have ENVoY training with Nancy Burns last year. Through her professional development exercises and classroom observations, I now realize how much many classroom teachers talk. 194 more words

Minimum length:  3-5 pages


Write this scene: Two friends are in love with the same person. One describes his or her feelings honestly and well; the other is unwilling or unable to do so, but betrays his or her feelings through appearance and action.


Brain Styles

Last week my women’s writing group held it’s first week-long ‘Summer Camp’ of events. We enjoyed 5 days of  workshops, social time and just fun events. 245 more words


Grand Canyon

This is the blog I should have posted on Monday, August 10. We are camping at the Grand Canyon and do not have internet access, so I could not upload last night. 107 more words


All in a Morning

I keep a sketchbook as a way of remembering and understanding. This morning I sat and sketched four relatives, squishing them all into the same sheet of paper, not caring too much about the impossible overlapping of the space and people. 114 more words

After A Thumbnail