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A normal view, or a view on normality?

Oh, that’s really a topic which is never missing on a blog like this one.

In a way, this makes this blog normal.. We see this subject is some how a trap. 610 more words

Rambles about culture and normality....

When i’m riding the bus, i like to observe people. Watching people go about their ordinary lives is both calming and terrifying. It is calming because while i have a talent of worrying for hours about how i am spending my time and energy being less of a person than everybody else, i realise these people are just like me. 227 more words


The fool, folly and madness exist along a continuum of meanings – in some languages, the words are even indistinguishable. There are many types of fools: the fool who is crazy in love, temporarily dispossessed of the faculty of instrumental reason and given over to excessive bouts of generosity, adulation and reckless behavior; the fool in the guise of the court-jester, like the shadow accompanying Lear on his journey, who is able to speak truth to power and to criticize the madness of kings and the folly of social conventions; and the fool deemed utterly “mad” by the commonsensical world, sometimes locked up in asylums or banished to floating islands, and at other times praised for the crazy wisdom that’s the unique providence of poets and prophets. 408 more words

A snowfall in provincial Hungary.

Veszprém, raise your hand if you heard about the place. It’s medium-sized city, pretty and dear to my heart but, other than that, pretty much obscure for, I bet, 95% of the world’s population. 302 more words

Normality and It's Constant Problems

What is Normality?

That’s easy.  There is no such thing as being normal as trying to be a normal person.  Everyone is different so don’t try to be something you aren’t.   199 more words



The words spit

Oil and egg white – hit

me next time. The molten track of

saliva burns deep-


‘Unnatural… not normal…’ Rewind. Replay. Un- 30 more words


OPINION: What to make of 'The Undateables'

I watched a couple of episodes of Channel 4’s ‘The Undateables’ last night; you know, the programme where they set up people with a disability on a date. 698 more words