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Hardys Bin 141 Colombard Chardonnay


Siit algavad pühapäeva veinijoojate ülevaated, missugust veini mekkida ja mille võiks poodi riiulile jätta. Ausal töeldes mina olen veinimaailmas täitsa võhik ja oskan vahet teha mis on punane, roosa või valge vein ja pudelilt lugeda kas magus või hapu ja kui nendest omadustest miski sobib siis läheb loosi. 103 more words


Tauren the World (of Warcraft)

It is no great secret that I’ve spent hundreds, thousands of hours playing World of Warcraft. That being said, I’ve not touched nor paid for the game for a few months now, as I go through phases of being enraptured by and then utterly bored of it. 1,072 more words


Noob Vs. Vet: What's the Difference?

Last Monday, GamerCrash posted an intriguing article about the ways in which games condition us. It’s a subject that got me to think, and the more I thought about it, the more I realized just how strongly my current playstyle is influenced by learned behavior. 666 more words


Install Raspbian di Raspberry Pi

Sebelum install, pastikan SD card nya sudah terformat dengan benar untuk memformat nya bisa menggunakan aplikasi pada link berikut SD Formater v 4. Saya menggunakan SD Card 8Gb. 263 more words


Mixing Professionals and Newbies

Professionals eh? I think, generally, they’re just people who’ve managed to get stuff done ™. However, one other thing tends to differentiate them from those who are not professional. 289 more words


Decisions Decisions

Ok, so you guys remember, a few weeks ago I was posting about the Raspberry Pi 2 B I got for Christmas, right? Well, today I was doing some research, and I found two things I could do with it, and it will be kinda hard to choose between the two, so I’m asking for your suggestions. 206 more words


Instalasi OS Raspberry Pi Menggunakan Raspbian

Kali ini akan sharing sedikit mengenai RasPi , yang merupakan sebuah sebuah komputer mini yang berjenis SBC dan pastinja benda yang satu ini lebih berguna daripada BlackBerry , hahahaha… 299 more words