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Routine and Change

Its ironic how time can pass so quickly yet feel so long.

Yesterday, I said to my roommate, “Marta, remember when- a few weeks ago- we….?” and then we both realized my mistake. 350 more words


Not So "Normal"

Ok, so the definition of normal is conforming to a standard that society exposes on us. The problem is that everyone’s definition is different. I don’t believe there’s a such as a thing as “normal” it’s really a matter of perspective. 102 more words

between as normal

certain as the wings

and for the flown

and caused on its own practical

and moon

and for the fever

and felt as the turning… 47 more words


People Like You

​I am insecure because of people like you.
The ones that spew venomous words
About the people not like you.
The ones that ridicule others… 76 more words


an odd place.

I remember as a child how happiness was so easily attained.
And how evil seemed like such a small part of life compared to the good in life and the world. 346 more words

Why can't electrodes be cute? Thoughts on "This Lovely Life"

I just finished reading the book This Lovely Life by Vicki Forman, subtitled “A memoir of premature motherhood.” I’ve wanted to read it for a while, but kept putting it off because, honestly, I was afraid. 2,082 more words



We are a progress story, a series of mistakes and poor choices, an opitutnity to try something, a lasting effect of repercussions. We are life. Made up of every day decisions and short sentences, we grow and we change, like it or not that is part of life. 391 more words