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Setting up Raspberry PI Zero!!!!

The much – awaited raspberry pi zero is now in market. You can Order one for your own from our store. With its very low price and very small size, it is going to start a new revolution in the embedded systems world. 447 more words

Embedded System

Coast - to - Coast

Since the first day we left for the trip I thought we should document and blog the whole thing. Lost track of time and haven’t come in contact with Wi-Fi until 10 days in. 105 more words

Antergos : A New Frontier

Who knew that distro hopping would be such a never ending process! Any new distro that shines bright among others quickly catches my attention and I am tempted to try it out. 811 more words


Here we go...

Where do I start? So let’s start with how I ended up in metadata and my general feelings (all opinions, etc are mine btw.) about my job, metadata and all that good stuff. 846 more words


Quick Conversion from m4a to mp3

With youtube-dl, I have a very handy solution to rip off some quick audio from youtube videos. I wanted to listen to the ripped audio files during my drive to work and back. 166 more words


Raspbian Linux and NOOBS distributions updated

#Raspbian #Linux and #NOOBS distributions updated

New releases of Raspbian GNU/Linux and the NOOBS installer package appeared on the Raspberry Pi Downloads page last week. These have come very soon after the initial Pi 3 support releases, so they appear to be primarily aimed at bug fixes and enhancements for the new hardware. Checkout download page


Porteus Strikes Back

I was all gaga over the fact that Slax saved my laptop and did what Porteus could not have done well. But I could not get over the fact that Porteus was in fact based on Slax and so I could expect it to do at least as good as Slax if not better. 667 more words