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This is truly good news...

Two thousand years ago a man lived in what is today the country of Israel. He was a Jew and a carpenter by trade. He never traveled far from home, never wrote a book, never raised an army, and never served in any political office. 291 more words

Norman Geisler

2 Samuel 24 vs. 1 Chronicles 21

The sovereignty of God is a very heavy subject that deserves much attention and deep study. I am no expert or theologian on this matter but in my daily bible reading this morning, I came across an event that deals with God ordaining evil to happen for the purpose of carrying out his will. 893 more words

The most common elective surgical procedure...

Abortion is the most common elective surgical procedure currently performed in the U.S. And 93 percent of all abortions in the United States are birth control (convenience) abortions. 9 more words

Norman Geisler

David Farnell: Lectures on Inerrancy and Historical Criticism

In 1998, John MacArthur wrote the foreword to The Jesus Crisis. “Some of evangelicalism’s best-known theologians,” says MacArthur, “and seminary and college professors are now debating among themselves ideas that would have been deemed entirely nonnegotiable before the last quarter of the twentieth century. 266 more words


Defending Inerrancy: A Response to Methodological Unorthodoxy

Over the past few years there has arisen anew the debate over the total-truthfulness or inerrancy of Scripture. At the core of this debate is whether or not self-professed evangelicals will remain faithful to the historic doctrine of Scripture handed down from the early Church, through the Reformation, and maintained by Confessional Evangelicalism. 56 more words


Critique of Agnosticism

What makes humans to climb the mountains, cross the seas, writing symphonies, creating arts, and staring the night sky for a theory of everything. None other than humans alone can think about their own thinking. 2,982 more words

Presuppositional Apologetics in 2017 Eastern Regional meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society

The 2017 Eastern Regional meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society recently occurred on March 31-April 1, 2017, at Lancaster Bible College, Lancaster, PA.  The theme of the Regional meeting was on “Apologetics in a Pluralistic Culture.”  They key speaker was actually Dr. 125 more words