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The 'A' game

There may be barriers on the path
And monster of fears may be looming large
There may be distractions of many a shape
And aberrations in their many forms… 32 more words


Normal Map Baking Tuts

Tutorials about Normal Map Baking. Watch them… seriously. 125 more words

Resonate 2017

I went to Belgarde, Serbia on a studio tour with a class of interactive design students. We participated in Resonate 2017 a four-day long conference/festival which provides an overview of current situation in the fields of music, visual arts, and digital culture. 1,073 more words


OpenGL basic lighting on Oculus Rift

Reading a paperback by candlelight might sound romantic. Alas, it is a fucking pain.

‘I can’t read the unmasking,’ I told Arkwood, ‘cos a wax dripping has sealed the last few pages.’ 307 more words


Virtual rooms in Blender

Arkwood’s prodding finger. He had a gold crown upon his greasy mop. ‘Build me a palace!’

Well, as it so happens, I can. For Blender, the 3D creation suite, makes building virtual rooms a cinch. 306 more words


New Norms

This morning as I walked the dusty roads of town to catch a bus, I was amazed at how familiar these sights have become. When we first arrived, I was shocked by the dust, the traffic, the noise, the broken buildings etc. 437 more words

Doing What's Right

Construction can begin!

So this week I have been working on creating assets and now have the core pieces to construct a test layout of the level. This includes all structural models for the ground floor and a few other models such as tables and chairs. 97 more words