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Normal! Normal! - The One with all the Distributions

From my previous post, you would have understood the basics of probability of an event. When the frequency of an event is divided by the total number of events, you get the probability of an event. 717 more words

Binomial Distribution

Binary Choices 

Hey Readers This is a post or to be more accurate a poem, I didn’t expect to write. However, I was inspired to so by my friend A R Crow who has recently changed their name to reflect their non binary gender identity. 421 more words

Is my child normal?

If I had a dollar for every time a mum or dad has asked me this question I would be long retired by now.

What is normal? 296 more words


Food and mood :/

I am two types of people, I am the girl that always stuffs her face and the girl who doesn’t eat properly for weeks. I hardly ever eat breakfast I do try but like most people it is the hardest meal of the day to consume. 381 more words

Mental Health

Don't try to be a penguin

~short post

I have always felt like I don’t fit in. 3 years ago I came across this photo which I found highly relatable. You see in most situations I am the Polar Bear. 286 more words


The ultimate act of subversion

Normal is whatever we are prepared to put up with, and whatever we are prepared to put up with becomes normal. I’ve witnessed a lot of stuff this week that strikes me as being symptomatic of a new normal, one existing on the surface of an anger that’s coming to the boil. 721 more words


Daily Prompts: Criticize 

Yearning for love

She reaches out

They criticize her

Telling her it’s unlady like

“Who defines it, she asks

All I need is love”.

His heart captivates her… 27 more words