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Delayed Reactor

In high school, I was in the band. My best friend would always be perfectly fine all of band camp, but the week after she would be incredibly sore, because of this she said she was a delayed reactor, doing what she needed to in the moment to get through something and then later feeling the consequences. 828 more words

Not So Random Thoughts

Monetary Value Measure as a Contravariant Functor (Category Theory) Part 1

Let us get a very brief review of dynamic risk measure theory and category theory.

1.0 A one period monetary risk measure is a function… 1,057 more words


CNN with Keras

The model makes use of 5 convolutional layers and “elu” activation that introduce nonlinearity into the model. Well Done for including the normalization operator within the model. 58 more words

Deep Learning

Some LA Neighborhoods Get Erased: When Gentrification Began

Los Angeles is a city build upon a History of Forgetting and a built in defense mechanism wherein the mind erases one memory replacing it with the new. 1,965 more words

Meeting in Astana, Kazakhstan may open new paths for peace in Syria

According to Inside Syria Media Center, UN Secretary-General’s special envoy on Syria, Staffan de Mistura, has recently been invited to Astana, Kazakhstan into the special meeting on the settlement of the Syrian conflict. 208 more words


Chasing Safety


Scent of some really expensive perfume on Main St., name a proper noun with some vowels switched out for extra authenticity.

Showroom steps doused with it, fellow shoppers inebriated by it: a musky and exclusive bouquet, akin to thousands of tiger pelts laid end to end on some hypothetical superhighway gravelled with semi-precious watchfaces and then driven over by a convoy of low-slung supercars with golden bulls on the decals and the promise of long, slender, bare legs emerging endlessly from the scissor doors to create the illusion of nakedness (but not far enough for the hem of a tiny dress to shatter said illusion). 787 more words


Thinking historically.

Normalization could not have always been the norm.