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Making your own Audiobook

This time I am relying on something which is linux at heart but not quite the full fledged dekstops and its softwares that I have been dwelling in for a long time now. 715 more words


Simple Paint

Are you a 8 years old kid that had the misfortune to wonder to this blog? If so, fasten your seatbelt because shit is going to get dangerous. 130 more words


Are you a noob? If yes, please step inside.

The New Store for Noobs/Newbies and anyone short of Lindens.

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Setting Up Your SD card and OS with NOOBS

So, you have all the hardware you need to get going with a Raspberry Pi, and now, unless you’ve purchased a preloaded SD card, you’ll need to install the software OS. 626 more words

Getting Started

How do I use Linux?


So you have read my previous post on the history of Linux and want to get started with Linux on your own desktop or laptop PC? 1,216 more words


Raspberry Pi Headless Or Remote OS Reinstall

The Raspberry Pi series of credit card sized computer boards comes with a full-sized HDMI output interface. It’s pretty great and with the built-in GPU hardware acceleration it works very well, even when playing 1080p video content. 714 more words