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California Could Become First State To Extend Medi-Cal To Undocumented Young Adults

California could become the first state to extend full Medicaid benefits to undocumented immigrants up to age 26 after two key legislative committees last week approved money for such an expansion. 827 more words


Molina Healthcare, A Top Obamacare Insurer, Investigates Breach Of Patients’ Data

Molina Healthcare, a major insurer in Medicaid and state exchanges across the country, has shut down its online patient portal as it investigates a potential data breach that may have exposed sensitive medical information. 517 more words


A Busy Week For Health: Budget Cuts, CBO Scores And Mitch McConnell’s Cryptic Signal

It was a hectic week for people who follow news about health politics. Kaiser Health News’ veteran reporters Mary Agnes Carey and Julie Rovner sat down to discuss some of the major developments. 1,186 more words


'Health Care' = Fighting Words In Montana

There was likely good reason why Greg Gianforte, successful Republican candidate for Congress from Montana, lost his cool on the eve of the election — scuffling with a reporter, breaking the man’s glasses and ending up with a misdemeanor assault charge: 648 more words

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Influx Of Elderly Patients Forces ER To Practice Comfort Care

A man sobbed in a New York emergency room. His elderly wife, who suffered from advanced dementia, had just had a breathing tube stuck down her throat. 1,497 more words

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LGBT; Bagian Dari Budaya Indonesia

Sering dan bahkan terlalu sering saya mendapati rekan sejawat, teman sepergaulan, kolega kerja bahkan lini massa berkata “LGBT bukan budaya Indoneisa, LGBT adalah penyakit masyarakat Indonesia, mereka musuh kemanusiaan, musuh semua umat beragama…dst..dst..” 837 more words


For California Hospitals That Don't Pass Quake Test, Money's Mostly At Fault

With a state deadline looming, some California hospitals still need to retrofit or rebuild so that their structures can withstand an earthquake — and money remains a challenge. 668 more words

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