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Zbrush sculpt -> polypaint in zbrush -> low poly quad draw in Maya -> UV low poly -> xNormal to create normal, ambient occlusion, spec and diffuse from high poly sculpt vertex paint and sculpt onto low poly mesh with UVs.

the origin

Every story has to start somewhere, right? Mine might have started 23 years ago if you wanted to ask my mom, or maybe just a year ago when I graduated from Case Western. 832 more words


Day 148

Nothing too special or out of the ordinary today. I went to work from 11-8. Came home and relaxed with my cat. Nothing new, nothing exciting, just a regular day. 19 more words

Daily Journal 2015

from one to the next: a peak inside my mind

Have you ever started anything and then said to yourself what have I gotten myself into? 

That’s basically my mind. every day.

I think “why did i decide to do this?” “how is this going to help me?” “is it really going to help?” and “am I selfish for only thinking of me?” 280 more words


Pawndered Thought: May 28, 2015

No one could ever accuse him of being normal.

I love him even more for it.


Time Heals Everything

It’s amazing how quickly our lives change.¬† When we’re in the midst of crisis, everything is horrible awful terrible terrifying please make it stop bad, but once it does stop, suddenly, everything is coming up roses for you and for me and some built-in defense mechanism we have quickly allows us to forget how bad it was just recently. 319 more words

My Fabulous Life

Nee Nor

Ill cut to the chase, just to speed this along, I had a panic attack. I was in London City Airport, ready to go home, when I started thinking to myself… Oh god, how much have I spent at Comic-Con…1…2…3…4…5… OMG. 160 more words