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Dear Veruca

I’m adding a new section to this site.  I feel that there is so many people in Second life that really need my mediocre advice.  So I am here for you.  515 more words

Second Life

Manga vs. Anime

Before I begin to start doing anime reviews, I feel obligated to let readers know that I don’t and haven’t really read manga, which is what some anime are based off of. 581 more words

Anime Terms For Beginners

Whether you read manga, watch anime, or simply just follow what’s going on in the anime and manga world, there are certain terms used that every fan should know. 497 more words


Childhood and journey

I remember when I rolled my very first WoW character and lost myself in the game. It was my night elf hunter, back when hunters didn’t get their first pet until level 10, and by the way level 10 took a lot longer than the twenty minutes it now does. 1,227 more words

Game Play

So.... Let's Start The Adventure!!!

Image Credits : www.gohacking.com

So guys this a common questions for every beginner

“Hey, How Should I start in hacking?

Hey, That article mentioned to install Kali Linux… 175 more words


Basic Linux shell commands for new users

touch a.txt (to create a new blank file)
ll (to list all the files in this folder)
ll | grep john (to filter the files matching the pattern – john – in this case) 54 more words


World 1-4 (part 2): How to install multiple OS's on RPi

Hey everyone,

Yesterday we walked through how to install multiple Operating Systems on a Raspberry Pi. While that’s an easy and basic way of installing multiple Operating Systems at once, I actually prefer a way slightly more round-a-bout. 825 more words