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Blog 1/Week 1: Insta-locking in League of Legends.

So it’s been a while, for some odd reason I didn’t write any blogs of my progress last trimester. Oh well. I’m kinda doing that now since this is treated as one of my assignments for College only this time I’ll be writing fortnightly instead of the usual weekly basis on certain topics. 333 more words

#21 - You are the Only Ordinary Person

Hey y’all! sorry if this one is a bit rambly, it has been a busy busy weekend!

Note: This piece will be written using gender neutral pronouns (ze instead of he/she and hir instead of she/he and him/her) in order to make this non-heteronormative.  386 more words


Blender/3d: Custom Normals

In this blog post I wanted to go over custom normals for hard surface creation. I plan on keeping it short but still I find this essential nonetheless. 425 more words


Would "normals" Find Therapy Difficult?

I ve been with my current T for over a year now and I like her and trust her but I keep finding myself hiding and lying to her. 82 more words

Sculpting Normal Maps

Once the low poly meshes were unwrapped, the next step was to sculpt the meshes in Mudbox, then export those sculpted details as a Normal map (A texture that gives the illusion of detail). 37 more words

Personal Project

Who gives a crap?

In this world there is no one that doesn’t care for something, it’s part of our survival. We need something to care about in order to live, to give us a reason to live. 719 more words


Intro To Comedy - Volume 1: You Normals Have It Hard, We Have It Easy

FUNNY BUSINESS – I love this. It’s been little over a week since I got accepted into the Laughing Like Crazy program and I’m satisfied that my nervousness will subside and I’ll be able to handle this no problem. 246 more words