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What is Normal?

I am normal, if I’m like you?

What if I’m not?

Like you, I mean.

So now we are different, you and I.

So, then which one, isn’t normal? 208 more words


The "Execution" Day

Minggu2 menjelang HPL adalah minggu2 ter-deg2-wow buat gue (okay, another alay phrase used). In the 38 weeks of pregnancy, my baby weight was predicted around 3.3 kg by the obgyn, dr. 1,549 more words

LIFE Teachesmealot

Frozen Embryo Transfer

These past few weeks I have been going through the process of a frozen embryo transfer or FET. H and I only had one that lasted long enough to be frozen as a blastocyst, so we had to get through christmas then wait for the clinic to open again. 249 more words

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2 März 2015
Hab mich heute im Fitnessstudio mal so richtig bei der Brus- & Bauchmuskulatur ausgetobt und ein sattes 15 minütiges Ausdauertraining drangehängt. Bin sehr stolz auf mich diesen entschluss gefasst zu haben und ich weiss das ich es schaffen kann und werde. 27 more words


Why i shamelessly "decorated my body"

When i was young, i was taught to believe that those with tattoos will go nowhere in life and are set for failure.

My parents, being completely against tattoos, always told me, “Thalia, do anything thats everything, but just don’t get a tattoo.” 486 more words

Today's job

I have a few different jobs whilst being at home! One being a TV extra for a lot of northern based soaps, adverts, new dramas etc. 227 more words



Lately, I’ve been seeing that my extremist tendencies take the best of me. I have no midpoint and my emotions are all over the place, but nobody sees them because I camouflage the tsunami as mild winter rain. 270 more words