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Three Day Challenge - Day 3

Wow, these three days went fast. I love sharing quotes and want to thank Loana again for including me. I have included three quotes I just like. 20 more words


Her Journey, Her Way, #4: Stand-up and be Heard!

Finally! The live stage! She made it and kicked it in the butt! Here’s TGO’s debut stand-up comedy performance! (Sure, it’s ony four minutes, but for those few minutes, she held the world in her hand!) 9 more words


Who's the fool?

Foolishness is all a question of opinion and perspective. What seems silly to one set of people, may well seem quite OK with another group. 92 more words


Three Day Quote Challenge - Day 2

For my second day of quotes, I would like to post my favorite quotes on never giving up. And today, I nominate the three following blogs to take the challenge. 13 more words



Ink on a person. Tattoo. Not your cup of tea? Don’t read. Or do. Doesn’t matter to me. If one wishes to get something tattooed on their person, it is their choice, and they are doing so, with the results there for ever. 433 more words

Ignorance is bliss?

Is ignorance truly bliss?


Did you really think that it would be that simple here in the Nictatorship (I wish, did you see that one post that was over 800 words? 535 more words


Striving towards something worth striving towards

What do we want? We’ll this is a highly debated subject (even though the real answer is money). Questions such as, ‘what is the meaning of life?’ and, ‘why are we here?’ seem to resonate throughout our history like a broken record repeating itself indefinitely with no one to repair it (poetry). 454 more words