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Time Heals Everything

It’s amazing how quickly our lives change.  When we’re in the midst of crisis, everything is horrible awful terrible terrifying please make it stop bad, but once it does stop, suddenly, everything is coming up roses for you and for me and some built-in defense mechanism we have quickly allows us to forget how bad it was just recently. 319 more words

My Fabulous Life

Nee Nor

Ill cut to the chase, just to speed this along, I had a panic attack. I was in London City Airport, ready to go home, when I started thinking to myself… Oh god, how much have I spent at Comic-Con…1…2…3…4…5… OMG. 160 more words

Random Revelation

I think after someone goes through something as traumatic as domestic violence, it leaves a lasting impression on what’s left of your mind.

“What’s left of your mind”….now that sounds really dark and depressing, unfortunately accurate though.   1,024 more words

Personal Story

  I Use to Pity the Disabled, Now I Pity Myself

Did I feel that she was less than me. Did I see her as inferior…thus she must be in pain? She was evidently intellectually disabled and I immediately felt bad, I felt pity. 216 more words

Is it normal?

So I am getting married in 31 days. The fact that I’m marrying the love of my life does not scare me. I was ready to marrry him the day we moved in. 204 more words


Most Christians Don't Speak English

Myopia is a medical term for nearsightedness. Sadly, many Christians suffer from social and spiritual myopia.

We can see the things and people that are close to us very clearly. 325 more words

Multicultural Churches

Turbine Philosophy #9 - The Distortion of Meaning

One of the privileges of having a blog is being able to complain as I please and pretend that the four people who read it care about it. 1,381 more words