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When everyone's special..

“When everyone’s special, no one is.” –Syndrome, The Incredibles

I’ve been thinking about this quote a lot lately and specifically how it captures the spirit of a recent trend: the need to out-special everyone around us. 194 more words


Anything can become normal if you endure it for┬álong enough… even the worse of circumstances.


*Hormonal Post Alert* Or is it?

I remember being thirteen or fourteen sitting in our Wednesday night girls group at church discussing the menstrual cycle – I know, fascinating. Where is this going? 330 more words

Human World: The Racist World

– “Interesting how humans are so scared nowadays about saying anything that might sound remotely racist.”
– “They think that by not saying out loud makes them less racist. 24 more words


Stop Treating Me Different Just Because I'm In A Wheelchair

It was after a late night venting session to my best friend that I realized I have something I would like to tell people.

First, a quick back story is necessary: Six months ago I began my first job. 954 more words

hold on

Just a little longer he told me. It’s just the beginning. I looked him straight in his beady eyes and cursed him. Except I didn’t. Because I’m weak. 164 more words

Loves Dead.

Do I only see a flat tyre?

On driving halfway to my yoga class, this morning I realized my car tyre was punctured. I drove back depressed and a tad bit angry. 472 more words

Power Of Thoughts