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Tottie Tomato settles into the new studio

Poor Tottie Tomato has been left sleeping in her antique wicker suitcase for the entire month since we moved to our new home.  That’s her suitcase behind her. 118 more words

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Writing a book while moving- eegads

Oh my word!

The flurry of activity at our house is just completely over the top!

My blog has ground to a stop, as I just can’t keep everything going all at once right now… 606 more words

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A new setup for shooting the photos for my new book

Our son and his wife have been living with us for 5 years- it was great, and we all enjoyed it enormously (except our dog and their cat, who hated each other. 138 more words

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How to save a hardened paintbrush

I am embarrassed to say how many times I have had to resort to doing this.

Luckily, it works every time on acrylic and latex paints!  26 more words

Noreen Crone-Findlay

Sigh- this is NOT the background for the book pics

While I am weaving up a storm, working on projects for my new book, I can’t post pics of what I am weaving.

You know…. you just can’t ‘scoop’ yourself and let the cat out of the bag, no matter how enticing it would be to let it out for just a very little peek. 234 more words

Loom & Looms & Small Loom Weaving

Too many projects for one book?

Oh oh…. I am so inspired by my new book about peg loom weaving that I am coming up with waaaaaaaaaay too many ideas for it…. 106 more words

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Book Contract Signed- Now I Can Tell

Wheee!  I am so excited!

I can  finally share my good news!

For months, I have been sworn to secrecy, but now….the contracts are signed…. so…….. 432 more words

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