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A print from a photo I took of Ganko Ittetsu’s storefront. This is a ramen place in Coolidge Corner I went to a with my friend Stacey a while back (and plan to visit again). 96 more words


On my first or second day in Kyoto I recall observing a young woman diligently photographing all the noren along one of Kyoto’s most popular entertainment streets. 288 more words

The Mystical Beauty Of Japanese Noren

And still,
I cannot
move past
to peer
in hope
of seeing

*traditional Japanese fabric dividers, hung in doorways or in windows.


Noren / のれん / 暖簾

I dropped off my passport at the Japanese Consulate today. Whilst I was waiting I found a magazine called Niponica (think it’s a Japanese government cultural magazine) with a whole edition on Japanese textiles. 498 more words


Nights and restaurants and Kyoto

As soon as sunshine hours fall, many places change substantially its aspect. Kyoto is one of those places. Kyoto like many other cities in Japan, has the particularity of having a much lower streetlights power than what we are used to in Europe where large sidewalks, and city lights are sometimes excessive stealing the night starring in night hours. 393 more words


one stitch at a time

Mini Moose is happy to be back in the studio

she was tired of all the travelling

the warp that was left on the loom is finished… 181 more words