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All in a Morning

I keep a sketchbook as a way of remembering and understanding. This morning I sat and sketched four relatives, squishing them all into the same sheet of paper, not caring too much about the impossible overlapping of the space and people. 114 more words

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Let's Sing Another One!

There is something timeless about the fire ring as a place for families to gather, talk and sing and I intend to capture this. Over the last several days I sketched in the near dark as we sat and sang around the fire. 167 more words

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The Importance of Congruent Communication

by: Jodi R. White, Corporate Image Consultant & Etiquette Coach

In today’s world, successful relationships and societal perception are more important than ever. We are all connected through a multitude of channels, and the ways that we communicate with one another speaks volumes about how we are perceived. 400 more words

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Having Fun

My big goal is to tell a story through image and today I had a great opportunity to do so. This afternoon we repainted some outside art here at my brother’s property. 168 more words

Body Language

More Waiting

I got to looking at the sketch I posted yesterday. I used several thumbnail sketches to compose the final sketch and somehow in the process I developed two different perspectives in the same sketch. 100 more words

Body Language

Are You Listening- Part II

Note from Elaine: Yesterday, guest blogger and birthmother Pat Goehe, explained how two people can seem to be communicating but are really “talking past each other.” In the second installment of her two-part post, she explains “in depth” listening and tells how we can be the empathetic listeners that so many of us need. 940 more words