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I Survived...

Online Dating. And I came out of it finding a pretty special guy. Yep, I met him through Match. And the rest is history.

I’m currently in a pretty fucking awesome, normal, stable and healthy relationship. 39 more words


“I told my psychiatrist that everyone hates me. He said I was being ridiculous - everyone hasn't met me yet.” - Rodney Dangerfield

Back to the daily grind today. Jakobe and Esmae are officially both back in school, and the schedule has been properly returned to its normal routine. 593 more words




I gazed at a blank word sheet.
Pondering on what to write.
Still trying to make my words replicate my thoughts.
But I just cannot get it right on paper, 196 more words


Assignment 2 research - John Myers

My research on the subject of photographing Middle England came up with the work of John Myers, and specifically his series of the same name. This interesting video explains his motivations and how he went about the project. 520 more words

Keeping up with your groupmates: The 7 Types of Groupmates You'll Encounter

            Have you ever cried out of pure joy because you finally got that GE you lined up for hours? Finally, you were able to complete your units! 980 more words


Split Second

Change happens very slowly. You can feel it weighing down on you overtime.

It squeezes you until you can’t take deep breaths anymore. It’s a white entity that gets heavier and heavier until you feel suffocated and start seeing flashing lights. 698 more words


A normal day?

Right, I am just going to say it….
Today my girl has been normal, the day has been normal.

What does that mean anyway? 313 more words