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Beyond Basic Networks

It is no secret that the advances in Deep Learning are only possible because of the immense amount of data that is available on the Internet, combined with the power introduced by GPU devices. 499 more words

If You See Something, Say Something

When my kids were small enough for peek-a-boo, they’d sit, a chubby toddler hand across their eyes.

“Can you see me?” they’d squeal, peeking through their fingers. 1,018 more words

From The Heart

Implications of Fidel's Passing

By Fulton Armstrong

The death of Fidel Castro last Friday night has drawn largely predictable reactions from largely predictable quarters, but the analysis of the meaning of the… 766 more words

Automatic data normalization

For neural networks is best to use normalized data. Specially when the data has to be predicted by the network, you need to make sure the values can be output by the network. 862 more words


Resistance Portfolio: Practical Steps to Escape Normalization

We each need two types of list these days. One is the sort recommended by experts on nascent authoritarianism: a daily list of acts that are not normal but which the authoritarian is trying to normalize. 487 more words


Being thankful, even now

I looked to this Thanksgiving with angst.

It was not the wildly different politics I knew would be seated around the Thanksgiving table. Nor was it my usual angst around celebrating a whitewashed version of American history. 530 more words