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Noosa: Stop the council spin

To the NPA and green candidates of the forthcoming Noosa council elections, who have been trying to score cheap political points over the loss of trees in the Peregian Springs estate and implying that the Sunshine Coast Council was partly responsible, I’ve got news for you: 70 more words


Australia - Noosa

After the couple of nights camping in Fraser Island we were well up for a bit of relaxation and Noosa was the perfect place for just that. 178 more words

Wake up Noosa!

Once upon a time, this part of the world was referred to as the French Riviera of Australia, a beautiful place, full of life, good food, great music and entertainment. 186 more words


Greedy landlords of Noosa

In a time of great economical uncertainty, we need landlords in this part of the world, to show their tenants more decency and understanding.

Some restaurants in Hastings Street are paying up to $500 a day ($15,000 a month) for rent. 96 more words


Noosa residents: Misinformed?

There is a belief on the Sunshine Coast that Noosa residents have been misinformed about the poor state of council’s finances, and that, this same council is putting pressure on the local papers to only publish ‘positive’ stories. 215 more words


'Waste' of a jury

I cannot believe the sheer stupidity of creating a community jury. Here we are after five months of deliberations and $50,000 of rate-payers’ money, only to be told that the final verdict is ‘ban the plastic bag’. 218 more words


Noosa drivers, hurry up please!

If you happen to be one of the lucky retirees who enjoy a morning drive around Noosa and wonder why, every time you look in your rear view mirror, there is 30 or 40 cars right behind you, it’s because you are driving at 60-65km/h in a 100km/h zone! 43 more words