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Splash of Colour

I heard a Kingfishers shriek shrill the other day. As far as I could make out it came from a bush. The bush was over a small pool of water so I searched the complexity of branches and eventually found a female sat tight in among ‘a cage’ of branches. 36 more words

Wildlife Photography

A Warbler and a raptor

There are two things when watching wildlife that always run true.

Firstly, the longer you stay in one place the more you will see and secondly, when searching for one thing you almost invariably find something else of interest; and so it was the other week. 164 more words


Craning their necks

As we drew up to a pair of Cranes last week they stopped feeding and looked at us. I stopped the engine and waited. They continued to feed. 91 more words


Faster Faster

Among the Scoter flocks offshore we have seen several Velvet Scoter of late. Those big white wing flashes folding away into the slimmest of livery lines down the flank; a ‘go faster stripe’ in feathers.


Serin in Norfolk

Having received a phone call I downed tools and headed towards a garden on the coast this afternoon. It was with a great deal of anticipation I was invited to look for a bird that had been seen feeding under the bird table. 103 more words


Woodland Wader

Some birds you can call ‘Birders Birds’ Perhaps only appreciated by someone with a little more knowledge of the avian world than Joe public. Others have a fascination for all. 99 more words


The smallest of cracks in a tree

A few weeks ago we were pointed in the direction of a Treecreeper’s nest.

It never ceases to amaze me how small a gap these little birds can get into; just a slither of an opening, into the tiniest cavity behind bark. 38 more words