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Week of 8/22/16

  • New post about two monsters, Scylla and Chybrdis, who resonate with mania and depression.
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Computer Nerds

Flavors of Pi : Supported OS (RPi)

The Raspberry Pi was originally designed for the Linux-kernel based operating systems,and many Linux distributions now have a version optimized for Raspberry Pi.As the popularity and support for the device  grew, biggies like Microsoft pitched in and introduced their flavor (Windows 10 IoT) for the Pi . 732 more words

Raspberry Pi

Audacious brings back the WinAmp Nostalgia

Every linux distribution has its own default music player that is bundled in the offering, but no matter which distro I install, I keep coming back to one player which I absolutely like for its simplicity. 443 more words


Pokémon A Go Go

Everyone is hunting for Pokémon these days, even my seven year-old and me. On our walks and adventures, with Pokéballs at the ready, we have covered quite a bit of ground. 284 more words

On The Rocks

Can you tell me what's hiding in the tree?

I have no idea what I saw…

I walked across the fog and was surprised to find myself at the exact same spot where I had that grizzly bear encounter. 951 more words


In Search of the Oracle 2

I wanted to start my mission of searching for the Oracle right away. Ot warned me that it would take me days to at least reach the area where she is usually seen, if she wants to see me. 270 more words


How I was pressured into an MLM scam, and 5 must-have tips for noobs like me

(Source: business.asiaone.com)

I haven’t heard or seen him in months. Let’s call him X. And one fine weekend last year, I received a notification on Facebook Messenger and his familiar face popped up. 1,364 more words

Money Matters