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Data Normalization with Spark

Data normalization is a required data preparation step for many Machine Learning algorithms. These algorithms are sensitive to the relative values of the feature attributes. Data normalization is the process of bringing all the attribute values within some desired range. 831 more words

Big Data

What If You Can't Normalize Trump -- Because He's Already Normal? The Federalist

Those who insist on viewing Trump as a totally unprecedented politician are trying to talk themselves into is the notion that this giant juggernaut of government power we’ve built would be just fine, would be no threat at all, would work beautifully to improve everyone’s lives—if only the right, decent, “normal” people were in charge.

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Liberal Religion

A Letter of Hate to America: Teaching Osama bin Laden's "Letter to the Americans" (2002)

The recent controversy over Richard Fausset’s New York Times article, “A Voice of Hate in America’s Heartland,” prompted me to brush off and lightly revise this apparently unrelated (but subtly relevant) piece I wrote for the… 3,716 more words

Difference between Normalization and Normal Forms


Normalization is the systematic process applied on the relations to reduce the degree of redundancy.

Normalization is defined as systematic because it always gives guarantee for following properties – 251 more words


One Doesn't Simply Make Sexist Memes/Unless They're Complete Jerks

Is that just me or there are more people around who find memes are the most popular form of normalizing sexism these days? Sure, many of you’re gonna drop the “F” bombs (F==Feminazi) or “S” bombs (S=Sensitivity) or Orange Supreme’s favorite “PC” bomb, of course, PC does not mean “Personal Computer” anymore! 1,398 more words


The Power of Halloween

So yesterday was Halloween and once again I was amazed at the creativity that goes into the holiday. I saw not only some pretty awesome costumes (cardboard army tank, anyone?) but some really cool decorations. 355 more words


Scaling vs. Normalization vs. Standardization (in Python)

In my initial post about the perceptron the other day, I noted that using the sigmoid function (or a similar activation function) on your data serves to both normalize the data and map it the range of your binary classification. 1,002 more words