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Implementing a Quantum Support Vector Machine on a 4-Qubit Quantum Simulator

Whilst great progress has been made in the field of quantum technologies, a general purpose error-corrected quantum computer with a meaningful number of qubits is far from realisation. 667 more words


Calculating Pressure and Tension axis given the fault plane (strike, dip and rake): Analytical solution

The fault plane is characterized by its normal vector and the direction of its motion is given by the slip vector. Here, we calculate the normal vector and the slip vector for a given fault geometry. 379 more words


The Myth of Altruism

The American Heritage Dictionary (2011) defines “altruism” as “selflessness.” If one accepts that standard definition, then it seems reasonable to view an “altruistic act” as one that fails to produce a net gain in personal benefit for the actor subsequent to its completion. 5,067 more words