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Viking Economics (part 2)

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How did the Nordic countries, which are in many ways similar to other developed countries, arrive at their unusual blend of economic equality and prosperity? 852 more words

Country 060 - Denmark (Danish Pastry House)

: 487 Cornwall Road, Oakville

So I probably could have done something a bit more interesting for Denmark, but if I have an opportunity to buy a big box of pastries, I’m going to buy a big box of pastries.   132 more words


Viking Economics

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George Lakey. Viking Economics. Brooklyn: Melville House Publishing, 2016.

This is a book about the economies of four Nordic countries whose peoples have Viking ancestry–Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland. 1,666 more words

The Rendem Series

This is a Dutch furniture line consisting of wooden desks, benches, a crib, and a sculpture.  Each desk displays an almost nordic influence where each piece commands a simple, rustic presence.   360 more words


NYC: The 2* Atera blew my mind

As I walked from possibly the greatest meal of my life, I stopped at the exit to chat to the head chef on the night.  As chance would have it, a fellow Australian and all round good bloke. 1,860 more words

Fine Dining

Celebrating midsummer

First i knew that there was a particular day whereby daytime remains continuous for 24 hours, this day is called midsummer. It is when the sun reaches its highest position in the sky. 268 more words


A Pinch of Green

Located at Ljusterögatan 3 in Stockholm where botanical green friends do their part by making the space look refreshing, scattered all over the living room and bedroom. 8 more words