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The New Normal and the Collapse of Common Sense

From Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner to Rachel Dolezal, we are seeing an emerging “trans” community trying to emerge and redefine what it means to be normal.  However, the truth is quite simple Bruce Jenner is not a woman, no matter if he wants to be called Caitlyn or not, and Rachel Dolezal is not Black, despite her protests to the opposite. 667 more words


Mitsubishi, UAW to Work Together on Buyer for Illinois Plant

NORMAL, Ill. (AP) – Mitsubishi Motors and the United Auto Workers say they will work together to look for a buyer for the central Illinois plant the company plans to close. 131 more words


A Reflection on Normalcy

As my group sat together munching on subs in one of the University of Florida’s dining halls, my Preview staffer piped up and asked, “Who likes free stuff?” 1,418 more words


Aspirational Anxiety

On Sunday morning, I woke leisurely, stretched, reached for my phone and began my ritualistic routine of self harm- scrolling down a Facebook feed filled with other people reaching life’s milestones.  360 more words



To work within the psych field I loose touch with what socially acceptable behaviors look like . It can come off kind of morbid, when seeing a person with open wounds covering their forearms, an individual is expressing clearly delusional thinking, and your response is appearing with a genuine understanding affect. 509 more words



Am heutigen Montag mal wieder die soziale Ader aufscheinen lassen. Tagdienst beim Roten Kreuz. Hat auch wieder spass gemacht.
Der Urlaub ist auch schon wieder 2 Wocheb her. 28 more words


I can’t seem to go in a straight line.
Who says you have to?
– Prodigal Summer, Barbara Kingslover

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