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Shrinking NOOBS on Pi

I’d made a NOOBS install onto a 64 GB mini-SD card some 1/2 year back. Then, I’d expected that to be the ‘whole system’. And, for a while, it was. 1,741 more words

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NFL DraftKings Week 6 Tips

It has been a couple weeks since we have blogged our picks for DK and we apologize. We return this week to help you cash out in your tournaments! 502 more words

Halloween and Funerals!

New episode out!

Halloween and Funerals

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PVE: Don't Stand In The Fire

It’s stuff like this that drives me nuts playing this game with other people that I don’t know.  If the ground beneath you is on fire, that’s a key sign that you shouldn’t be there anymore, lest you be consumed by the flames. 32 more words

World Of Warcraft

Advanced PvP Tactics

It’s about to get real dogs.  Over the next couple of posts I will be describing in a bit more depth just how to perform some trickier techniques that can get you in another person’s head. 57 more words

World Of Warcraft

PvP: High Speed Death

Sometimes, in battlegrounds especially, you can be overwhelmed by the enemy force.  5 people trying to take down one person in real life is hardly a challenge (if they’re not Bruce Lee) and adding fireballs and giant axes to the mix doesn’t make it any less difficult to cherry pick people standing off by themselves.   18 more words

World Of Warcraft

PvE: What's right for me?

If you’re having trouble playing a class, it’s probably a tank or a healer.  My best advice to anyone that’s gotten to the maximum level and doesn’t really know what they’re doing is to stand in the fire. 50 more words

World Of Warcraft