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Jinja2: A Medium Between Python and Front End

I first looked at Flask and Django because people said that if I want to use Python on a webpage I’d need a web framework. Turns out, the simpler thing to learn is not a web framework but a template engine. 340 more words

Breaking News: Glowing Zelda Reviews Made Up By NOOBS!

The video game industry was stunned by the arrival of the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in early March. Met with sweeping international critical acclaim, with many journalists recognising it as one of the best games ever, some folks haven’t been able to hack it.  804 more words


Featured Performer: Isa Ardiente

Showcasing yet another incredible Philly area performer: Isa Ardiente! Look for her new quarterly show Nudey Tunes at Ruba where she and HoneyTree EvilEye create an original storyline combining live music and burlesque! 754 more words

Featured Performer

Attempting to Learn Flask, Part 2

23 Feb 2017

I thought I’d break up the holy trinity of Flask to make it easier to learn: Flask, Jinja2, and Werkzeug. As it turns out, separating Flask from Jinja2 might be impossible. 821 more words


Born from the decomposition of a hidden body in Ocala National Forest, Will Ford was six feet tall before he could count that high, which was some time during the eighth grade. 219 more words

Wednesday #ToTD

Wednesday’s #ToTD: Stream Etiquette:

This is something that is missed by many when first starting out. Usually because you are so pumped from your stream you forget, or maybe you are shy and unsure what to say or do. 964 more words


Installing and Using NOOBS for the Raspberry Pi 2 or 3

So you’ve bought yourself a Raspberry Pi! Congratulations! Now, I bet you’re wondering what the hell this little board can do and how to use it? 944 more words

Raspberry Pi