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What does it mean to be normal? What does a normal person do when they feel worthless? Do they talk about it? Write about it? Or just let it be? 85 more words


Overcoming Myself 

I used to be weak. In many ways I still am but I have put myself through many hard times and became stronger from it. We all have the ability to change our lives. 146 more words


Day 329: Towards Self Diligence

Day 329: Towards Self Diligence


The context here being an extension of recent posts (start 316) exploring how I had designed into my life a sort of alienation to Diligence, not seeing the hidden contents of it till I began to write it out. 648 more words

Another Side

Ok, a confession: I have another blog. (Another two, actually…but this isn’t the post for talk of memorable meals.)

I gave up on this blog for a bit because life became not very funny as we waited for Noodles to be diagnosed with Autism. 336 more words

Family Life

Grateful-for-Myself Journal: Day 4

I’m onto day 4, and i half-feel that the novelty of journaling on gratitude is waning. But i am pressing on, because i want to show myself how thankful i am for whatever arose today. 183 more words

Random Ramblings

You're As Beautiful As The Moon?

Feel your lips aren’t full enough?

I don’t care.

Feel your legs are too short?

I don’t care.

Worried about the width of your thighs, the fullness of your hips, the wrinkles that appear when you laugh, the wrinkles that are present when you don’t, the volume of your hair, the softness of your stomach or the cellulite at the top of your thighs? 639 more words


My apologies ...

I am not a good wife,

my apologies,

no fade out lines.

I sleep with devils,

the demons normality scares their daughters away from,

which a sexist mind fears and assembles the stakes… 52 more words