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Social conditioning and parental expectations

Yesterday, during Monkey’s therapy session, I found myself trying to choke back tears about his upcoming medical procedures and everything that he’s been through already. He is certainly not the most disabled child – he appears more or less “typical” – but he has been through and continues to go through far more than typical children do. 1,175 more words

GRIFF's Prayer: Get All The Negative People Away From Me [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

In GRIFF’s prayer today, he asks for God to build a giant electric fence between him and any and all negative people, so they can’t get near him. 136 more words

Get Up!

Normal sau anormal?

Am impresia ca traiesc intr-o lume anormala….

Totul este pe repede inainte…Nu ajung bine la birou ca deja se face ora 4 si trebuie sa plec acasa. 252 more words

Spirit Uman

Just Tipping?

This ones a little off topic from my usual rants about dissatisfaction but I believe it’s worth noting. Why is tipping a normal part of our dinning experience? 376 more words


Social awkwardness

Ok, so I really don’t feel a need to be “normal” because that doesn’t exist and even if it did, I’d be betraying myself. It would help if I could figure out how to get along with or relate to more people, though. 34 more words


A "Normal" Bipolar Day?

So, what happens when the hypo-mania goes away, and you’re left without the blazing mind, the intense creativity, and the euphoria?

Well, in my case, my life slows down. 132 more words


What Is Normal?

What is normal?

Normal is the other 90%

Normal is running in line

Normal is asleep at nine

Normal is going with the flow

Normal is not famous… 43 more words

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