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Normalcy (what's wrong with it?)

What’s wrong with wanting to be normal or being normal? Why do people tell me to embrace the fact that I’m different? I don’t choose to be different and I would have loved to have had a normal (or typical) life free of deformities and with a body that matched my gender. 163 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues

Right Vs Wrong 

I believe we are gifted, we are gifted with the ability to know right from wrong, not what society tells us, not what our parents tell us, not what our friends tell us, but the truth, the universal truth (whomever you may believe it comes from) that something is either right wrong. 239 more words


366 Poems: August 27th, 2016


I’m a monster,

you are too–

hidden beneath

these eyes so blue

And if the Fates

break our masks through,

at least I was human… 9 more words


My absence 

I felt under the weather. I pretty much shut down. I haven’t been that isolated in a long time. And this is one of the times, I was a socialite bee, I haven’t socialize that much in a while too. 375 more words


Ordinary Peculiarity

Humans are such peculiar creatures.

They all have universes inside them, each one uniquely unique, strange and an unexplainable tangle of knots – and most are not even aware of it. 221 more words


Beijing Normal University

Address of Beijing Normal University: No. 19, XinJieKouWai St., HaiDian District, Beijing 100875, P. R. China World Ranking: No. 232 in QS World University Ranking. In 2014, it ranked 42nd in the QS World University Ranking for Education. 28 more words

Photo Friday: Back to Normal

We were very worried on Sunday when we noticed that Frankie’s left eye was very dilated. It has slowly improved and now it is back to normal. 14 more words