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Showered by social media and staying true yourself

Do you ever feel like you’re over-exposed to social media? Like you’re standing on a beautiful field of opportunities and when you try to look somewhere a shower of social media falls onto your head and starts to slowly drown you? 314 more words


5 Products Everyone with Normal to Oily Skin Should Own

I will start off my saying I do not have perfect skin AT ALL. I genuinely promise I am not one of those girls with porcelain, pore free skin who claims to have terrible skin when one little PMS blemish pops up. 424 more words


WTF are normal people?


There are the shy, the extroverted, the sexy, the nerds, the superficial, the freaks, the ecos and the pedant people. We all live in this wonderful world and every one of us is unique. 412 more words


A New Normal

Four months ago, “normal” was crawling through caves, paddling 15-passenger canoes, and shooting photos while hanging off a 40-ft zipline tower. It was using adventures and games and object lessons to help people discover Truth. 321 more words


Comenzando, ¿con el pie derecho?

Lunes, Lunes, Lunes; bendito Lunes.

Mi primer post, en Lunes.
No tengo nada en contra de los Lunes, pero la sociedad ha impuesto que el Lunes es el peor día de la semana, y los peores del mes. 242 more words


Hey There, Lonely Girl

Husband works very long hours and has done for years, getting his business off the ground and making it a success. I’ve been genuinely supportive of his efforts and very rarely complain about this. 259 more words


I'm back

Hey guys. I know, it’s been more than 4 months since I’ve done anything, but I’ve pretty much lost interest in CP.

I’ll try to post a bit more now, though, so I hope you’ll help me.

Thanks. :)