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Dating Is Tough

Dating is something that’s always kind of tricky to traverse, no matter how much of a loser or Casanova one is. I’ve been dating this one girl who has had some trauma a few years ago which would prevent our relationship from being a “normal” as other peoples’. 339 more words

NonVerbal Communication

Nonverbal Communication

If you see someone scowl and cross their arms, you know they are aggravated.  Elephants too use body communication.

A tail stuck out means the elephant is surprised and perhaps fearful, depending on what is surprising him. 130 more words


Online Dating is the Neighborhood Bar of Our Day, Let's Work on Your Pick-Up Lines.

Neighborhoods are now global, and populations have exploded. The pool of people you could potentially be dating is diluted by everyone else who’s moved in, and dispersed into whatever neighborhoods their work or finances take them. 1,502 more words

Interpersonal Relationships

Time Orientation

When it comes to time there are two types of people. There’s the M-time (monochronic) oriented people and the P-time (polychronic) oriented people. M-time people are individuals who value careful scheduling and time management. 292 more words

NonVerbal Communication

The Importance of Expressions

The most important relationship that I have is my family, I communicate with them twice a day. Nonverbal Communication is as well important as verbal communication. 241 more words

A New Blog for MIUC

Welcome to MIUC!

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Would someone please explain to me the differences between the linking choices for images in a post? I have always chosen to link a post photo to attachment page, ie to the post on which it appears. 125 more words

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