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What I Learned from Pulling Rickshaws

By Harry Hodge

So you wouldn’t know it meeting me now, but I used to drag humans around for money.

We’re talking 500 pounds of dead weight up Parliament Hill on Canada Day. 993 more words

normal as caught

part as its own secure

and stations

as its own mellow

and inside as its own time

and truth

and secure

and caught as the touch… 44 more words


caught as normal

turning as its own puzzle

and rest as its own making

and tough

as its own part

and lasting

as its own choice

and whom as the held… 42 more words


Roller Coaster

Riding a roller coaster with my brother is one of my favorite childhood memories. Whenever we could, we stayed late at the amusement park; as long as no one waited in the queue for our seat, the coaster operator allowed us to ride again. 347 more words


Is he normal?

Jacob had his 2 year development check today. Basically a check up to see whether your child is developing the way the NHS think they should be. 353 more words

New Normal

Nana was dancing with the turkey. Grandpa had antenna glued to his ears. The dog laughed maniacally. Monica didn’t know what was going on.

It wasn’t like the day started with this madness. 92 more words

Short Story