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Tears of sadness on the yoga mat

I’ve been getting progressively worse since leaving Mysore. Better in some ways, but worse in others. I’ve been pushing the limits and exploring my “edge” so that has resulted in more pain. 635 more words

Pain Management

self-perception based on societal norms.

Some moments I ponder , I tend to want to forget about all the embarrassing moments in my life. However usually those moments, tell you the most; of where you are and should go, what you need to change about yourself only for yourself, what you truly are. 910 more words

train of thought

In a normal train of thought, what I’m thinking now would be the caboose.


Embracing Difference

People differ in many ways between individuals, but why must one person’s difference be criticized for no reason whatsoever? It seems like for most people, making these judgments about the way others prefer to live come natural, but not to me. 308 more words

Delusions of 'Normality' Suppress Our Feelings

Yesterday I wrote an article about my not-so-pleasant experience working at Apple. To say that it has gone viral is a wild understatement. However rather than go in to more details about the negativity I felt at Apple or the details, I wanted to write about what the last 24 hours has been like before finally moving on to writing my usual articles of a much more positive nature. 931 more words


Keep Quiet

You call me an emotional woman

Because I learned how to use my tongue

You tell me emotion is weakness

And words like that make me sound too young… 126 more words


Foucault simply everywhere!

I had a long and rather exhausting trip in the train in the cheapest possible compartment (called “Platskart”) and hence, arrived tired in Volgograd. My exhaustion was certainly caused by the lack of sleep in the train but even more, by the length of the bed on which I lay. 886 more words