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Blender 2.71 Tutorial - Adjust Normals / Faces and Save as Collada Dae File

Normals are a Face that May Be Transparent on the Outside or In, this is how to fix either.

How to Put Different Colours / Material o a Face for Different Texture in Secondlife. 11 more words


Core 1 and 2 - Differentiation to find tangents and normals

Core 1 and Core 2 differentiation are very similar. The only real difference is that in Core 2, x can have negative and fractional powers. There are two videos and two questions below. 28 more words

Core 1

"A New Normal"

everyone has a different “normal”
what they’re raised in
what they’re used to
and I wonder
how much that “normal”
hangs on

if a child is raised around screaming all the time… 120 more words


Clouds that Cover

Every once in awhile, my heart is an open book, yet my mind knows better, so I’m left with writing in code. This is one of those times. 230 more words

Change The World

Autumn Leaf

Fixing and playing around with things while I am trying to grasp the concept of photon mapping and the k-d tree data structure. I will try to get a working implementation by the end of next week since I have to hand in the fourth progress report. 107 more words


What labels do you get as an ultrarunner? #UltraChat 

You’re sat around with a group of people and suddenly it comes up that you run, it comes up that you run ultra marathons. You politely answer the question ‘what is an ultra marathon?’ and you answer the follow ups, ‘you run that distance?’ and ‘In one go?’ You are invariably very pleasant when you’re explaining why you do it too and then you get labelled. 584 more words


Blending Fashion with Augmented Reality - Vocativ

Major Takeaways:

  • Cedric Flazinski, co-founder of the French art collective Normals and co-developer of Apparel, a new app that designs digital clothing based on your social media data, believes that augmented reality will change the world of fashion…
  • 525 more words