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Life Lesson: Re-think normal

Challenge the status quo and what is perceived as the norm or standard.  Don’t be afraid to do something off script and set a new precedence.  19 more words

Life Lessons

Why can't I? Mark 2.

Continuing from the tree/car incident, I’d like to talk about more things that I’ve been told are not the social norm for humans to do, but I want to. 64 more words

Goodbye, Club Penguin

Childhood memories are typically the ones most cherished, where the world seems so colorful and a single worry of things won’t ruin your beautiful day. It can range from a short lullaby to one of the biggest moments in your life during childhood, wherein nostalgia envelops your mind. 192 more words


Under the Rain

People said “Crying is the only way your eyes speak when your mouth can’t explain how things made your heart broken”.

Sometimes people cry, not because they’re weak.

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Is it time for a new normal?

Sometimes it takes an escape from the bubble of normal life, to discover what your normal actually is. It can be a holiday, a trip to visit someone, working in a new location, or just a day away from your normal company and routine. 982 more words



You have to be a little weird
To be normal
A little fat to be healthy
A little perverted to love fully
A little poor to be rich… 10 more words


If "control = happiness = holiness", something doesn't add up

My attention gets sucked into things very easily. One of my offices has a giant window that looks over a hill that can somehow make any season seem beautiful. 675 more words