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Handy youtube-dl

Sometime back I was taking an online, self-paced course for learning a new technology. The format of the course was particularly interesting since it had videos of about 5-7 mins of quick conceptual discussion followed by a programming excercise and solution discussion video. 502 more words


Incoming Jet Plane!

Sooo alright. Ell and I have been going a little stir crazy lately, just because we’ve had soooo many interviews we’ve been doing the last few days. 292 more words


We're camping n00bs!

This weekend at the last minute everyone decided to go campin, so I went to compete my 15.1 workout for the crossfit games open, and headed on out. 127 more words

Getting your Raspberry Pi 2 up and running

My Raspberry PI 2 arrived today. Once again, it came in a really small package and just drives home the fact that these things are so small and, yet, so powerful. 302 more words

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Raspberry pi 2 quick note

Memory card: Transcend microSDHC 32G UHS-I CL10, model id: TS32GUSDU1

Tried following 3 images:

  1. RASPBIAN (2015-01-31 release)

    Very unstable. Constantly get kernel exception 1 minute or less after booting.

  2. 84 more words

Echoes Through Time - Page 1: "Our Story Begins"

Oh the newbish horrors of Goldshire! Our heroes now find themselves hunted by their former allies after Cru, in his boundless stupidity, blew up Karazhan, and Lora was unfortunate enough to be found guilty by association. 87 more words

Echoes Through Time

chat 1

: hey steve
: do u want to fuck me?
: yea ok
: but i’m new here and i dont know how to do it… 36 more words