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Why do ER staff frisk patients? This is why!

TINS©. Once I had left Da City’s EMS, I was an Emergency Department nurse in , surprisingly, Da City. Now, this was in the depths of the then current round of the nursing shortage, and so (a) they put me in charge (BIG mistake!), and (b) we had rent a nurses working with us. 463 more words


My Top 3 Most Emotional Anime

(Photo credits are listed and linked below, I just put the images side by side for the feature image)

I just got back from watching a film called  810 more words

5 Tips for Dragon Age: Inquisition

As one of the best games I have ever played comes DA:I Hope some of these will help you! 234 more words


Huawei Mate 10 Pro is made for photo noobs who still want to take Insta-worthy photos

(Source: mothership.sg)

As a longtime iPhone user, I am aware of its good camera capabilities and in awe of the newest portrait mode function which renders a DSLR pretty useless to me, especially since I don’t know how to use one because #photonoob. 641 more words

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Dear Veruca

I’m adding a new section to this site.  I feel that there is so many people in Second life that really need my mediocre advice.  So I am here for you.  515 more words

Second Life

Manga vs. Anime

Before I begin to start doing anime reviews, I feel obligated to let readers know that I don’t and haven’t really read manga, which is what some anime are based off of. 581 more words

Anime Terms For Beginners

Whether you read manga, watch anime, or simply just follow what’s going on in the anime and manga world, there are certain terms used that every fan should know. 497 more words