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I don't belong

I don’t belong,
Not here,
Least not near,
I’m different,
Am different,
There’s a line,
I’m so far over it,
There was a point I did, 125 more words



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Tell me normality … That destruction of thy soul is normal. That the burning desire and it’s intoxication will save me. Tell me that my battered soul will heal and ascend without worry, tell me that your drug … Your pain will set me free. 174 more words


Word of the Day: "Normal"

The Oxford English Dictionary defines “normal” as “conforming to a type or standard” or “having function of prescribing a course of action or way of living.” The concept of normalcy has been the center of philosophical discourse for years. 182 more words

Looking for flowers?

I never chose the normal path – had no appeal for me.

A rebel, dreamer, seeker is what I proposed to be.

I traveled far to many lands. 35 more words


I'm BACK! (Vacation Getaway 2015)

Hey guys! Still remember me? I’m back to posting stuff again after I realized I’ve got so much work to do! I’ve been doing a lot of major changes with my blog – including my blog name which is already changed from  563 more words


What is normal? 

For anyone that knew me pre-chronic illness I think they would more than probably, safely say that I would have trouble being normal! I did try so hard in my early teenage years to be normal (boring) and then I tried the complete opposite and went to every extreme of not being normal-goth/heavy metaller (boring). 1,721 more words