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After I published last week’s article somebody asked me why I stated that (in this case) the problem didn’t originate in having a function with logic, but merely having to work with a database that is not normalized. 1,564 more words


Questions & Answers

1 – What is the difference between MySQL & SQLite & PostgreSQL?
2 – What is the diference between AngularJs & React?
3 – What is the difference between OAuth Client Profiles ? 58 more words

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Lab 5 Learn SQL Server : Normalization

What is Normalization?

It is set of rules that have been established to aid in the design of tables that are meant to be connected thorough relationships. 617 more words

Learn SQL Server

Cuba: Raúl Clarifies the Lack of Clarity on Future

By Fulton Armstrong

The report that Cuban President Raúl Castro delivered to the 7th Party Congress last weekend walked a tightrope between pressing harder for change – embracing the importance of the small, emerging private sector – and reassuring party conservatives that the basic tenets of the revolution will not be touched.  799 more words

DB Basics - How to control Data Redundancy in a database system (RDBMS) by Normalization

Redundancy in Database systems occurs with various insert, update, and delete anomalies.

To avoid these anomalies in first step you need to make sure your database tables or relations are in good… 377 more words

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A little bit….

A little bit about early childhood education…and a little bit about Hand in Hand.


Early childhood education encompasses a large variety of programs. Here in Canada specifically, we have childcare centres (typically offer full time care with an education aspect), preschools (typically 2-3 hour classes up to 5 days a week), early intervention programs (activities and opportunities for children and their families with developmental delays or family issues that require additional support) and kindergarten programs. 584 more words

Batch Normalization: Warm-Up

Like the introduction of the ReLU activation unit, batch normalization -BN for short- has changed the learning landscape a lot. Despite some reports that it might not always improve the learning a lot, it is still a very powerful tool that gained a lot of acceptance recently. 379 more words