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MVA: Database Fundamentals Module 2 Notes

The course “Database Fundamentals”  can be found here.

This course if set for Level 100 – Individuals seeking to learn the fundamentals of relational databases, database management systems, and database components. 537 more words


Mental Health in the workplace

Are employers approaching mental health differently after the German wings incident?

A series of debates have arisen surrounding the role that Lubitz’s mental health played in the German wings tragedy. 433 more words

Overthrown.. The effects of overusing words like 'Bipolar' and 'Depression'...

We all go through phases where we say particular words numerous times, until they eventually lose their meaning and we generally reduce our repetition of these words. 419 more words

Pak-Indo tussle : Mantra behind “Surgical strikes” to “Calls of Isolation”

This article has been published on 17-Oct-16 with some editing at The Nation newspaper :


The Indian Ministry of External Affairs and Ministry of Defence held a joint press conference in New Delhi in which… 1,856 more words


Recent ABA Experience?

So my talk last week to the clinical psychology program went well–but I infuriated two people who used to be ABA therapists.  They insisted that ABA was the most useful intervention for kids with autism, and that none of the bad stuff I was describing happened any more (they insisted that nobody nowadays attempts to “normalize” autistics, suppress stims, or use aversives–except for the Judge Rottenberg Center, which they agreed was a disgrace). 63 more words


How Can Lying Become Valued and Institutionalized in the Workplace?

In spite of the fact that lying is an endemic feature of social life, organizational researchers to date have almost ignored the topic. In the… 444 more words


The Normalization Agenda, Part 2

Please note:  this is the second part of a talk I will be giving this Friday to a clinical psychology program.  I would be very grateful for comments, corrections, etc. 4,153 more words