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Noren : Curtain Short Stories

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Noren are traditional Japanese fabric dividers, hung between rooms, on walls, in doorways, or in windows. They usually have one or more vertical slits cut from the bottom to nearly the top of the fabric, allowing for easier passage or viewing.  176 more words

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“Entrance 1. the act or an instance of going or coming in; a door, passage etc. by which one enters; right of admission; the coming of an actor on stage.”                                        “Entrance 2. 124 more words



A print from a photo I took of Ganko Ittetsu’s storefront. This is a ramen place in Coolidge Corner I went to a with my friend Stacey a while back (and plan to visit again). 96 more words


On my first or second day in Kyoto I recall observing a young woman diligently photographing all the noren along one of Kyoto’s most popular entertainment streets. 288 more words