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It's perfectly normal: A book about changing bodies, growing up, sex, and sexual health. 

Your body and all its intricacies is a beautiful and perfectly normal thing. This book goes into humorous details explaining the miraculous workings of the human body in a tasteful manor that is comfortable and is accompanied by cartoon illustrations. 88 more words

Young Adult

If everyone is doing it - do something else!

I’m walking down the grocery store isles and, for the first time, realizing that almost everything in the store is like poison to my body.  What does it take to make all of this food? 384 more words

Weight Loss

On the road again

Yesterday I loaded up some more of our adult dogs and took them into the eye specialist for eye exams. It was another long day. I had to stop at my regular vet for a couple things first, then down to Spokane to the other appointment, then turn around and get back to town for dog obedience class. 236 more words



This ocean ripples
At the drop of your grace
Oh lord
I call you once again
To throw off course
These repetitious habits
And in silence I can concentrate… 35 more words


"The Gift of Friendship"

Some of you will know already that I have a new book that’s just been released. It’s called Spiritual Friendship: Finding Love in the Church as a Celibate Gay Christian… 247 more words

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I am currently reading this book. I enjoy Wesley's writing and his thoughts on community and friendship. Regardless of our sexual orientation and gender, such thoughts are needed. I'm so grateful for a voice that can string together words so intimately and thoughtfully. Check it. It's a challenge to look at and grow out of what we've known and into a new, but a more full, life.

Normal - Kids Logic Part 29

It’s not just my kids that inspire me… I have a pupil in my class, I’ll call her E. She is the funniest lil thing. But she doesn’t realise it! 257 more words


The Book, pt. 1

There she stood, with her golden hair whipping over her face from the furious winds. I had known her half my life, but in this very moment I didn’t understand her. 1,251 more words