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So You Want To Read a Sci-Fi Novel: A Few Recommendations

The literary genre of science fiction has some of the most rabid followers known to man. In fact, they’d be the first to raise their pitchforks when they come across a film adaptation with glaring inconsistencies. 257 more words


Machi Koro

There are many modern board games that seem to be inspired by Vegas-style games. If you like Craps, then Machi Koro will blow your mind. In Machi Koro, your goal is to build a city, and in order to do that you must purchase buildings. 399 more words

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Sushi Go


  • Fun for all ages
  • Quick and easy to learn
  • Portable and makes a great gift


  • 2-5 players
  • 15-30 minutes
  • Published by Gamewright

“The pick and pass card game.” That what it is in a nutshell. 449 more words

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  • “The Telephone Game Sketched Out!”
  • Fun For All Ages (That Can Read).
  • Surprisingly, Not Fun When Playing With Drunkards
  • Ice Breaker!
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Prototype Creation


  • It Doesn’t Have To Look Great
  • Or Does It?
  • It Does Need to Be Legible
  • Understand That it Will Change…A Lot

Ah…prototypes. They both bring me joy and cause me a lot of trouble. 833 more words

Board Games

Exploding Kittens

  • “It’s like uno, except there are goats, magical enchiladas, and kittens that can kill you.” – CNN
  • Easy to Learn
  • 860 more words
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