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K-Beauty Routine for Him!

After watching me for an entire year getting glowier and smoother day by day, my dear boyfriend decided to ask for my “expert help”. He wanted a simple but efficient routine adjusted to his special skin issues – who could refuse such a request? 426 more words


Crema de Zi si Crema de Seara

De ce sa folosesc Crema de Zi si Crema de Seara?

Poate fii una si aceiasi?

Bine te regasesc!

Ma bucur sa putem continua astazi discutia despre rutina ta zilnica in ingrijirea cosmetica. 989 more words

Care for Your Skin: According to Your Skin Type

In my last post, I’ve talked about the 5 basic facial skin types and 2 skin conditions that are often confused as a skin type. 2,755 more words

Skin Care

Do You Know Your Skin Type?

Have you noticed that during your work-from-home period, your skin feels somewhat different as compared to the days when you were working in the office? Well, when I stopped going to the office, I noticed that my skin became oilier than usual because the skin still “thought” I was in an air-conditioned room. 803 more words

Skin Care

Skincare Routine - Cleansers

Miss Dewy Skin illustrates how to achieve clear and glowing skin

Hi, I’m Kiran. I have a passion for learning about the science and math behind beauty. 663 more words

Cosmetic Oils Aren't For Everyone

So many beauty guru YouTubers and DIY non-professional cosmetologists have been stepping out to support the use of cosmetic oils recently. They claim using oils for the face is basically like using a miracle drug you see in TV infomercials. 1,057 more words

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