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Hunting the Light Continued ... Part 5

Happy New Year!  Day 6 of our voyage we were approaching the northernmost point of our journey — Nordkapp ~ the North Cape, on the Barents Sea.  1,058 more words

Hunting The Light December 2014

10,000 Bottle Caps from North Cape Beaches

That’s right…. we’re not stopping at 1,200 shoes, but have collected 3,000 bottle caps, with a goal of 10,000. Washed up on our beautiful shores, these small plastic caps are a danger to birds, fish and animals, who mistake them for food. 84 more words


Shoe Collages - untold stories

When I look at the vivid colors of the fabric I’m working with, it puts a smile on my face knowing it all comes from  shoes that were washed up on the beach.   85 more words



We just had a storm called “Ole” that blasted the northern part of Norway this past weekend.  Ole has left us with lots of snow to shovel, and frosted our buildings from basement to roof. 82 more words


A Noonday Stroll

A noonday stroll in -8C, wind 14 mps (Windchill -17C/-3F).  Beautiful light, cold fingers and toes!


Eco Art Project in the North Cape

I just started a new blog that will share more details about the Eco Art Project I started in 2012.  If you’re interested in following our endeavors to clean up the majestic North Cape coast, please follow the new blog :)  Thanks… 12 more words


Cinderella Endings: Beach Trash turned into Artwork

What can smelly, moldy shoes, plucked from the North Cape beaches be transformed  into?

Thanks to the help the local community, from 4 years old to 75, we collected 1,200 shoes, boots, and flip flops. 250 more words