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Cuba: Attacks Against U.S. Diplomats?

By William M. LeoGrande*

The details about alleged sonic attacks against U.S. and Canadian diplomats in Havana in fall 2016 remain shrouded in secrecy and uncertainty, but the incidents – whatever they were – could cause further disruptions in U.S.-Cuban relations, already on shaky ground after President Trump’s June 16 declaration that he was “canceling” President Obama’s policy of normalization.  720 more words

Data Integrity

Enforcing data integrity guarantees the quality of the data in the database.

Two important steps in planning tables are to identify valid values for a column and to decide how to enforce the integrity of the data in the column. 299 more words

Achieving a Well-Designed Database

In relational-database design theory, normalization rules identify certain attributes that must be present or absent in a well-designed database.

There are a few rules that can help you achieve a sound database design: 245 more words

Developing a Database Plan

In planning the database, regardless of its size and complexity, use the following basic steps:

Gathering Information

Before creating a database, you must have a good understanding of the job the database is expected to perform.  308 more words

Database Normalization

Database normalization, or simply normalization, is the process of organizing the columns (attributes) and tables (relations) of a relational database to reduce data redundancy and improve data integrity. 256 more words

Mainstream Inequality

These are scary times if you're not a rich white male. Oh, and straight, Christian, born here, and without physical or mental disability. It would also behoove you to hate as many people as you can…just to be safe. 3,250 more words

Normalization in Data Modelling

Functional Dependency

Functional dependency (FD) is a set of constraints between two attributes in a relation. Functional dependency says that if two tuples have same values for attributes A1, A2,…, An, then those two tuples must have to have same values for attributes B1, B2, …, Bn. 1,188 more words