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Blender - Extrude faces along their local normals

Blender 2.79

  1. Select the faces.
  2. Press Alt + E to open the Extrude options.
  3. Select Extrude Region (Vertex Normals), and drag to set the length.
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Visual Scripting - Spawning Trees

This week I started actually spawning trees on my landscape instead of my debug cubes. I did this like before by using the position array and spawning one at each point, however I used the normals that I generated previously to determine the slope angle  (dot product of the normal and a vector pointing straight up) and only spawning the tree if the angle was less than a certain value… 290 more words


Visual Scripting - Generating Normals

I got rather carried away with actually developing this next feature so this post covers 2 weeks of development . I have since completed more work which i’ll cover in the next post. 459 more words


Donald Trump Said A Naughty Word!

One of the continuing complaints about President Donald Trump, complaints registered not only by his progressive, self-imagined elite enemies, but by “never-Trumpers,” is Mr. Trump is crude. 1,712 more words


Pushing The Dossier

How far is too far?

After a year of concerted effort, the appointment of a special prosecutor, multiple congressional investigations, and more investigative effort than heretofore ever expended by the Lamestream Media, there remains no proof whatever of “collusion” between President Trump and any Russian, including Boris and Natasha. 1,889 more words


The 'A' game

There may be barriers on the path
And monster of fears may be looming large
There may be distractions of many a shape
And aberrations in their many forms… 32 more words


Normal Map Baking Tuts

Tutorials about Normal Map Baking. Watch them… seriously. 125 more words