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Does Christianity Allow for Violence? A Look at Preston Sprinkle's "Fight" (Part I)

By Jonah Sanford

As a serious student of the Bible, I find a kindred spirit in Preston Sprinkle. His thoughtful and earnest pursuit of well-grounded biblical theology shows in his work. 802 more words


SERMON: Pilgrimage To Nonviolence by Martin Luther King, Jr.

In my senior year in theological seminary, I engaged in the exciting reading of various theological theories.  Having been raised in a rather strict fundamentalist tradition, I was occasionally shocked when my intellectual journey carried me through new and sometimes complex doctrinal lands, but the pilgrimage was always stimulating, gave me a new appreciation for objective appraisal and critical analysis, and knocked me out of my dogmatic slumber. 2,885 more words


We Have Only One True Enemy And We Cannot See It, Because It’s In Us

 Thoughts and emotions are the strongest noise when we are conscious. Being alone with these is terrifying.

I am not good enough. This place is better off without me. 473 more words


Quote of the day, June 11

Martin Luther King Jr., on hope

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”


More on Greg Boyd’s Insistence on Making the Cross Central [CWG chapter five]

Ted Grimsrud—June 16, 2017

The cross in the gospels

In chapter five, “The Cruciform Center, Part 2: The Cross as the Thematic Center of the Gospel” (pages 173–229), Boyd has a helpful treatment of the cross as presented in the gospels. 2,426 more words



“nonviolence is a weapon of the strong.”

-mahatma gandhi


may we be free of aggression and violence...

goodness, the violence. i don’t know the details, but may all be safe.

we must stand firm in our resolve to not succumb to aggression and violence as a resolution to even our most passionate disagreements. 78 more words