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Basic Linux shell commands for new users

touch a.txt (to create a new blank file)
ll (to list all the files in this folder)
ll | grep john (to filter the files matching the pattern – john – in this case) 54 more words


Baby Driver

I still can’t free my electric scooter from telepathy jail, undelivered since 16th June. It’s been 2 weeks and 2 days, so to fulfill urgent prophecy, I am getting a Tern folding bicycle for much more than I wanted to spend. 411 more words

World 1-4 (part 2): How to install multiple OS's on RPi

Hey everyone,

Yesterday we walked through how to install multiple Operating Systems on a Raspberry Pi. While that’s an easy and basic way of installing multiple Operating Systems at once, I actually prefer a way slightly more round-a-bout. 825 more words


World 1-4 (part 1): How to install multiple OS's on RPi

Hello everyone,

Finishing our tutorial on installing Operating Systems on the Raspberry Pi, today I will be discussing how to Multi-boot multiple Operating Systems on the same SD Micro card. 288 more words


Raspberry Pi Zero WiFi

Ik heb recent een Raspberry Pi Zero WiFi gekocht. Graag deel ik mijn ervaringen met betrekking tot dit mini computertje. Voordat je enthousiast aan de slag gaat, is het handig alle noodzakelijke extra’s bij de hand te hebben, zoals een 8Gb of 16Gb mini SD card en USB reader. 162 more words


Not A Newbie...

This post is similar to the introduction/newbie post that is mainly a feature on booktube. I have decided to do a not a newbie version for my blog. 453 more words


Embarrassing Things That Only Noob Gamer's Will Understand

What is the meaning of Noob? Well according to Urban Dictionary it means…

“Contrary to the belief of many, a noob/n00b and a newbie/ 85 more words