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Cleanse Right for Your Skin Type

We all know that face cleansing is the first step in any good skin care regimen, but not everyone chooses the right cleanser for their skin type! 211 more words

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NIVEA refreshing moisture FACE MASK

Hi my Reader : )

Face masks are getting all the attention lately. It started around New Year and their popularity is still going strong. 467 more words


Elize About ~ Skin types: Normal skin

There are many articles about normal skin, however when it comes to describing this type of skin, it almost seems like it doesn’t even exist. 540 more words


Morocco Argan & Damask Rose Daily Face Moisturizer


More than three handful Damask rose petals in a jar!!!!

Formulated exclusively with rose distillate water (no water added) this daily luscious moisturizer of F L O R I A L U X E  line offers exceptional anti-aging and anti-wrinkle long lasting hydration. 186 more words

Dry Skin

My daily, drugstore skin care routine

For years I have struggled with acne and oily skin, to the point where I have had to go to Dermatologist for prescription medication. After a long consideration, I removed myself from my acne medication, because I didn’t want to spend my whole life on medication. 108 more words


The 4 Types of Skin - Which One is Yours?

Normal Skin

This skin type has a radiant complexion, is soft, and has a smooth, even tone. No traces of oil are evident, pores are barely visible and overall skin displays little to no imperfections. 163 more words

Dry Skin

Is your skin oily, normal or dry?

What’s your skin type? Did you know the average population spends 22 minutes at beauty counters shopping/browsing for the latest makeup products on the market or searching for solutions to help their skin look and feel its best. 254 more words