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Feeling Normal Feels Weird Sometimes

I actually feel ok for a change.  I’m happier, taking walks every day, not waking up anxious, and am more productive at work.

It.  Feels. Abnormal.   76 more words


But That Weirdness Is Normal

Things getting back to “normal” after a life upending event feels really weird.

Thoughts Profound And Otherwise

(You should be) Normal

you should
you must
you will 

and stare at women’s breasts
and whistle at them on the street
and hit them
or rape them
if they ever disagree with you

and you'll say things like:
   “she shouldn’t have worn that”
   “she shouldn’t have gone out at night”
   “she had it coming”

one day, 
you’ll wake up
and find out,
and judge people by how they look
or how they speak
or where they’re from

and you’ll speak in a low voice 
when saying things like
       vagina or penis or anus
and you’ll think “contraceptive” is a bad word

you’ll consider sex 
and mistake it for love
you’ll think about pleasure
and misplace it with reproduction
     (or worse, with sin)

and you’ll say things like:
  “gay sex is disgusting”
  (but lesbian porn is awesome
     if it’s there
     for your own delight)
  “gay marriage is unnatural” 
  (as if straight marriage were natural)
  “you look like a faggot dressed like that”

but be careful with normality
 for it has sharp teeth
      and a sharper tongue
   and even sharper eyes

still, one day you will think
normal is natural
normal is good
you’ll even say: “I’m normal”
    and be proud

but if normal means 
intolerant, abuser, sexist, judgemental, 
narrow-minded, homophobic, ignorant, 
real-man, stupid, unthinking, static, 
unquestioning, shallow, vague, racist, 
misogynistic, heteronormative, nonpartisan, 
hierarchical, usual, sheep, conformist, 
deformed, aggressive, macho, grey, 
reactionary, conservative, prejudiced, 
indifferent, sectarian, ungenerous, 
materialistic, simple, compliant, oblivious,

then I want nothing to do with it. 9 more words

Being ordinary...

Why would anyone want to read about me?

It is a question I ask myself… one amongst many as I write snapshots from my daily life and memories from my past, as I share opinions and beliefs, the small adventures, the human fears… I can sort of understand the interest in the places I manage to visit, the old customs and stories of mysterious sites. 283 more words


Jonny realness, G&F and a local market

A moment of normality walking with Jonny to Jo’s new flat.

Rewatching Grace and Frankie.

Checking out the farmers market. It was a bit crap but it was nice to go to.

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