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I've Lost Interest In Politics but Gained Interest In Science

I must be the only man in America who won’t be watching the Presidential Debates tonight.  I’ve had my fill of politics months ago.  I am so tired and frustrated how hateful and divided politics has become.   684 more words



I take you and like a stuffed animal, you squick,

I hold you in my arms, you warm me,

I look, you see me, 17 more words


Cat Vomiting - Is It Normal? | Two Crazy Cat Ladies

Why is my cat vomiting? There are many different reasons why cats throw up, so we want to address the top 5 reasons and solutions…

Meowth Persian Muse

A Normal type Pokemon from the Kanto region, found in Urban areas.

They are a playful pokemon with the capacity of Human-like inteligence, thought its evolution, Persian, presents a wild behaviour. 10 more words


And Here, I Thought I Had Changed: A Story

Nobody’s coming. I yelled for hours but it’s just getting harder. My lungs are practically getting crushed under the weight of the wreckage. I am the best goddamn driver in the whole of New York. 432 more words



This Sunday, Blake and I are traveling to Colorado for a week to attend the New Life Leadership Conference and introduce our Baltimore family to our Colorado family. 702 more words


I Have Failed

Yep. You read that right. I as a human being has failed. I have failed at keeping up with this blog, I have failed with trying to keep myself healthy, I have failed on starting my own business and keeping up with it, I have just overall failed. 182 more words