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Accidents Can Happen

Last month, a man with autism, Brian Ferguson, was kicked out of college for mistakenly hugging and kissing the wrong girl on the head. Ferguson had believed it was someone else, and after doing this, was reported for sexual assault. 330 more words

A Nod to Our Differences

No two people are exactly alike. Just as Oscar Wilde said it, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” We are all indeed different and we communicate, whether verbally or nonverbally, in our own unique ways. 364 more words

What’s In Your Shake?

Before you can begin to examine nonverbal communication in action on college campuses, you must first define nonverbal communication.  Nonverbal communication consists of a variety of cues and behaviors. 208 more words

Mirroring, Imitating, and Mimicking: How Others See Themselves In You

The dictionary defines a mirror as a reflecting surface, something that gives a minutely faithful representation, image, or idea of something else.

When used in the psychological sense, mirroring is the replication of another individual’s nonverbal signals. 700 more words

Nonverbal Communication

Fake It 'Til You Make It

I like to browse TED Talks and get inspired by the many incredible speakers and topics. Some time ago I came across a TED talk that I had watched once before, and yet I was so inspired as if I’ve watched it for the first time. 240 more words


Maybe my teenager and I communicate pretty well after all!

By Diane Allen Cunday

Sometimes, talking to a teenager is like speaking a foreign language.

Dr Albert Mehrabian, author of Silent Messages, conducted several studies related to communication elements and came up with a statistic that ninety three percent of communication is nonverbal. 244 more words


Presenting skills: Body movement and what to do with your hands!

Part of the same video series that I shared in my last post, but you would probably get a lot from watching these short clips on what you can do to improve your body movement and how to effectively use your hands during presentations. 20 more words