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A Radical Idea: Let's RE-NORMALIZE Telling The Truth

It’s astounding what we’ve come to ‘accept’ every day — the bullshitting and prevaricating and parsing of words and flat out LYING for no reason other than it’s the first impulse — to LIE first then BURY the Truth later. 119 more words

Live Bullshit Free

New Book: Sexual Liberation, Socialist Style

Sexual Liberation, Socialist Style: Communist Czechoslovakia and the Science of Desire, 1945–1989 (Cambridge University Press)

by Kateřina Lišková

This is the first account of sexual liberation in Eastern Europe during the Cold War. 138 more words


Celebrating Israel's 70th Birthday

As Israelis commemorate their country’s 70thIndependence Day on April 18, they begin, traditionally, by observing a solemn Memorial Day—a national day of mourning.  A piercing siren alerts citizens to stop whatever they are doing and stand for a minute of silence to thank, grieve, and remember the citizen-soldiers and others who gave their lives to build and defend the Jewish state. 690 more words

Anti-Israel Hypocrisy

Is Turkey's Erdogan 'Irreplaceable'? Abdullah Gul may try to find out... Speaks of 'Normalization'

  • Gul and Erdogan have mostly followed the same political paths and a religiously conservative ideology
  • A split between the two men recently erupted when Gul criticized the controversial state of emergency decree law…
745 more words

How to fix low-volume audio/video files with FFMPEG (for normalization) and/or Audacity (for Dynamic Range Compression)

Because my Internet connection is very cranky, I download online videos and play them offline on my WDTV media player. The WDTV remote does not have volume control. 444 more words


Normalizing By Default

In the early days of the Trump administration it was seemed impossible to accept that this crass guy who had assaulted women, who had perhaps done business with mafias, or laundered money that was somehow dirty could actually be our President. 1,503 more words

Government And Politics

People Talk About People

Recently I had the pleasure of having breakfast at a quaint, small-town diner. As we walked in, heads immediately turned as the locals sized up who was stepping into their small world. 446 more words

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