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I Love Lucy's Feminism "In Deeds" not Words

Last week in my “Sell Me Something Workshop” I brought in American grand dame Lucille Ball in the TV, advertisement and comedic classic: VITAMEATAVEGAMIN.   We learned from what Lucy (McGuillicuddy Ricardo) did masterfully in her “sales pitch” and from what she bungled for not “knowing her product.”  This episode is so cherished that a gentleman walking down the corridor couldn’t help but come in and join us.  262 more words

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A Life Well Lived

The measure of a life well lived is arguably one that was at least aimed at rendering something constructive in the wake of the numerous sacrifices that the larger community of life has had to make for us to have lived at all. 592 more words


nonverbal communication

1: you ave some interesting points about the nonverbal communication. specially the texting portion of it because this more often than not gets misinterpreted. I believe because it is all about the mode you are in when you are reading a message send by somebody. 351 more words

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Tóm lược sách: 60 seconds & You’re Hired!

“60 giây và bạn được tuyển” (1994) là cẩm nang tuyệt vời cho buổi phỏng vấn kế đến của bạn. Phần tóm lược sẽ gói gọn những lời khuyên hành động về cách gây sự chú ý cho nhà tuyển dụng, cách “bán mình”, và có được công việc mơ ước. 4,261 more words


Phys.org: Punctuation in text messages helps replace cues found in face-to-face conversations

Phys.org: Punctuation in text messages helps replace cues found in face-to-face conversations. “Emoticons, irregular spellings and exclamation points in text messages aren’t sloppy or a sign that written language is going down the tubes—these ‘textisms’ help convey meaning and intent in the absence of spoken conversation, according to newly published research from Binghamton University, State University of New York.”

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Nonverbal Communication

I `m a part of group presentation it is about none verbal communication

the point i should talk about is “”how none verbal massages help form relationships ?”” 49 more words

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