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No Is An Answer Too

I think we often finding ourselves forgetting that no is still an answer and if we listen hard and pay attention we can see that no can often and is often the right answer. 509 more words


Even though we are free to choose our course of action, we are not free to choose the consequences of our actions.
– Gospel Principles


I'm Positive It's Faith 

Good morning.

I’m tired, it seems to have become a general state of being for me; so much so that i now don’t even need to say it and most of my friends just assume that I am. 403 more words


The past is to be learnt from, but not lived in.

– Jeffery R. Holland


Let Me Reintroduce Myself 

Good morning,

I’m guessing in a lot of places all around the world it would be different times of the day but for the first little fact about me I am English and live in England where it is in fact morning. 385 more words


Am I Normal?

What is normal?

Normal in society is loving sports and reality tv, going to work at a job you most likely do not care for to pay bills that you do not care about only to collapse after work in front of the tv during the week or after the bar on the weekend. 750 more words


1st Thanksgiving without Rylan

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. Our 1st Thanksgiving without Rylan. I cried a few times before I finally gathered myself and we headed to my sister in-laws for “Thanksgiving Dinner”. 347 more words

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