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The Congressional Baseball Shooting, Big Murders, and Little Murders

There’s been no shortage of sad news lately. In “Terrorism Has No Religion,” I wrote about the tragic Manchester bombing. This was quickly followed by the London Bridge attack, and the (accidental) fire in a West London apartment tower yesterday — the same day as a shooting targeting members of Congress who were out for baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia. 3,452 more words


Beyond Scripting in Swift: Of characters and closures

The task of Dystextia would have been very simple in the past: look through a long string of byte-sized characters, replacing them according to a look-up table. 761 more words


Audio normalization with ffmpeg // part II

with dynaudnorm:

ffmpeg -y -i "$A_FILE" -af "dynaudnorm=p=${NORMALIZE_TO_DB}dB:f=500:r=0.9:g=7" -f $FORMAT -sample_fmt $SAMPLEBITS -ab $BITRATE -ar $SAMPLERATE -ac $CHANNELS -vn "$A_FILE_NORMALIZED" > /dev/null 2>&1 

with… 32 more words



Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman on Monday dismissed the possibility of a final Israeli-Palestinian peace deal that would end the conflict, just as US President Donald Trump has started to jump-start a peace process frozen for three years. 606 more words

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Why we can't keep stringing along with Unicode

The world is full of fakes, and always has been. From the day that someone first noticed how similar iron pyrites (“fool’s gold”) is to gold, there have been people palming it off. 788 more words


About relational databases

Speaking of Relational Databases, for some programmers, the normalization process and its levels are the subject of discussion.

For me, its clear that a good database design must include foreign keys (of course, if the database engine allows it). 430 more words