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Last Week on My Mac: New Macs and bad characters

We all like wishlists, and we like most of all when they come true. The snag is that my wishlists are not the same as yours, and when it comes to Macs, there is little in the way of consensus. 913 more words


Let's make normal the new normal

Let’s talk about “normalization.” It’s a buzzword right now, of course. And I understand why. For the past fifteen to twenty years, until quite recently, certain ideas about racial, religious, and gender superiority have been taboo. 966 more words


Unicode spoofing: when an аррӏе isn't an apple at all

There’s an excellent demonstration of a Unicode spoof going round at the moment. Click on a link which looks like it’s https://аррӏе.com and you’ll not end up seeing a page from Apple, but your eyes and your browser will have been diverted to a completely different site, which just looks the same in Unicode. 661 more words


Race & HGTV

One television network that has gained a great deal of popularity within the past few years is the Home and Garden Network, more commonly known as HGTV. 694 more words

How to normalise strings, and a new command tool to help

One way to work around potential problems with the normalisation of Unicode strings – as are likely to occur when working with APFS volumes – is to take charge of the process yourself. 529 more words


Last Week on My Mac: Summer's coming, mostly

For much of the last week, the UK has been enjoying its first really warm and fine spell of weather this year. Although we can be assured that there is worse to come before the summer proper, it has reminded us that the winter is behind us. 1,292 more words