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my friend and i bought a plane ticket to korea on a whim….
it leaves tomorrow… well actually in 14 hours so i should probably get to packing… 215 more words


Child Growth and Development – What Is Normal?

Growth and development in children can be divided into four periods, namely: infancy, preschool, middle childhood and adolescence.

Let's Talk About... Puberty - Story

(Source: www.schoolbag.sg)

Talking about the birds and the bees with your kid might be a little awkward but it’s an important conversation to start early. 903 more words

Current Affairs

effect as normal

tender  as your words

and sounds on the alarm

and plead

as it was the  theme

and its own ice

and walls

and becoming

and held on the  corner… 42 more words


Two Dollars

I am ashamed of how long it has been since my last post. The past year has been full of changes, from me going back to work and putting the kids in preschool to even having another child. 717 more words



We live from scene to scene, as in a play,
With disregard for most that intervenes –
It seems
We hope that each event we designate… 91 more words


New Normal #thisisMYprojecttrust

To set a scene. It was dark. In fact the only thing of importance in this scene is the sounds. My stomach was rumbling. The other fluent English speaker in my town asks “what do you want for dinner?”. 746 more words