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Movies, Awe Inspiring? Or Mind Numbing?

So I know what you’re thinking, how is it that the guy who makes all these references to pop culture have an issue with movies? The answer, I have no issue with movies. 625 more words



I wish I was normal. Don’t lie, we’ve all said it. I said it my whole life. I wish I was like all the other girls. 442 more words


who wants to add me

who wants to add me on league im online right now



The thing is,

You actually believe

There is such a thing as normal,


You refuse to believe in






Coming to Terms with my Otherness

No, I am not here to express grudges. I am here to reclaim myself. I am here to assert. To share a eureka moment I had last night, one after having sleep deprivation for five consecutive days. 1,544 more words


We're all tired.

I sleep a lot. Around 9 hours a night. Except when I’m really tired; then it’s more like 11 hours. And I exist in a world where people say things like “Well, I got more than 4 hours last night so I’m feeling pretty good.” You can’t see my face right now, but imagine Jim Halpert, the character from The Office, staring directly into the camera as if he’s asking for confirmation that he’s not crazy and whatever just happened is insane. 738 more words

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Whose norms is it anyways

I always feel so lost, so unfocused, unmotivated, idk just not where I should be. But, where should I be. Society has created so many social norms that we try to follow. 503 more words