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Black lives that don't matter

I believe black lives matter.  I also believe that to the Black Lives Matter movement, those black lives don’t matter.  What the BLM wants are dead black bodies.   660 more words

Civil Rights

On the giving of names

Today, yet again, social media resounds with vilification of an individual who quite unashamedly killed a fellow sentient individual named Cecil. There was a time when I could never even have imagined the howls of indignation and outrage, the cursing, the contempt that such an event would precipitate. 844 more words


“There are two types of empathy: the positive empathy and...

“There are two types of empathy: the positive empathy and the negative empathy. When we are fully carried away by the unaware activities of the mirror neurons, we are under the trap of negative empathy. 64 more words


Leading with Empathy Instead of Vigilance

*trigger warning* gun-violence, discussion of violence

This post discusses gun violence and personal views on concealed carry.

I am glad that I edited the post I see on Facebook. 312 more words


New Rocky Flats Nuclear Guardianship web site

For the new web site, go to: http://www.rockyflatsnuclearguardianship.org/

If you have questions or comments, contact Chris Allred at <christopher.allred@Colorado.EDU>


King Center Camp N.O.W. Participant: "Nonviolence Principles Should Be Taught In Everyday Life"

When they’re asked what they did this summer,students from the King Center‘s Camp N.O.W. will have plenty to tell. N.O.W., or Nonviolence Opportunity Watch, is also referred to as “No Other Way”. 89 more words