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Research into Family Justice

I have noted in these blogs before the existence of the excellent Family Justice Research Bulletin. This summarises research into the operation of the Family justice system in papers published in academic journals as well as by the Ministry of Justice itself. 101 more words

Chapter 7

Through the looking glass darkly: what next for separated families

Back from a break in Northern Ireland, ‘so I am’, and what a wonderful time we have had over the waters where we met like minded people working with separated families as well as parents themselves.   1,294 more words

Family Law

Eagle-eyed Action Plan - now with kung-fu grip

The Family Justice Board have published their Action Plan for implementing the proposals of the Family Justice Review. It is a scorching, searing rollercoaster (TM)  of an Action Plan, blending as it does dizzying arrays of key performance indicators, tiresome management-speak, gobbledegook and claims that things have already been ‘actioned’ that come as a complete shock to those who are working in the field and have seen no such things being even contemplated, never mind “actioned”. 205 more words

Family Justice Modernisation

A change to the Children Act is only the beginning

The increase in fatherlessness, the difficulties that many parents have in developing collaborative post separation parenting relationships and an increase in inter-generational family breakdown are largely rooted in the cultural changes and political responses of the past and the way that those social policy changes have become embedded in current legislation, policy and practice. 742 more words


Family Justice Reforms: Changing the Culture?

You are probably aware of the proposed changes to the Family Justice System, which have been widely blogged and discussed (and, in fact, I wrote a blog on 14 February discussing the issue!) 295 more words


Modernising the Children Act; let's get it right for our children this time.

Today’s news from the Telegraph is that a Ministerial Group to review the Children Act 1989 is about to be announced. Coming ahead of the response to the Norgrove Review of Family Law, expected to be released early next week, this news signals a long awaited potential for change, at least amongst groups supporting fathers. 1,796 more words

Family Law

Building a new future in a post Norgrove world

This morning, the Telegraph appears to be heralding a whole new world of possibilities in the post separation landscape. Sceptics will say that they will believe it when they see it, but if the Telegraph is to be believed, it appears that this government is about to ignore Norgrove and… 1,656 more words

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