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Better Days


It was just

An ordinary day

But she puts the extra

On the ordinary

And her smile

Just changes everything

No day with her

Can be called



Normalerweise ist jeder abnormal

Jeder ist abnormal. Jeder ist anders und zwar auf seine spezielle Art. Es gibt jedoch einige und nicht zu knapp, die in der Tat derart abnormal sind, sich für normal zu erklären und zu halten, und sie tun das, um Grund zu haben andere für ihr Anderssein zu diskriminieren. 10 more words

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8 Reasons why you should embrace your inner weirdo...

1.  What makes you ‘weird’ is your magical power…This world needs some magical people, the magical people are those who embrace their inner weirdo and let them shine through. 391 more words

Be You

Be strong

There are many people who are being abused on a daily basis who don’t even realise it. When other people mention abuse, these people imagine the horrors of sexual and other physical forms of abuse, but it’s most pernicious form is psychological abuse. 229 more words


I tried the Bill Gates-backed vegetarian burger that 'bleeds' and sizzles like beef

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I am by no means a vegetarian. My top three favorite meals are crab cakes, chicken marsala, and cheeseburgers.

So when Beyond Meat claimed it invented… 684 more words



Is there something wrong with me?

Am I that scarred from my past?

I want to change

To be normal,

To be understandable,

But I’m not normal… 9 more words